5 Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners


Have you ever been driving your vehicle, gambling for your PC, or trying to exchange the input in your TV when, all of a sudden, a person introduces you to a mind-blowing new feature? Soon, you too will revel in that elusive “Ah-ha!” moment. Here, we will cover 5 extraordinary, lesser-regarded WordPress features.

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1. Schedule Blog Posts for the Future

The majority of bloggers attempt to comply with a publishing agenda. They submit as soon as a month, once every week, or as soon as an afternoon. In WordPress, you can timetable posts to go live at a specific time and date so that you don’t need to be on your laptop (or maybe wakeful) while the submit will stay. Here’s how.

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2. Change Your Page and Blog Post URLs

WordPress typically does a good process of growing URLs for your pages or posts; however, you’ll need to regulate on occasion. Here are the maximum commonplace times you’ll want to alternate URLs.

Note: it’s not an accurate exercise to change permalinks after the post or web page has already been published. Once your web page or put up stays, humans might percentage it, hyperlink to it, electronic mail it, or even write it down. WordPress commonly excels at forwarding links. However, it isn’t continually one hundred% effective, and forwarding can hurt your search rankings.
If you’re searching out greater statistics on URL excellent practices, check out “11 Best Practices for URLs” from SEOMoz.

3. WordPress Editor Tips

If you control a weblog or write content material, you’ve probably used the WordPress editor a truthful quantity. But many humans haven’t found out its full ability. Try out the recommendations to speed up your workflow and do away with misspellings and internet site styling troubles.

Spellcheck inside the WordPress Editor

This is an easy step that many human beings omit. If you need to spellcheck your content simultaneously as you figure or just before publishing, click on the button that has a checkmark with the letters “ABC” on the pinnacle. If you are not writing in English, you can pick your language using the drop-down arrow next to “ABC.”

Remove Formatting from Copied Text

Sometimes you replica text from Microsoft Word and, even though you’re using the “Paste from Word” button (a clipboard with a “W” on it), the textual content still doesn’t look pretty right. It might be the wrong coloration or size. In any case, a button exists especially for eliminating formatting from outdoor assets. To use it, observe these steps:

1. The “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button snapshots bins with exceptional-colored squares and rectangles. Click it to expose the second row of buttons.
2. Highlight the incorrectly formatted text.
3. Click the “Remove Formatting” button. This button functions as a white eraser that turns red when you hover over it. That ought to do the trick.

Shift + Return Creates a Line Break.

Sometimes while working on the WordPress editor, you need to create a single line smash — no longer a paragraph ruin with a gap between the 2 traces, but unmarried line damage wherein the traces are closer collectively. To try this, maintain the Shift key and hit Return. That’s it. Adding your employer’s address to your contact page simply was given a lot less difficulty.

Use WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m sure you use Control + C and Control + V to duplicate and paste all of the time. But most people don’t recognize the WordPress editor additionally has shortcut keys, and if you’re running in the editor a truthful quantity, they could prevent plenty of time. (Mac users: Use the Command key as opposed to the Control key.) Here are a number of high-quality shortcuts to try out.

4. Easily Embed Videos, Tweets, and Other Media

Many human beings don’t realize WordPress can effortlessly embed content material from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Hulu, Flickr, and Viddler. Read on to discover how.

5. Change Blog Post Authors Simply

If more than one people write for your site, but you’re the best one publishing, you may word your username shows as the writer for every post. For many WordPress customers, the potential to exchange post authors is hidden by using the default. Follow those easy steps to trade authors on your WordPress posts.