Expert View: Vertoro – the Google Android of the bio-based economy.

Is extraordinary for a bio-based totally startup inside the feel that whilst we aim to license our technology, the license itself can be free.”

Creative destruction is not unknown to the oil enterprise. Whale oil, which ruled the world from roughly the 17th century, turned into progressively offset by using fossil oil after the discovery of the latter in the nineteenth-century United States. The US later misplaced its dominance within the market to the Middle East inside the 20th century. The 21st century, too, has already visible its honest proportion of disruption innovation, most appreciably inside the US with shale oil and tar sands in Canada. It is truthful to say, but, that none of the aforementioned crude oil sources may be considered sustainable. Our cause at Vertigo writes CEO Michael Boot is consequently to hasten the next oil revolution and to assist make sure it will likely be a sustainable one this time around.

We presently pump approximately five billion heaps of fossil oil out of the floor each year. A sustainable aid that might help offset this massive determine is lignin – the constituent of the cell partitions of almost all dry land plant cell walls and the second one maximum ample natural polymer within the international surpassed simplest by way of cellulose. Most terrestrial flowers comprise everywhere between 5 and 25% of lignin. In total, Mother Nature produces upwards of 20 billion tons in keeping with yr of this compound by way of photosynthesis. Of this amount, handiest one hundred million heaps are remoted from biomass through the pulp and paper enterprise, and, greater lately, additionally by using the nascent cellulosic-to-X sector. Most, over ninety-nine %, of this, is burnt onsite for electricity. Accordingly, simplest 1,000,000 tons or so of lignin, more often than not lignosulphonates, reveals its way to the market, to be used as feedstock for chemicals (vanillin) and materials (e.G., binders, resins), or for strength someplace else (e.G., pellets for co-firing in coal plants).Image result for Expert View: Vertoro – the Google Android of the bio-based economy.

Designed for pace – ambition and commercial enterprise version.
First, a few phrases at the provocative name of this piece. Commodities, like fuels and chemical substances, are most profitably produced whilst completed so in economies of scale and in close proximity of downstream clients. The equal is probable to also keep true for their bio-based totally equivalents. Accordingly, producing commodities at once from biomass at competitive (i.E., degree playing field with fossil) costs might be challenging. The intent being that biomass, absent any economic or subsidy incentives, has a tendency no longer cluster inside the required order of significance of tens of millions of tons, not to mention this being the case near petrochemical clusters.

To resolve all this, Vertigo believes the bio-based financial system will require a platform product, being a crude oil, which may be with ease transported over long distances, at low cost, and by present belongings (e.G., pipelines, tankers). As is the case for any nascent increase market, the first business enterprise to establish enough scale with their platform product, say 1 million tons in keeping with annum or so in this case, is the most probably add the enterprise a good way to set the usual for downstream “app” builders. Ensuring network consequences will in addition upload to market electricity. Speed is important; it’s a race…

Our precise business model is derived from this ambition and is strange for a bio-based startup within the sense that even as we purpose to license our era, the license itself can be loose. The only caveat is that Vertigo is permitted one of a kind offtake settlement of the CLO at a guaranteed annual go back of investment for the licensee (commonly round 15%). There are motives for this approach. First, this way we get fewer ability licensee questions about the marketplace ability/price of CLO; their core business is ethanol or pulp in the end. Second, the oil commercial enterprise requires an economy of scale that isn’t doable CLO produced by any one licensee. This can simplest be performed by way of aggregating CLO from a couple of licensees, a good way to beautify our bargaining electricity with our foreseen downstream petrochemical clients.Image result for Expert View: Vertoro – the Google Android of the bio-based economy.

Inspired by means of huge-oil – technology.
Vertigo’s era is a spinoff of the aforementioned ambition and commercial enterprise model. Our arguably low-tech method to lignin mirrors that of the only adopted with the aid of oil majors for lignin’s closest petrochemical cousin, bitumen; itself a heavy aromatic compound this is strong at room temperature and of low fee wherein it is discovered. Bitumen valorization involves predominant steps. First, it’s far dissolved in organic solvents (e.G., naphthenes, paraffin) to make it pumpable. The ensuing blend, from a couple of websites, is then transported thru lengthy pipe traces to an oil refinery, where, within the 2d step, it is co-processed with fossil oil. Needless to mention, the latter step takes area at an economy of scale and inside the proximity of a chemical cluster, whilst the former operation takes area close to the “mining” web page of the raw cloth.

