Check out these apps for teen drivers: keeping ALL OF US safer on the roads!

Life is full of distractions, but while you’re at the back of the wheel, the effects may be lethal. This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and we need to assist!

According to AAA Arizona, while teens are in a crash, distraction plays a role almost six out of 10 instances. The top distractions for them speak to passengers and cellular phone.

It may sound counterintuitive before everything, however, there are apps available to assist! Here are some we researched.

‘TrueMotion Family Safe Driving’ is a loose app that lets you clearly tag along on your teen’s experience. With just a click of their call, you can see their driving rating and whilst they are maximum aggressive, such as whilst they’re speeding. You can also reveal whether or not they are tapping or swiping on their phone. Click right here to peer the video clarification.Image result for Check out these apps for teen drivers: keeping ALL OF US safer on the roads!

The ‘Automatic Pro’ app works with an adapter that is plugged in underneath your dashboard. It tracks the driver’s pace and area, even if the vehicle is parked. The pro version will fee you approximately $129 bucks for a 5-yr subscription. That’s about $2 in step with the month. Click here to look at how it works.

Do you decide upon a little extra manage? The free ‘LifeSaver’ app detects whilst the auto is in motion. Once activated, teens can best look up directions and make hands-unfastened phone calls. Teens can deactivate the app, but the mother and father are routinely notified. The reason for this app is to let friends and own family understand as soon as you’ve got arrived someplace competently and your specific place. Here’s every other perk! Teens can earn unfastened iTunes rewards for secure riding.

A lot of more recent automobiles have integrated systems for youngster drivers. Toyota has one anyone can use referred to as ‘Safe & Sound’. Once the auto starts offevolved shifting, it is going into “Do Not Disturb” mode. If the teenager breaks any policies, like texting, the app performs and “uncool” playlist created by the dad and mom.

Check out Apple’s ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ characteristic. Turn it on, and as soon as you’re in the car, no more textual content messages! The cellphone silences them and sends automated texts which you are using. You can nonetheless ship texts in an emergency.

In doing research, we discovered several disclaimers for other apps that warn approximately battery drainage for having GPS and maps going for walks for your smartphone all day.

We desire those gear can help your family and teens exercise secure driving!

Traffic troubles across the globe will now be marked with crimson lines as displayed in the photo below. Bing Maps says it will also provide path information to help determine trip times.Image result for Check out these apps for teen drivers: keeping ALL OF US safer on the roads!

Bing Maps clear flow site visitors launches international
Along with marking traffic problems, Bing Maps additionally gives a “View path based on traffic” alternative, in order that vacationers can “optimize” their direction. “This hyperlink will modify your directions to bear in mind trade routes in case there’s a big backup on the same old direction,” says Bing.

You can discover the “View path based totally on-site visitors” link listed below the tour instances, as proven here:

Bing Maps view path based totally on traffic
Bing claims its Clearflow technology uses several information points, along with living visitors records as well as extrapolated information, to decide visitors conditions.

Google releases trio of new system apps to Play Store, including Pixel exclusives

Earlier this month, Google-driven up a Play Store list for its new Search Suggestions app for Pixel telephones, which powers — as you would possibly bet from the call — both the search capability within the Settings app and the suggestions which appear on the pinnacle. Now three greater Pixel-precise apps have hit the Play Store: Pixel Tips, Connectivity Health Services, and Voice Action Services. Pixel Tips powers a lively guide that introduces you on your Pixel three, Voice Action Services is connected in some imprecisely defined manner to voice-primarily based Assistant movements, and Connectivity Health Services does… Something, possibly.

The first apps (Pixel Tips and Connectivity Health Sevices) are completely compatible with the Pixel three so the app listings in all likelihood may not seem if you do not have one related on your account. Voice Action Services does not appear to be well suited with any of my devices, such as my Pixel 3, so we are now not quite certain what it is for yet.

Pixel Tips
The Pixel Tips app drives a shortcut that appears when first putting in the tool, which takes you through some quick walkthroughs on how matters work on your new smartphone. Eventually, the shortcut to the tutorials dismisses itself if you don’t comply with it, however, you can manually access the same set of suggestions via the Settings app (Settings -> Tips & Support -> Explore Pixel Tips).Image result for Google releases trio of new system apps to Play Store, including Pixel exclusives

There are 20 tutorials in total, each one having its very own lively GIF that demonstrates how the function in question works. Tips are classified widely into corporations based totally on which moves they follow too.

We expect that the app comes pre-setup on Pixel 3 phones, and the listing won’t permit us to put in the app onto other gadgets — now not that you’d actually need to, all the tutorials are Pixel 3-specific, although the various identical factors do practice to the OG Pixel and Pixel 2. For the metaphorical lulz, I did try to set up the app on my Pixel 2 XL, and while it hooked up, it the section in Settings did not seem.

Pixel Tips’ app listing on the Play Store claims it became closing updated on October 2d, but for the reason that Pixel 3 didn’t, in reality, come out until the 18th, app critiques and our personal consciousness of the list have been not on time. It’s presently at version 1.1 (5030450), and if you’d like to test with it in your own non-Pixel device, you may download it over at APK Mirror.

