Five Things You Can Do to Get Ready for the Big Game

At the time of this ebook, the big game is exactly 18 days away. Depending on while you’re reading this, you might need to test Wolfram Alpha to see how lots time you have earlier than kickoff.

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While most of the people are eagerly expecting all of the soccer motion (and the snacking that comes with it), that is the ideal time for agencies investing predominant bucks into a coveted advertising and marketing spot or agencies of all sizes planning on leveraging the “Super Bowl impact” to capitalize on their advertising bucks to test and enhance their web site’s performance. According to an editorial via Similar Web, 2015 advertisers noticed immediately spikes in site visitors to their sites starting from a growth of 1,659% (worldsleadingcruiselines.Com) to a particularly paltry 187% (Pepsi). No word on how nicely those websites replied to the surge in visitors, however, it’s secure to say that most sites, in their current country, could now not continue to exist that influx without a few important optimizations.


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If you (or one of your customers) are one of the lucky few a good ways to be showcased on tv or are making plans a whole soccer-themed marketing campaign on social to join the #SB51 conversation, here are five things you can do to assist.

1. Cozy Up To Your Hosting Provider

While there are a few common sense arrangements to be ready for the inflow of site visitors, your web hosting organization is aware of their platform and how to optimize it higher than everybody else. It’s secure to bet that they helped other clients capitalize on similar high visitors occasions within the beyond. If possible, deliver your web hosting organization a -week word to ensure they have got enough time to optimize your website online for max balance and performance. Taking a proactive method may even let you scale up your bandwidth beforehand of agenda, and be 2 hundred% prepared for the wave of recent visitors.

2. Speedy Content Delivery? A Necessity.

Media-wealthy sites have become the norm, which additionally means that most websites have emerged as “heavier”. This manner that there will be greater resources to render and cargo for traffic on a man or woman foundation. One of the easiest approaches to optimize your website’s media is to make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

A CDN is a community of caching servers unfold around the globe on the way to keep any static factors of your website online (motion pictures, photos, JavaScript, and so on.) so they’re served closer and quicker for better load instances. As a brought bonus, those services can sometimes save you money in your basic bandwidth charge as well as decrease normal server load. Here’s the way to deploy a CDN to your Media Temple website hosting solution.

Three. Coaching for the Future

No count which content material management system (“CMS”) you operate (WordPress, Drupal, or Magento, to call some), you’ll want to take benefit of a caching carrier. Every CMS is a double-edged sword. While those systems provide brilliant manager for the Webmaster to augment a sites’ textual content, pics, and videos, the downside comes in the form of an overloaded server that has to re-construct the identical page over and over again for every vacationer.

Using caching offerings like Varnish, Squid, or Redis aren’t handiest easy to enforce, however additionally offer powerful optimization for CMS and non-CMS websites alike. Our Director of Engineering, Eugene Kovshilovsky, recently wrote about a way to excellent use caching properly right here at the Media Temple weblog.

4. Serious Security

An excessive profile web page is, via definition, an excessive profile goal. There are a number of obvious protection precautions that you could take while putting in your hosting environment, consisting of (but no longer limited to) ensuring all updates and safety patches are established, not permitting root login, and making sure the right permissions are set to your web page’s listing.

Generally talking, extreme protection issues are high-quality left to the professionals. Depending on your website hosting configuration, your web host should provide to offer a basic protection assessment of your environment and make extra superior tips depending on your wishes.

5. Load Testing

No, remember what steps you’re taking, it all boils down to the final outcomes. Load checking out your website earlier than an occasion is the exceptional manner to test the bandwidth and speed of your website underneath duress. There is a number of unfastened load checking out options to check at nearly any stage. Once load testing is complete, you must share your findings with your stakeholders after which your hosting agency. Not only will this uncover any bottlenecks for your utility stack, but it’s going to additionally set up precious benchmarks for how many traffic your site can realistically service before its balance and performance begin to fade.

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