Issue #eleven of the Bio-Based World Quarterly now available As lignin is more polar than bitumen, we paintings with polar solvents as an alternative, however otherwise adhere to the same similar hub (< 1 Mtons) and spoke (50-100 kton) method for CLO. A downside of bitumen recuperation is that solvent wishes to be continuously recovered and sent returned to the field. We keep away from this drawback by means of matching the solvent used to the preferred downstream product-market mixture. For instance, whilst targeting two recognised direct packages for lignin, being phenol resins or poly-urethane, we use a diol or phenol, respectively, as the solvent.

The resulting solvent-lignin oil can then be used as a partially bio-based feedstock for the aforementioned applications. This way, inexperienced-minded manufacturers of those substances do now not want to put money into biomass garage centres, nor in enhancing their hardware to permit for solids co-processing. Alternatively, devoted downstream refineries, CLO may be processed at a larger scale, thereby making an allowance for the use of greater complicated (catalytic) structures. For this, we’re developing pathways from CLO to, amongst other commodity chemicals, BTEX, cresol, and phenol.

Part of a bigger ecosystem – partners.
Vertigo, Spanish for “Green Gold“, is a younger Dutch spin-off from The Chemelot Institute for Science & Technology (InSciTe). InSciTe, in turn, is the personal public partnership among Royal DSM, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Maastricht University. Vertigo has secured license agreements with InSciTe for two lignin associated technologies. One produces Crude Lignin Oil (CLO) from ex-planta lignin (e.G., effluent from paper pulp-, cellulosic ethanol vegetation). The 2d does the identical from in-planta lignin (e.G., timber). The overall R&D and funding price range are approximately 10M€, which includes the aforementioned pilot plant.

Building momentum – current traits.
On March seventh, 2018, our contender for the “Google Android of the bio-based totally financial system”, crude lignin oil (CLO), become nominated for the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year 2018 by using Bio-Based World News. Now, more or less 1/2 a year on, we would really like to percentage with Bio-Based World News and her readers what can nice be defined as pretty the roller-coaster journey. In June 2018, we introduced the closing of our first seed round with a 0.5M€ funding made via the Vertigo founders, Chemelot Ventures and Limburg Development and Investment Company (LIOF). A few months later, in August, we shared the first pictures of preparations for a 50 ton CLO in step with annum pilot plant at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus within the South of Netherlands. Just weeks later, in September, we shared our plans for a multi-cause demo plant in Cordoba, Spain, spearheaded with the aid of UK-based totally Saint Energy.

Open innovation = velocity
We are firm believers in open innovation as this, as Google has proved with Android, is the pleasant way to garner momentum for any new platform. Partnerships, upstream or downstream, are welcomed wholeheartedly. CLO samples, together with your lignin-solvent combination of desire, may be supplied freed from price and without cumbersome NDA’s or MTA’s. Joint clinical courses with enterprise or academia are welcomed as properly. Contact me nowadays so we will hasten the next oil revolution together!

Smart versus Android TV: Decoding the differences

CAPE TOWN – Once upon a time, you’d with a bit of luck stroll into an electronics keep and buy a device ideally fitted on your binge-watching behaviour.

Now, while shopping for a TV, you’re probably to find myriad puzzling services and tech-jargon flying at you quicker than your head, and pockets can cope with.

So, whilst Skyworth arrived on South African shorelines with a brand-new TV with the integrated Android operating system, we couldn’t help however wonder what differentiates it from the Smart TVs we’ve just emerged as accustomed to? For your sake, and ours, we notion it satisfactory to discover how the 2 differ in the hopes that our next TV-buying escapade can be much less daunting.

Smart TV

Put sincerely, Smart TVs have integrated apps that regular clients can without difficulty use via the TVs’ potential to connect with the Internet. That way clean access to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, a multi-function convenient package deal. Great! The downside? The quantity of downloadable apps is constrained so you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Also, maximum running systems aren’t upgradable.

This method that once new apps or offerings, like Hulu, grow to be to be had in SA, you may need to don’t forget buying a whole new TV just to cater to them.

Android TV

Android TVs paintings much the same as their smart opposite numbers in that they’re capable to hook up with the World Wide Web. The distinction? Android TV has plenty of extra apps to be had as it has get entry to the Google Play Store.