Voice Action Services

Screenshots supplied by the app list imply an Assistant connection.

Since I cannot genuinely installation Voice Action Services, I’m now not exactly positive what the app does. The description states that it ” provides centre capability to help voice-based totally movements,” and that “these components let you more quickly perform movements to interact with your tool or presently set up applications,” however that isn’t always, in reality, plenty of records to go on.

The list notes that it does not require both Chrome or the Google Search app, so it could be a demonstration of Google breaking greater Assistant functionality out from the monolithic Google app or Voice Action Services might be a vehicle for destiny capability to be delivered to Pixel devices. Since it isn’t like-minded with any of my personal hardware simply but, we’re going to need to be patient.

Image result for Google releases trio of new system apps to Play Store, including Pixel exclusives
Voice Action Services is currently at model 1.9.216859149.armeabi-v7a.Launch, with an October 15th release to the Play Store. Interested parties can also take a look at it out over on APK Mirror.

Connectivity Health Services

The app list’s screenshots are just this photo 4 times. No shaggy dog story.

Connectivity Health Services appears to come preinstalled on Pixel 3s. While I’m certain it does something, this app probably takes the cake as the most obfuscated and nondescript first-party Google app list of all time. The sum general of description, outdoor the photo above, is a single line which states that the app “improves battery fitness with connectivity optimizations.” That’s it.

The app is currently sitting at model chs_release_20180911_RC07 (arm64), with its initial release to the Play Store dated October sixteenth. You also can pull down Connectivity Health Services on APK Mirror.

Interestingly, none of those apps seems to have succumbed to the flood of humorous evaluations that Google’s gadget and history-type app listings are susceptible to, probably because there are so few Pixel 3s out there right now. Given a chunk greater time, I’m certain we’re going to all listen approximately the existence-converting blessings of Connectivity Health Services.

The Best Money Apps to DIY Your Finances

Proven software to budget, keep and guard your cash
Managing your money can be disturbing and complicated. Just a few years ago, I would spend hours building loopy Excel spreadsheets to track my budgeting and savings. It turned into a huge chore.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, dozens of awesome cash management apps started out to launch, and ever on account that, it’s been possible to without difficulty DIY most of your budget. Of course, there are usually going to be complex subjects that require an expert. I run my personal enterprise and feature 1099 profits, and I could never do my taxes without an accountant. However, for a maximum of your daily, weekly, and monthly financial obligations, you can turn for your cellular friend for a bit assist.

Apps for Budgeting
On my podcast, Millennial Money, I’ve pointed out my multiyear denial of coping with my price range and the fear I felt searching at ATM receipts. It changed into ridiculous: I usually had money in my account. I just hated the procedure of tracking it. So I get it in case you share that budgeting fear. But mobile apps assist you to conquer that phobia. The following are the first rate at tracking your earnings and costs—one of the keys to crushing your finance dreams.

You Need a Budget ($6.99 per month)
YNAB, available in each computer and mobile app versions, is all approximately budgeting all of your earnings from start to complete. The method is simple: Put each dollar you earn into a selected fund—be it one to pay off debt, to save, or to position in the direction of a particular intention (like the tour or ingesting out). The premise is that unlabeled money has a manner of genuinely disappearing. This is a super app for a person who loves the info and putting unique dreams every month.Image result for The Best Money Apps to DIY Your Finances

Clarity Money (Free)
These crossover app presentations your finances on three major displays: a dashboard along with your complete financial photograph, a debts display that lists your connected accounts, and a transaction display screen where you can tune wherein your coins is going. I’m a big fan of Clarity Money, especially if you’re new to budgeting and don’t want to wander off inside the details. It’s a terrific preference if you’re okay having a few money no longer allocated to unique price range.

Albert (Free)
Albert is a quite new cell app that analyzes your profits and fees to figure out the finest amount of cash to shop each month. It encourages you to put aside the ones financial savings robotically in its account, which yields annual returns of a pretty unassuming 1 percentage. But Albert knows you’re going to want coins to pay your future rent, so the app sets aside only small quantities of money each day. Albert connects to all of your debts, so it is able to build finances based on your profits and spending without you having to do a great deal.

Honourable Mentions
Mint: The OG of budgeting apps.
Honey: Awesome budgeting app for couples.
Apps for Saving and Investing
Saving money is hard to do while you want to tour and do cool outside matters that require (every so often very luxurious) equipment. It’s no longer just outdoorsy parents, either. Recent surveys have suggested that 40 per cent of Americans have less than $400 in financial savings for emergencies. Thankfully, there are a few apps to help you increase your savings and making investment goals.