This way you could revel in the programs commonly determined on Smart TVs, plus lots more. In reality, Skyworth is the primary organisation in South Africa to companion with Google, meaning it additionally has got admission to streaming services, like South African video-on-demand service Showmax, Netflix and YouTube – inquisitive about our viewing delight and convenience.

There’s additionally the introduced luxury of the TV’s Voice Search functionality. Instead of getting to manually kind in what you’re seeking out, you could speak on your TV the use of the far off for a quicker, problem-free manner to look. Pairing this feature with Google Assistant permits you to control all your clever domestic gadgets too.Image result for Smart versus Android TV: Decoding the differences

Another massive differentiator of this TV is that its working gadget is upgradable and so are all of its available applications. This means you can maintain up with the exceptional in apps, games and amusement as and after they enter our u. S ., and without having to splash out on a
new device. Think of it as a TV with identical capabilities as a phone – except for the fact that it can’t make calls… but.

At the stop of the day, earlier than selecting a tv, remember what it’s miles you want to get out of it.

CAPE TOWN – Once upon a time, you’d confidently walk into an electronics save and purchase a device perfectly suited on your binge-looking conduct.

Now, whilst shopping for a TV, you’re probably to discover myriad puzzling services and tech-jargon flying at you faster than your head, and wallet, can address.

So, while Skyworth arrived on South African seashores with a logo-new TV with the integrated Android operating device, we couldn’t help however surprise what differentiates it from the Smart TVs we’ve just ended up accustomed to? For your sake, and ours, we idea it first-class to explore how the 2 differ within the hopes that our subsequent TV-buying escapade might be much less daunting.

Smart TVImage result for Smart versus Android TV: Decoding the differences

But without a doubt, Smart TVs have built-in apps that regular customers can without problems use via the TVs’ capacity to connect to the Internet. That manner easy access to streaming offerings like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, an all in one convenient package deal. Great! The disadvantage? The wide variety of downloadable apps is restricted so you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Also, maximum working systems aren’t upgradable.

This means that after new apps or services, like Hulu, emerge as to be had in SA, you may want to don’t forget shopping for an entirely new TV simply to cater for them.

Android TV

Android TVs work a lot the same as their clever opposite numbers in that they’re capable to connect with the World Wide Web. The distinction? Android TV has loads extra apps available as it has got admission to the Google Play Store.

This way you can enjoy the programs typically found on Smart TVs, plus thousands extra. In truth, Skyworth is the first enterprise in South Africa to partner with Google, that means it also has got right of entry to streaming offerings, like South African video-on-call for service Showmax, Netflix and YouTube – excited about our viewing pleasure and convenience.

There’s also the brought luxury of the TV’s Voice Search capability. Instead of getting to manually kind in what you’re seeking out, you can communicate to your TV using the faraway for a faster, trouble-loose way to search. Pairing this feature with Google Assistant lets in you to manipulate all your smart home devices too.

Another massive differentiator of this TV is that its running system is upgradable and so are all of its to be had packages. This method you can keep up with the first-rate in apps, video games and amusement as and once they input our country, and while not having to splash out on a
new tool. Think of it as a TV with equal competencies as a phone – except for the fact that it may make calls… but.

At the quiet of the day, before selecting a television, don’t forget what it’s miles you need to get out of it.

Android journalist JR Raphael. ANDROID INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS Google just quietly gave us a killer midrange Android option

We’ve mentioned how Google is gambling its very own game with its software program-centric method to the Pixel application, but one issue that is all too easy to overlook is the way that equal mindset is now spreading from the flagship level to other parts of the Android telephone spectrum.

Allow me to set the degree: With its Pixel telephones, as we have seen now with 3 distinctive generations of the tool, Google is embracing the reality all and sundry else is ignoring and focusing ordinarily on the significance of software inside the smartphone-using experience. Sure, each new set of Pixel merchandise has the usual set of hardware updates and inner upgrades, but the genuine selling points are less about megapixels or bezels and extra about how the smartphone’s bits and bytes push the revel in forward in genuinely beneficial ways.


At the same time, maximum of the enormous software upgrades added in new Pixel fashions make their way to preceding Pixel fashions pretty quick thru over-the-air updates. And, as of final yr’s Pixel 2 tool, every one of those models is assured to acquire timely and ongoing running system updates for a complete three years from the date they released.

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Put those elements collectively, and you’ve got an effective type of price proposition whose complete force is simply starting to turn out to be apparent — due to the fact now, the price is not potential most effective for folks who purchase luxurious flagship telephones; it’s also available for each person who wants to spend a touch much less whilst nonetheless getting a standout Android revel in with a notable degree of ongoing help.

And lemme inform ya: The impact of that can’t be overstated.Image result for Android journalist JR Raphael.  ANDROID INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS Google just quietly gave us a killer midrange Android option

The Pixel trickle
Let’s think it in the course of, beginning from the pinnacle: When you purchase a Pixel 3 right now, you’re getting a phone it truly is gonna stay current and continue to get better — now not most effective in terms of running machine updates and all the feature, interface, and overall performance and security blessings such updates offer but also in phrases of the Pixel-specific upgrades Google sends out as a part of every next hardware refresh — all of the manners thru October of 2021. And every replaces inside that window will arrive like clockwork, a count number of mere days after it’s introduced.

Compare that to almost another Android cell phone you could purchase today, and the distinction is dramatic: On maximum other flagship-level devices, you may get months-past due and often sporadic updates via 2020 — a complete year much less than with the Pixel — and that’s being positive. Realistically, maximum Android manufacturers do not take ongoing guide severely, regardless of their present day-gen flagship phones. And once your several-hundred-dollar telephone hits its second yr of lifestyles, well, desirable success.

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Where this truly gets interesting, although, is whilst you start considering the bigger-image implications of that Pixel cellphone difference. The 3-year window of rock-solid software guide gives the current-gen Pixel smartphone a leg up on different current-gen devices, see, but it also gives the preceding-gen Pixel phone a significant gain over present-day flagships.

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Get the insurance you need, for the price you want. Start a vehicle insurance quote nowadays with the details you know offhand.Image result for Android journalist JR Raphael.  ANDROID INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS Google just quietly gave us a killer midrange Android option

After all, a Pixel 2 bought nowadays will nonetheless get all software updates thru October of 2020 — and get them in a timely and excessive-precedence manner. By that metric, Google’s 12 months-vintage, previous-technology smartphone arguably gives you better value today than a cutting-edge flagship from everyone else.

This is converting what it manner to get a midrange or price range-degree telephone
And but, by using present-day pricing requirements, the Pixel 2 is basically now a midrange tool: Google itself is promoting the Pixel 2 for $649, in its lowest configuration, and you can find mint-satisfactory used fashions inside the $four hundred variety. Those prices most effective seem probable to inch downward as time wears on.

But there is extra: Just think how this example will spread starting next 12 months, while the Pixel 2 can be two years antique and but nevertheless have a full 12 months of pending updates underneath its belt. You’ll essentially have a menu of pricing points to be had for any finances: the current-gen version, with three complete years of updates covered; the preceding-gen model, with two strong years of help nonetheless ahead; and the 2-year-antique version, with a year’s really worth of foundational improvements nonetheless final.

Google’s software attention is therefore not only altering the lifespan and value of a flagship telephone; it’s also completely changing what it method to get a midrange or price range-degree cellphone, way to that cascading effect. And even though Google itself doesn’t favour to preserve selling those older fashions after some time, the used telephone marketplace will offer an exciting new degree of o.E.M fee.

For all of us who prioritizes ongoing interest to a telephone’s working gadget and abilities, that represents an enormous shift within the gambling subject — and a brand new selection-making variable that cannot be omitted.

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Android and iOS apps can track users even after they’re uninstalled

ONE DAY WE’LL GET UP AND NOT HEAR news that something on our cellphone is tracking us; but that day is not today, as it’s been revealed that apps can song users even when they’ve been uninstalled.

That’s according to Bloomberg Businessweek, which has stated on the presence of “uninstall trackers” in a few iOS and Android apps which could parent out whilst someone has deleted the apps and then enable their creators to pelt the ex-person with advertisements looking to tempt them back.

Bloomberg Businessweek stated that Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics, and CleverTap had been a number of the corporations supplying such trackers to the likes of T-Mobile within the US, Spotify Technology, and Yelp. The publication even noted its parent firm Bloomberg LP uses tech from Localytics.

It’s well worth highlighting that Bloomberg Businessweek noted that uninstall trackers have a tendency to be bundled with other developer gear, so it might appear that app developers can select to apply such monitoring equipment or forget about them.

Ehren Maedge, vice president for marketing and sales at MoEngage, told Bloomberg Businessweek that app builders need to make the choice whether or not to apply the gear.