Acorns ($1 to $3 according to month)
This smart app saves your spare change and puts it in a saving account. Connect your bank account and start rounding up all of your purchases, like your everyday coffee dependency, to the subsequent spherical number, then automatically invest that money inside the organization’s clever portfolios. Acorns recently unveiled a new function, Found Money, which companions with brands you operate every day, such as Apple and Groupon, to position even more money into your Acorns account. For instance, Acorns will invest 1.2 per cent of any Apple purchases you are making at once back into your Acorns account. This is terrific if you’re looking to start investing in small quantities of cash.Image result for The Best Money Apps to DIY Your Finances

Trim (Free)
Trim combs thru the present-day spending patterns that will help you locate approaches to shop cash. For instance, it zeroes in on all the one’s subscriptions you supposed to cancel but haven’t gotten around to. It then is going even further, locating alternatives for saving cash in your contemporary bills, like internet and contact or even automobile insurance. The cool part is Trim’s textual content function that sends you updates via text so you can live inside the loop.

Capital (Free)
This innovative savings app uses the famous IFTTT (if this, then that) method to create goal-primarily based saving guidelines that you can personalize. You create an automated savings rule to switch a selected quantity to savings on whatever day you chose (as an example, payday). You can set “guilty pride” rules to transfer cash to financial savings every time you’re out having happy-hour liquids. Don’t like the one’s policies? Customize your very own based totally on anything your particular savings dreams can be. Capital’s specific feature is that it combines your goal-based totally savings guidelines with the business enterprise’s absolutely loose checking and financial savings debts, which are FDIC-insured.

Honourable Mentions
Personal Capital: Robust financial making plans platform.
Stash: Similar investing app the concept like Acorns.
Digit: Helps you locate cash to your bank account to switch to financial savings.
Apps for Protecting Your Wealth
While you’re busy developing your wealth, you furthermore might want to be defensive it.

Tomorrow (Free)
If you own assets—regardless of how enormous—you need a will. Tomorrow, you may create a will for free in your cell phone in a count number of minutes, then proportion it with own family contributors. It’s constantly best to have a legal professional assessment any will you’ve created, however really, this is the sort of handy and low-priced solution for everyone that I’d inspire you to take a stab at it yourself.


Fake bank apps may have stolen data of thousands, says report

Fake apps of SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, Citi and other leading banks are to be had on Google Play, which may also have stolen statistics of hundreds of financial institution customers, claims a report by way of IT safety firm SophosLabs.

These faux Android apps have the logos of the respective banks, which makes it tough for customers to distinguish between the fake and authentic apps, SophosLabs stated.

The SophosLabs document similarly said that the misleading malware in these apps may additionally have stolen account and credit score card info of heaps of clients.

When contacted, some of the banks noted inside the SophosLabs file stated they have got now not come across such faux apps.

However, a few banks have begun an inquiry and also informed the CERT-In—the countrywide nodal organisation for responding to laptop security incidents.

The faux apps focused clients of seven banks—SBI, ICICI, Axis, Indian Overseas, Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank and Citi Bank—the record said.

Yes, Bank stated it has knowledgeable the bank’s cyber fraud branch approximately the problem.

However, a response from SBI, the united states of America’s largest lender, turned into awaited. There was no immediate feedback from ICICI Bank and Axis Bank.

According to the SophosLabs file, the apps lured sufferers to download and use them, both by way of masquerading as net apps or e-wallets, promising rewards, together with cashback on purchases, loose cellular information or hobby-unfastened loans.

Some even claimed to be offering a too-good-to-be-proper carrier, enabling customers to withdraw coins from an ATM and feature it brought to their doorstep.

“Deceptive malware may have stolen lots of Indian subcontinent bank customers’ account records or credit card numbers,” said Pankaj Kohli, chance researcher, SophosLabs.

Fake apps aren’t new to Android and this sort of malware will preserve to find its way into the Android app keep, it said.

“Some are blatant copies of actual apps, at the same time as some are a great deal greater risky as they seed malware and steal statistics from user money owed. Users must constantly use antivirus software, which gives malware protection and internet security to keep customers covered and prevent those fake apps from stealing records,” SophosLabs said.

Fake information and its impact at the election ruled headlines for weeks as fabricated information reviews went viral and the election results shocked the country. But the faux news is just one tentacle of a troubling and growing trend of fake media content. The headlines without a doubt delivered to light what’s a far wider hassle: the convenience and prevalence with which false online facts are used to control conduct.

The manipulation can be of patron behaviour, commercial enterprise conduct or maybe the behaviour of software precipitated by using fake statistics fed into its machine. Scam artists are strongly influenced to take gain — current reports cite Russian hackers who stole as much as $five million an afternoon in advertising sales by means of posing as fake customers in a scheme tagged via the name “Methot.”Image result for Fake bank apps may have stolen data of thousands, says report

The effect on marketers is particularly difficult. As consumers search for data to assist make buy decisions, uncertainty approximately the veracity of the statistics they receive impacts the effectiveness of neighbourhood search marketing. Online marketing already faces demanding situations gaining purchaser consider, and the proliferation of fake content will handiest harm it greater. Worse, you will be spending cash on advertising and marketing that no person ever sees, be competing in an unfair marketplace, be afflicted by hits on your reputation or pay extra than you need to for advertising products or services.

Being aware of how fake records is being used will help marketers avoid problems and discover whilst they’ll be affected, saving them from each complication and wasted dollars. Below are eight methods that false facts are being used which you need to recognise approximately:

1. Fake news
Fake news was given a lot of headlines, and while its effect on marketing is indirect, the effect can still be enormous.