“The talk is between our clients and their give up users,” he said. “If they violate customers’ believe, it’s no longer going to move properly for them.”

That all seems honest sufficient, and diverse tech has been used to permit for push notifications, which devs can use to basically refresh app information without bothering customers.Image result for Android and iOS apps can track users even after they're uninstalled

Such backward and forward between apps and their developers permit for the trade of data.

But, in line with Bloomberg Businessweek, while an app doesn’t throw lower back a wave on the developer, it may be assumed it become uninstalled and the record related to the tool stored through the builders to allow app refreshes can then be used to become aware of the silent tool and used to probably throw advertisements at it.

Using such equipment to push silent notifications to build up advertising and marketing audiences is against Google’s and Apple’s privacy and marketing regulations. So apps that use the uninstall equipment with advertising in thoughts look to be skating on some strong thin ice.

Uninstall apps may be used to help with app debugging and protection, but it looks like they have the potential to be abused. But thus far Google and Apple have not leapt into motion to curtail the use of the gear; we suspect Tim Cook’s group may do after Bloomberg Businessweek’s report.

That being said Apple is not too happy with Bloomberg given the news outlet stated Cupertino had servers with Chinese spying chips on them, something Apple strongly denies. µImage result for Android and iOS apps can track users even after they're uninstalled

Today, Google released a free app for Android and iOS devices for AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google’s seek advertising platform designed for small commercial enterprise.

The app has all the capabilities of the net version, allowing advertisers to edit commercials and set focused on parameters extra without problems from their cellular gadgets.

Google is likewise making targeting extra bendy. Advertisers can target advertisements through their personal zip code, town, kingdom as well as in other areas around us of a, even though the prolonged targeting is to be had handiest in English-speak international locations presently.

The app is now available inside the US on Google Play and iTunes. Now, if we should just get an app for AdWords itself.

Check out the introductory video for the app beneath.

First Android Pie beta for Samsung Galaxy S9 rolls out soon, here’s our hands-on

The Android Pie beta for Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S and Note telephones is coming up. We have already seen the alpha builds and gone hands-on with them on the Galaxy S9. Now, we’ve got gotten a copy of a beta construct. This is an early reproduction of the professional beta so one can be launched very quickly. This beta is now extra solid than ever and with greater capabilities than we’ve seen in preceding alphas. Samsung has subsequently fixed their design quirks and the night topic. The splendid information is that we also have a matching alpha build for the Galaxy Note 9, so a number of these screenshots are from the Note, however, they look equal on both devices.

In this replace, Samsung has sooner or later fixed the night time subject matter. This means that alternatively of having white playing cards on top of a black background, we now have white playing cards on an off-white background. When you permit the switch it’ll display the UI that is all so acquainted. The nighttime subject matter now has grey cards on a natural black history. Night topic can be less difficult on the eyes at night time and save battery on the identical time. Many users use apps like Swift Installer and Substratum alongside the built-in subject engine to show their backgrounds black, but now Samsung has delivered this to natively into Samsung Experience 10. Don’t worry although, in early tests, it appears as even though Substratum and Swift Installer both still paintings.Image result for First Android Pie beta for Samsung Galaxy S9 rolls out soon, here’s our hands-on

Dark topic settings

Dark topic settings disabled

Contacts darkish subject matter enabled

Contacts darkish theme disabled

The older betas had gestures in settings, however, there has been a problem wherein they wouldn’t truly work. All they could do is display the gesture hints or the settings. Now, on the today’s replace, gestures clearly paintings. You simply swipe up in the position of the button on the nav bar and it works. When the use of this mode it’ll completely disguise the navbar and push apps all the manner to the lowest of the display screen. The most modern Samsung A9 become really released with those in Android Oreo. A new feature inside the older betas, however one really worth citing again, is “raise to wake.” This has been in many different phones and Samsung has ultimately introduced it to their personal tool. It suggests the lock display test notifications whilst you raise the telephone.

Messages darkish theme enabled

Messages dark subject matter disabled

Phone darkish subject enabled

Phone darkish subject matter disabled

We recognise that this is the beta to be able to be launched because the app has Samsung Members and the Samsung Beta Services. While looking through both apps, we had been no longer capable of discovering a way to sign up early, however putting in this replace still gets you the beta. When the beta is released officially, customers will be able to sign on for the beta through the Samsung+ app inside the US, Samsung Members in Korea, and the United Kingdom. Members of the beta software will have got admission to beta boards, beta comments, and beta notice.Image result for First Android Pie beta for Samsung Galaxy S9 rolls out soon, here’s our hands-on


Launcher with new icons

S9+ Build Info

Note 9 Build Info

Beta notices are messages about the beta. These are messages about new updates, capabilities, and the beta in fashionable. Beta remarks are wherein you offer non-public feedback and trojan horse logs for whatever you would possibly stumble upon. The beta boards are for all of the contributors to come collectively and speak their problems and recommendations of what needs to come in future updates. We were able to discover the FAQ and EULA for the beta which was updated to Android Pie. It has now been reverted returned to the Oreo beta however it’s miles saved on Wayback Machine with the Android Pie facts as proven within the screenshot.

This beta has some new capabilities for the Galaxy S9 customers getting back from the Galaxy Note line. The Galaxy S9 will now get scene popularity and flaw detection inside the digicam, which became as soon as special Note 9 capabilities. Samsung is bringing again some capabilities to try to suit the function set between the 2 gadgets. With the Android Pie updates coming quickly, be prepared for it to be launched. We might be updating our set up tutorials with the most recent updates soon, so be on the lookout for that in case you want to install it for yourself. Currently, it’s only to be had for the Snapdragon Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 9.

20 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets that make great gifts

The Insider Picks team writes approximately stuff we think you may like. Business Insider has associate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue out of your purchase.

Fossil smartwatch
From the first cell phone I owned, I’ve constantly been an Android consumer. Much to the chagrin of almost all my pals and peers, I definitely do just like the operating device and my Samsung phone. However, I do have to admit the world of tech accessories is made for iPhone customers and the quantity and type of options are tipped in their want.

If you’ve got an Android phone consumer in your existence who you normally regard with suspicion and is already inflicting you loads of pressure in the present-looking seek, fear no longer — and simply be happy they don’t have a Windows telephone. We’re here that will help you discover some cool Android accessories they may appreciate. Some are specifically optimized for Android devices, even as others are simply extraordinary accent gifts for all types of phones.

These 20 smartphone add-ons and well-suited gadgets prove gifting an Android consumer isn’t always certainly as difficult as you think.
Looking for extra present ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks’ excursion present guides for 2018 here.

A digicam lens kit for enthusiastic telephone photographers
A camera lens package for enthusiastic cellphone photographers
Xeno Camera Lens Kit Pro, $34.99, to be had at Amazon
Take breathtaking landscape photos and distinctive close-us with the 140-degree, wide-perspective lens and the 10x macro lens in this package. Simply clip it on your phone and align it with its digicam to begin snapping super pics.

Comfortable, exceptional wireless earbuds
Comfortable, excellent wireless earbuds
Master & Dynamic
Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, $299.98, available at Best Buy
These actual wireless earbuds crowned even the Apple Airports in our manual, a testament to their stunning layout and exceptional sound exceptional. Since it’s more high-priced than maximum models, it makes the experience to splurge for them all through the vacations.

A flexible car mount
A bendy automobile mount
iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge Car Mount, $49.Ninety-four, available at Amazon
This accessory pulls double obligation via charging your smartphone whilst holding it securely in your sprint. The telescopic arm extends up to 8 inches and pivots on a wide arc for clean readability and access.

A clever home assistant
A clever home assistant
Best Buy
Google Home Mini, $49, available at Best Buy and Walmart
Owners of Android gadgets like the Google Pixel may be happiest staying within the Google ecosystem and using the Google Home Mini clever domestic assistant, which enables you to start your day, enjoy leisure, and control other clever home gadgets.

A portable photograph printer
A portable photo printer
HP Sprocket Plus Instant Photo Printer, $149.89, to be had at Amazon
It’s quick and easy to print photos without delay from your phone gallery and percentage them with your friends. The Sprocket Plus prints pictures that are 30% large than the ones from the authentic Sprocket.Image result for 20 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets that make great gifts

Long, efficient charging cables
Long, efficient charging cables
Anker Six-Foot Powerline Charging Cable, $12.Ninety-nine, available at Amazon
Braided cables are greater long lasting and do not tangle as without problems because the ordinary ones, plus they are without a doubt extra aesthetically fascinating. Anker’s are particularly designed to fee telephones with USB-C ports effectively.