The hassle is that fake news regularly outperforms real information in visitors and engagement. Consumers love sensationalized information. Top fake testimonies obtained extra engagement than top news tales, and some even went viral. Analysis with the aid of BuzzFeed discovered that the 20 pinnacle-appearing fake election memories generated over 8.7 million stocks, reactions and remarks, compared to about 7.Four million of the 20 best-performing election testimonies from essential news websites.Image result for Fake bank apps may have stolen data of thousands, says report

It can be tempting to follow the mantra that “all publicity is right publicity” and take advantage of the eye fake news gets you. At first-rate, that is brief-sighted — at worst, it’s self-detrimental. Unlike the sources of fake information, advertisers need extra than a click on to make cash. Online ads want to drive buy choices, but a recent examine by way of Marketing Sherpa (registration required) established that it’s far still conventional advertising that influences buy choices most. The top 5 most trusted media formats had been traditional media, led through print, TV, direct mail, radio and out-of-domestic advertisements, and clients surely expressed that they’re notably motivated through ads in those media as compared to online or digital media.

Fake information in virtual media genuinely doesn’t help. Being viewed as associated with faux information undermines consider in any associated content, and which could harm direct sales, in addition to branding or online popularity. And continuing to permit commercials to be positioned collectively with fake news best perpetuates the hassle by means of funding it.

The hassle with fake information is defining it. While big publishers like Facebook and Google have promised to dam fake information websites from receiving their ad products and services, writing algorithms that discover faux information is a more difficult mission than blocking off porn websites, hate speech or sites that promote unlawful drugs. News as a category is a great deal much less black-and-white. There are opinions and editorials. Political positions and contradicting information. Satire and observation.

There’s additionally frequency and degree — is a tale that has 25 per cent false statistics or a site that includes five click on-bait testimonies sufficient to get labelled as “fake news?” Complicating it all is the seeming loss of truth coming from information subjects themselves. I don’t consider I saw an unmarried “fact-test” this beyond marketing campaign season in which any candidate came close to being continually trustworthy.


Mobile Health Apps Are Going Largely Unpoliced. The Public Deserves Better.

The coronary heart rate monitor built into the brand new Apple Watch has sparked sharp debate over its dangers and benefits, even though the feature turned into cleared via the Food and Drug Administration.
Partner content, op-eds, and Undark editorials.
But out of the highlight, the FDA has been putting off regulatory movement altogether on many diagnostic fitness apps focused on purchasers, in search of to accelerate virtual fitness adoption through defining a lot of those as “low-hazard” scientific devices.
As the quantity of cell health apps surged to a document 325,000 in 2017, app overall performance is going in large part unpoliced, main to what’s been dubbed a “Wild West” situation. Unfortunately for health customers, the public can’t rely on the research network to play the position of sheriff.
When colleagues and I recently examined the medical literature on direct-to-purchaser diagnostic apps in a look at published in Diagnosis, we repeatedly discovered research marred by bias, technological naïveté, or a failure to provide essential records for clients. There changed into additionally an evident lack of research with real consumers to peer how they use those apps and what the impact on personal health, whether for better or worse, is probably.
Interactive diagnostic apps now pass well beyond “Dr Google” keyword searches. They promise customized information on whether a nagging symptom can in all likelihood be relegated to self-care or whether or not a go to to the health practitioner’s office or even the emergency room may be wished. Some of these apps end up so popular that they’ve been downloaded tens of tens of millions of instances.
To recognize whether the promising nature of those apps is backed up with the aid of the evidence, we searched each the peer-reviewed literature and nonacademic assets. The demanding unreliability of that evidence for the common client is starkly seen while you do not forget apps that “advise” (a carefully chosen word) whether you may have skin cancer.
There are masses of cancer-associated apps. Perhaps because cancer quotes have been growing for many years and it’s one of the maximum common young person cancers, the most important institution of articles we determined centred on dermatology apps. One of the maximum outstanding is Skin Scan.Image result for Mobile Health Apps Are Going Largely Unpoliced. The Public Deserves Better.
If you’re a doctor or fairly savvy client, Google Scholar gives the easiest access to evidence-based totally facts. One of the first consequences that pop up is a 2013 article entitled, “Skin Scan: A demonstration of the need for FDA law of medical apps on iPhone.” If that identity indicates a positive lack of objectivity, the problem isn’t limited to dermatology. We additionally determined an orthopedist examining whether a symptom checker ought to “bet” the right prognosis, and an ear, nose, and throat doctor investigating whether or not an app should diagnose his own sufferers in addition to he should.
That Skin Scan observes sounding the alarm on law warned of a vast potential for harm. Yet a separate take a look at of the equal app published online two years later turned into a whole lot more fantastic. Did app builders pour in enhancements, or become it that the first researchers used their own pores and skin increase images even as the second one group used the telephone’s images?
The answer is unclear. More widely, however, researchers often appeared ignorant of the impact of primary technological distinctions which includes whether an app relied on user answers to questions, “crowdsourced” solutions to others, or used inputs from a cell phone’s camera and sensors.
More troubling turned into researchers’ lack of knowledge of the general public’s pressing need for reliable records. So, for example, a look at of four cellphone apps located that their sensitivity in detecting malignant skin lesions ranged from 7 per cent to ninety-eight per cent. Yet the researchers selected not to identify any of the apps via call. Similarly, few research mentioned fee (CrowdMed, for example, charges users at least $149 consistent with month), and those that did on occasion gave only a fee range for a collection of apps.Image result for Mobile Health Apps Are Going Largely Unpoliced. The Public Deserves Better.
With clinical evidence sparse, customers are left to rely on line opinions — which, as a simply-published take a look at of famous blood stress apps warned, may be dangerously incorrect.
Or there’s usually a random net seek.
In the case of Skin Scan, my seek found that during July the agency that advanced the app mentioned a melanoma detection sensitivity of 96 percentage. That “report,” but, turned into part of an exchange guide interview with SkinVision CEO Erik de Heus because the company announced it had raised another $7.6 million from buyers.
Three years in the past, a National Academy of Medicine record on diagnostic error known as upon experts to direct patients to dependable on-line assets. However, we observed that search terms used by the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Life Sciences seek engine have lagged the virtual health revolution, and medical journals do a hit-or-leave out the task of without a doubt indexing every app stated in an article. The English National Health Service has released an Apps Library to reduce through the confusion, but there’s no comparable resource in this USA.
Some web-savvy researchers at websites like iMedicalApps are advising physicians approximately apps they could use themselves or others they can believe to advise to their patients. Others seeking to bring regulation and order to the huge-open fitness app area have cautioned numerous frameworks, inclusive of combining stakeholders’ information in collaborative health app score teams. The goal might be to get innovators, policymakers, and evidence-turbines to jointly help corral puzzling and contradictory statistics.
And because the debate over the usage of Apple Watch facts to degree coronary heart health suggests, FDA approval alone doesn’t do away with the chance of purchasers leaping to the wrong conclusion about what the records they’re receiving definitely approach. Nonetheless, as the pioneering level of fitness apps starts offevolved to settle into the clinical mainstream, the fitness of the American public calls for apps and devices we understand we can accept as true with. The Conversation

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

App Store Official Charts for the week finishing October 21, 2018:

Top Paid iPhone Apps:

1. Minecraft, Mojang

2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.

3. Reigns: Game of Thrones, Devolver Digital

four. Facetune, Lightricks Ltd.

Five. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations

6. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi

7. ISchedule, HotSchedules

8. NBA 2K19, 2K

9. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB

10. Reigns, Devolver Digital

Top Free iPhone Apps:

1. Flip Trickster, Lion Studios

2. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google, Inc.

Three. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.

Four. Candy Crush Friends Saga, King

five. Snapchat, Snap, Inc.

6. Messenger, Facebook, Inc.

7. Facebook, Facebook, Inc.

8. Paper.Io 2, Voodoo

9. TikTok – such as musical.Ly, musical.Ly Inc.

10. Google Maps – Transit & Food, Google, Inc.

Top Paid iPad Apps:

1. Minecraft, Mojang

2. Procreate, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

3. Notability, Ginger Labs

four. XtraMath, XtraMath

five. GoodNotes 4, Time Base Technology Limited

6. Who’s Your Daddy??, Kalippoo Ltd

7. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB

eight. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi

nine. NBA 2K19, 2K

10. Reigns: Game of Thrones, Devolver Digital

Top Free iPad Apps:

1. Candy Crush Friends Saga, King

2. Flip Trickster, Lion Studios

3. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google, Inc.

4. Paper.Io 2, Voodoo

Five. Happy Glass, Lion Studios

6. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.

7. Bouncemasters!, Legendary

eight. Paint by using Number: Color Games, Fun Games For Free

nine. Line Puzzle: String Art, BitMango

10. Helix Jump, Voodoo

The Apple iPhone keynote simply ended and as you in all likelihood already realize there was no iPhone five. What turned into announced became an interim iPhone 4S, which has a quicker processor, iOS 5, stepped forward camera/video digicam and will work with both CDMA and GSM networks. So it’s an “international phone.”

In the US it’ll reportedly be presented by using three out of the 4 primary carriers. T-Mobile becomes not noted. However, the smartphone doesn’t appear but at the Sprint internet site.Image result for The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

The Wall Street Journal had run a miles publicized article on how Sprint turned into paying $20 billion over three years to Apple for some form of exceptional on the “iPhone five.” Any evidence of that arrangement becomes absolutely absent, just like the iPhone five itself.

Apple also sooner or later rolled out its voice “assistant” Siri, which become further developed and enhanced after the purchase of the organization of the equal name ultimate 12 months by using Apple. Siri emerges as a greater polished version of Android’s Voice Actions and has the potential to a replacement for search (especially neighbourhood search) in some conditions. We’ll play with it “hands-on” before any conclusions may be drawn approximately how useful it’s far or how a great deal seek it could/may replace.