A quite floral phone case
A pretty floral phone case
Geranium Case, $49, to be had at Casetify
Available for Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, and LG gadgets

Phone cases frequently simplest satisfy two out of the subsequent three criteria: durable, non-bulky, and delightful. Casetify’s are all three and I by no means feel like I’m settling even as shopping its website.

A difficult phone storage container
A difficult cellphone storage container
OtterBox DRYBOX 3250 Series, $37.99, to be had at Amazon
This rugged case is basically like a tiny garage field, shielding not handiest your cell phone but additionally your keys, pockets, and other small essentials. It’s even waterproof up to 90 toes for a half-hour, making it best for outdoor adventures.

Long Crossbody Phone Pocket, $40, available at Leatherology
Travel mild with an elegant, complete-grain pebbled leather bag that holds your smartphone with a little room to spare. Choose from greater than 10 extraordinary leather shades and upload a monogram for just $10.

A walking armband to keep your smartphone
A going for walks armband to hold your smartphone
Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case, $6.Ninety-eight, available at Amazon
Compatible with maximum phones, this satisfactory-promoting case has a plush, elastic band for non-obtrusive consolation, reflective borders for protection, and a small pocket to keep your key as you run.

Image result for 20 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets that make great gifts
A VR headset
A VR headset
Best Buy
Google Daydream View, $ ninety-nine, to be had at Best Buy and Walmart
Samsung – Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset, $129.99, to be had at Best Buy and Walmart
Depending on which device you have got, both such a VR headsets are terrific alternatives in an effort to immerse you in new worlds. The Daydream View works with the Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note eight, Moto Z and Moto Z2, while the Samsung Gear VR works with the Galaxy collection.

Ultimate Ears/Instagram
Ultimate Ears Boom three Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Waterproof), $149.Ninety-nine, available at Amazon
The most up-to-date version of the popular UE Boom collection is waterproof and might even go with the flow on top of the water (a characteristic that we placed to the check). This “surely indestructible” Bluetooth speaker is a must-have at your next birthday celebration.

A compact selfie stick
A compact selfie stick
Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick, $15.Ninety-nine, to be had at Amazon
Get the entire group to your photo with this selfie stick. It’s light and sturdy while proposing 20-hour battery lifestyles and ergonomic take care of.

A Wear OS smartwatch
A Wear OS smartwatch
Fossil Gen four Q Explorist HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch, $275, available at Amazon and Fossil
While iPhone users have Apple Watches, Android users can select from a number of Wear OS smartwatches. Fossil’s smooth watch consists of coronary heart charge tracking, phone notifications, NFC payments, GPS, microphone and Google Assistant, music storage and controls, and customizable watch faces.

Google celebrates Android’s 10th birthday with a look back at its history

Android grew to become 10 this year and to commemorate the occasion, Google delivered out the own family album to expose pics of its little robot-baby developing up. You can study the full put up over at the reliable Google Blog.

There are exciting tidbits and reminders of the way a long way we’ve come. Android 1.Zero didn’t even aid on-display screen keyboards! 1. Five Cupcake enabled the ones and good factor too because hardware keyboards died off quickly.

You may even trace the evolution of the Google Assistant. Starting with the Quick Search Box in 1.6 Donut, Voice Actions in 2.2 Froyo, Google Now in 4.1 Jelly Bean, “OK Google” in four.4 KitKat and Now on Tap in 6.Zero Marshmallow.

Again, check the Google Blog for the entire story, right here’s a brief slideshow for the extra impatient.Image result for Google celebrates Android's 10th birthday with a look back at its history

The international’s maximum popular search engine turns 15 years old these days. Started in 1998 by way of Stanford PhD college students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has grown to be the leader in search, owning extra than 70 per cent of the worldwide desktop seek market share.

To have a good time its fifteenth birthday, today’s Google emblem is an interactive piñata sport. By clicking the arrow on the birthday cake in the centre of the logo, customers are instructed to hit their space bar to start the game. With 10 swipes at a star-shaped piñata, players acquire points based on the wide variety of chocolates they could make drop whilst a song plays inside the heritage.

At the close of the game, gamers are given their overall rating together with three icons: a Google+, seek and replay set off.Image result for Google celebrates Android's 10th birthday with a look back at its history

It took me four attempts to break a hundred factors, however, my colleague Ginny Marvin earned one hundred thirty-five factors gambling on her iPhone. (She did admit she performed six instances earlier than reaching her high rating.)