Among different things Siri can operate as a voice the front cease (real speech processing is provided via Nuance) on instructions: users can be able to ask for guidelines to location X and be taken to a (Google) map. However, the iPhone itself doesn’t deliver turn via turn navigation as Google does. There are 1/3 celebration iPhone apps that could but.

Google and the entire Android ecosystem can breathe a sigh of relief. Fewer humans could be buying the iPhone 4S, which looks like an incremental improvement than probable might have offered a redesigned iPhone 5. Disappointments include loss of a bigger screen and the dearth of 4G assist — although Apple tried to claim that its 4S could be simply as rapid as some 4G telephones.Image result for The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

While the 4S is possibly to promote nicely it won’t prevent Android’s momentum. Android phones now have sexier hardware and new ones are being released month-to-month. The iPhone’s design feels particularly “stale” by way of contrast. Overall the centre of the device is a big improvement from the iPhone four, but.

There is an iPhone 5 in development. It probably has an extraordinary physical appearance and a larger screen. The question is what’s retaining again its launch and when will we see it?

There’s a ton of extra insurance and remark on Techmeme.

Postscript: See our comply with-up post, With New Siri Promised For iPhone 4S, Apple Pulls Existing Siri From App Store.

Postscript 2: Here’s an Apple commercial of the brand new Siri in movement:

CNET has a live demo they did, even though they appear to be asking a number of the identical questions that Apple demoed

Postscript three: See our follow-up put up: How Siri Patches Up The iPhone’s Voice Search Weakness Vs. Android.

Some Cybersecurity Apps Could Be Worse for Privacy than Nothing at All

It’s been a hectic few weeks for cybersecurity researchers and journalists. There changed into the Facebook hack, the Google Plus facts breach, and allegations that the Chinese authorities implanted spying chips in hardware components.

In the midst of all this, a few other critical information changed into overlooked. In early September, Apple removed numerous Trend Micro anti-malware tools from the Mac app store when they have been observed to be amassing useless private records from customers, consisting of browser history. Trend Micro has now removed this feature from the apps.

It’s an awesome reminder that not all safety apps will make your online movements extra secure — and, in a few cases, they may be worse than doing not anything in any respect. It’s wise to do your due diligence earlier than you download that ad-blocker or VPN — read on for a few suggestions.

How a Data-Driven Government Tackles Privacy
States Stumble on Internet Privacy
Washington State to Launch Privacy Checklist Beta
There is a range of equipment people use to shield themselves from cyber threats:

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can help you set up a cosy connection with a far-flung server and path all of your traffic via it so it may be tracked by means of your net provider issuer. VPNs are usually used to access geo-blocked content, and for additional privacy.

Ad-blockers save you commercials from appearing on the websites you go to.

App-lockers assist you to set passwords for man or woman apps. For example, if anyone borrowed your cell phone to make a name, and then attempted to get admission to your Facebook app.

Tor hides your identification even as you browse the internet, with the aid of encrypting and moving your traffic across more than one Tor nodes.

KNOW THE RISKSImage result for Some Cyber Security Apps Could Be Worse for Privacy than Nothing at All Some Cyber Security Apps Could Be Worse for Privacy than Nothing at All
There are a couple of dangers in the usage of these kinds of protection software program, particularly without the proper historical past understanding. The risks encompass:

Many protection equipment requests get right of entry to in your non-public statistics. In many instances, they want to do that to guard your tool. For example, antivirus software calls for statistics consisting of browser records, private documents, and precise identifiers to feature. But in a few cases, equipment request more get right of entry to than they need for functionality. This becomes the case with the Trend Micro apps.

It makes feel that in case you download a safety app, you trust your online information is extra relaxed. But on occasion cell security gear don’t offer safety at the anticipated degrees, or don’t offer the claimed offerings in any respect. If you watched you could set up a today’s cellular malware detection device after which take risks online, you are unsuitable.

For instance, 2017 examine confirmed it become no longer tough to create malware which could skip 95% of commercial Android antivirus gear. Another look at confirmed that 18% of cellular VPN apps did no longer encrypt user site visitors in any respect. And in case you are using Tor, there are numerous mistakes you can make with a purpose to compromise your anonymity and privateness — specifically in case you are not familiar with the Tor setup and try and alter its configurations.

Lately, there have been reviews of faux antivirus software, which open backdoors for adware, ransomware and adware, occupying the top spots on the app charts. Earlier this yr it becomes reported that 20 million Google Chrome users had downloaded faux advert-blocker extensions.

Numerous unfastened — or paid — safety software is available in app shops created via enthusiastic man or woman builders or small organizations. While this software program can offer reachable features, they can be poorly maintained. More importantly, they may be hijacked or bought through attackers, and then used to harvest non-public information or propagate malware. This, in particular, happens inside the case of browser extensions.

The desk underneath suggests what form of personal statistics are being asked via the pinnacle-10 antivirus, app-locker and ad-blocking apps in the Android app keep. As you could see, antivirus tools have access to almost all of the records stored on the mobile telephone.Image result for Some Cyber Security Apps Could Be Worse for Privacy than Nothing at All Some Cyber Security Apps Could Be Worse for Privacy than Nothing at All

Permission requests of the top 10 Andriod antiviruses, app locker and ad blocker apps

That doesn’t necessarily mean any of those apps are doing anything terrible, however, it’s well worth noting just how tons personal records we are entrusting to those apps without understanding tons approximately them.

Follow these guidelines to do a better activity of keeping your smart gadgets relaxed:

If you keep on with the professional apps shops, deploy few apps, and skim only a recurring set of websites, you probably don’t want extra protection software. Instead, truly keep on with the safety guidelines furnished by using the producer, be diligent about updating your running system, and don’t click on hyperlinks from untrusted assets.

But earlier than you pick one, study product descriptions and online evaluations. Stick to answers from well-known carriers. Find out what it does, and most importantly what it doesn’t do. Then study the permissions it requests and notices whether they make feel. Once hooked up, replace the software as required.

Only installation different protection tools, inclusive of ad-blockers, app-lockers and VPN customers, if it’s far genuinely important and also you agree with the developer. The returns from such software can be minimal when as compared with the related dangers. The Conversation

Apps are using “silent notifications” to track you after you uninstall them

A new technology of business trackers from organizations like Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics, and CleverTap permit app makers like Bloomberg, T-Mobile US, Spotify Technology, and Yelp to covertly tune while you’ve uninstalled apps: the trackers send periodic “silent notifications” to the apps you’ve got set up, and if the apps are still hooked up, they ping the trackers’ servers. If they don’t listen again from you, they count on you’ve got uninstalled the apps.

The trackers are billed as a means for app carriers to recognize whether or not sending an update triggers its customers to delete the app.


This use of trackers violates both Google and Apple’s terms of service.

At its excellent, uninstall tracking can be used to restore bugs or otherwise refine apps while not having to bother customers with surveys or greater intrusive equipment. But the capability to abuse the gadget past its authentic cause exemplifies the bind that accompanies the current internet, says Gillula. To take part, customers should usually agree to share their statistics freely, probably forever, not knowing exactly how it may be used down the street. “As an app developer, I would count on with the intention to recognize how many people have uninstalled an app,” he says. “I would no longer say that, as an app developer, you have a right to understand exactly who hooked up and uninstalled your app.”

Now Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them [Gerrit De Vynck/Bloomberg]

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Every minute for 3 months, GM secretly accrued facts on ninety,000 drivers’ radio-listening behaviour and places

On September twelfth, GM’s director of worldwide digital transformation Saejin Park gave a presentation to the Association of National Advertisers wherein he defined how the enterprise had secretly amassed statistics on the radio-listening conduct of ninety,000 GM proprietors in LA and Chicago for 3 months in 2017, monitoring what stations they listened to and […]

Indie UK cellular carrier pronounces a Tour-best SIM that blocks unencrypted statistics

Getting all of your statistics to float through the Tor community can be elaborate — the desktop Tor Browser handiest tunnels your net-site visitors via the privateness-shielding service, and the cellular apps can be tricky and uncertain.

Equifax engineer gets 8 months to house arrest for $ seventy-five,000 insider trading spree

Annet engineer at Equifax who coded elements of a breach portal for the credit score corporation has been sentenced to eight months of house arrest for insider buying and selling. He becomes convicted of using insider data approximately the Equifax breach to make greater than $ seventy-five,000.

This lantern is similarly at home for your table or on the trail

If you’re shopping for a camping lantern, you’re searching out reliability, duration. So it’s fine to find something like the Revogi Convertible LED Lantern that jumps over that low bar and in reality offers some versatility. Made of simple materials, the Revogi is excessive-tech in a refreshingly minimalist, eight-ounce bundle. Yes, it’ll mild up the campsite […]Image result for Apps are using "silent notifications" to track you after you uninstall them

Get your personal Microsoft Office to educate in a container

No, remember what your commercial enterprise, Microsoft’s slate of Office software program is as essential as desks and chairs – a lot so that most workers are predicted to recognize their manner around it before they even get within the door. Whether you need an introduction, a brush-up or a level-up to your understanding of these tools, […]

Anyone can velocity read. Learn how now and shop valuable time.

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Best free alternative apps for your Android phone

Almost all Android smartphones come with a bunch of default apps pre-established for numerous functions—play song, films, manage files, digicam and so on.

ET Wealth lists some unfastened alternative apps which can be superior to the default ones in features as well as performance.

1. Music player
Pre-loaded track player apps on your telephone have limited features. The Pi Music Player app has a smooth interfac ..

Austrialian electronics maker Kogan Technologies has stated it’s far “indefinitely” delaying what end up an coming near near launch of the second Android cellphone in Australia, due to era compatibility problems. According to the Kogan Blog:Image result for Best free alternative apps for your Android phone

The Agora did obtain a totally past due stage of improvement. Manufacturing had began and it was a rely of days from being shipped to you. However, it now seems superb the Agora in it’s contemporary form will restrict its compatibility and interoperability inside the close to destiny.

One of the capability troubles is the display period and determination. It seems builders may be growing applications which can be a better resolution than the Agora is presently able to managing.

It appears a type of incredible misstep to be to this point alongside and must scrap the cellular phone — possibly a cease result of negative communication along the street somewhere.

A host of other handset OEMs, inclusive of Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, among others, have stated they’re constructing Android phones for launch this three hundred and sixty five days (at some point). Until that point we however have most effective the one G1, from T-Mobile, which has presently been especially upstaged with the aid of the new Palm Pre.Image result for Best free alternative apps for your Android phone


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Greg Sterling is a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land. He writes a non-public blog, Screenwerk, about connecting the dots among digital media and real-worldwide client conduct. He is also VP of Strategy and Insights for the Local Search Association. Follow him on Twitter or discover him at Google+.
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Fake bank apps may have stolen data of thousands of customers: Report

Fake apps of SBI, LICENSE zero. Seventy-one %, Axis BankNSE zero.58 %, Citi and other main banks are available on Google Play, which can also have stolen statistics of thousands of financial institution customers, claims a record by IT safety firm Sophos Labs.

These faux android apps have the brand of respective banks which makes it tough for clients to differentiate among the faux and unique.

Below is what came about in seek today, as suggested on Search Engine Land and from different locations across the net.

From Search Engine Land:

Microsoft adCenter Desktop (Beta) Now Available To More Advertisers
Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft adCenter Desktop (Beta) client is now to be had for more advertisers.
Microsoft adCenter Desktop (Beta) become first announced at SMX Advanced on June 3, 2008. To be a part of this beta now, you ought to be an advertiser based totally in U.S. Or Canadian with fewer than a hundred,000 key phrases to your combined […]

Google Believes It Has Ended (Some) Hijacked Listings In Google Maps
Recent statements propose that Google believes it has removed the hijacking of claimed commercial enterprise listings in Google Maps, and that hijackings standard (of both claimed and unclaimed listings) at the moment are a rarity.
Speaking last week at SMX West, Google’s Jennifer Chin, additionally known as “Maps Guide Jen” in the Google Maps Help Forum, said that standard […]

Pros & Cons Of Google’s “Darwinian Approach” To Products
This yr is the two hundredth anniversary of naturalist Charles Darwin’s start. I convey that up because Google’s method of product decision-making has always struck me as “Darwinian.”
The agency introduces new products and services, generally without a whole lot of promotion and then it’s a model of survivor or “survival of the fittest.” Another appropriate metaphor here is the […]

Yahoo Continues New Home Page Test, Adds More Apps & Lightens Colors
The Yahoo company blog announced that phase one of the Yahoo domestic page test is set executed now. Yahoo has taken in a number of feedback considering that launching a restrained test of the new home web page returned in September 2008 and has determined to attempt some new things.
Yahoo has determined to add extra 0.33-celebration […]

Yahoo Doesn’t Take Beef Over Akaushi Keyword Lawsuit
Eric Goldman covers the latest lawsuit, in which Heartbrand Beef, Inc. Sued numerous organizations, which include Yahoo for promoting the keyword Akaushi to Lobel’s of New York. Akaushi is a completely pricey Japanese sort of beef, recognized for being marbled with fats and popping out extremely soft.Image result for Fake bank apps may have stolen data of thousands of customers: Report
Lobel’s does now not promote Akaushi, but Heartbrand is […]

Hyperlocal Is Happening
Traditional news shops are searching in the direction of home for ways to remain aggressive, and in a few cases, to survive. Many of these newspapers and television and radio stations are latching on to a trend of going “hyperlocal” with their content—serving the records needs of neighbourhood neighbourhoods or groups—as a manner to counter the problems of […]

Is Your Search Advertising Budget Harming Your Results?
Investment banks call me just about each week nowadays, asking whether or not our clients’ search budgets are growing or shrinking given the state of the economy. Their hobby is in valuing Google and Yahoo inventory, but I’m no longer certain my responses are extraordinarily beneficial to them.
Very few of our customers have set budgets for seeking. […]

Google Is Testing SearchWiki As Way To Remove AdWords Ads
Last night time I discovered reports thru WebmasterWorld that suggests Google testing a flavour of Google SearchWiki directly on the paid ads, also referred to as AdWords effects.
Here is a screen capture of that during action:

I have emailed Google for a declaration and I will update this submit after I acquire one.
If you want to talk about this […]

Happy Valentine’s Day From Google & Others
Valentine’s Day is being celebrated around the world and today, Google had not one, but exceptional logos, depending on wherein within the global you accessed Google. Plus, search engines like google and yahoo like Yahoo, Live, Ask and others had their unique emblems. Below is a compilation of trademarks that I collected throughout the day, the […]

ComScore To Report Google Maps Now Number 1
Forthcoming January visitors information will reportedly display that Google Maps has taken the lead from MapQuest as the top mapping site within the US. According to the numbers that I obtained (I’ve requested comScore to affirm), MapQuest’s January month-to-month particular site visitors had been 41. Five million and Google’s were forty two.2 million.
This is the first time that […]

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