According to Ginny, Google did not comply with its very own advice and optimize their birthday pinata recreation for the cell. “It’s now not optimized for Safari cellular on the iPhone five. The right side of the game is cut off in a panorama view,” said told me, “Also, at some stage in the sport, I couldn’t see the closing letter ‘e’ inside the Google logo, and I can’t do anything, however, hit the quest button after the sport ends.” I turned into able to see the complete recreation display screen on my Android, but the most effective activates I obtained were the replay and seek button.




In addition to a 1998 flashback Easter egg in honour of its 15th birthday, yesterday Google revealed their new “Hummingbird” search set of rules at some point of an employer birthday occasion hosted in the very garage in which Google started out.

Leave a comment Secrets to charge your Android phone faster

We’ve all skilled those dreaded moments while the batteries on our Android phones are threatening to present out. We hunt around for an outlet to resurrect our telephones. There’s an experience of comfort while you plug it in, knowing your telephone receiver to be out of commission. But then you need to wait. These are the moments whilst you want with a purpose to fee your telephone as speedy as feasible.

While many Android phones have made improvements in battery life, the way we use them can still drain them down. We movement video, play video games and crank up the brightness on our screens.

There are methods to shave a few treasured minutes off your Android charging time so that you can lose your self from the tether of an outlet. These suggestions are ideal for the one’s times while you’re approximate to hurry out the door and want to get as a lot price into your cell phone as viable.

Shut it down
While it can be tough to preserve your fingers off your smartphone, shutting it down will help it rate faster. Turning the smartphone off totally will get rid of the temptation to preserve streaming, surfing, checking notifications, or the usage of apps — sports that preserve to suck up battery life whilst you’re trying to juice it lower back up.Image result for Leave a comment Secrets to charge your Android phone faster

Extend your telephone’s battery life with these smooth adjustments.

Put it in aircraft mode
If you couldn’t quite deliver your self to show off your telephone, then you may nevertheless set it into a plane mode to reduce any ongoing drain on the battery for the duration of charging. You can normally get admission to this putting fast by using swiping down from the top of your screen, touching the downward arrow, and tapping the plane mode icon.

Fast-price your telephone
Some Android telephones assist rapid-charging technologies. This tech appears beneath numerous different names. Qualcomm, which affords the chips for many Android phones, calls the tech “Quick Charge” and says it is able to charge your phone up to four instances quicker than traditional charging. Motorola calls its version Turbo power. Samsung’s high-stop Galaxy telephones have what’s called Adaptive Fast Charging.

If your telephone is prepared with fast-charging technology, you will want to ensure you’re using the proper strength charger to take complete benefit of it. For example, the Moto G5 Plus, a popular budget smartphone, comes with Motorola’s Turbopower generation and includes a Turbopower charger. Motorola says it can get you up to 6 hours of battery life with just 15 mins of charging. If you operate a special charger, say one you’ve borrowed from an older cell phone or another device, you received’t get that equal rapid price. So use the charger that came with the telephone to get the first-rate results.

Update your system
Not all Android telephones are eligible for the brand new working machine releases, however, be sure to improve to the maximum latest model you could and observe any patches Google makes to be had. The latest difficulty with certain Google Pixel telephones highlights why this can be crucial.Image result for Leave a comment Secrets to charge your Android phone faster

Some Pixel and Pixel XL customers determined the short-charging characteristic wasn’t operating well after the Android Pie update over the summer. Google ultimately released a fix in early October. Be positive to replace if you have one of these phones, but retaining up on updates is wise for any Android proprietor.

If you often discover your self-walking low on battery while you’re out and approximately, then you definitely may need to keep a portable battery % accessible to help you out. Check out the Komando Shop’s five port transportable power financial institution that will maintain your Android telephone and other gadgets charged up and geared up whilst you want them.

Don’t permit the battery blues to get you down. While a cellphone with rapid-charging tech is right, it also helps to get a cell phone with long battery existence to start with. Check out we examine the telephones with the pleasant batteries.

Google tests Android Messages feature on Chromebooks

Google’s answer to Apple’s Continuity feature for iOS and MacOS customers may soon be geared up on Chromebooks. The business enterprise has been running on integrating Messages on Android with Chrome OS for a while and now the function is prepared for choose customers. To revel in the Messages integration, Chromebook proprietors will need to join the Chrome OS developer channel and spark off the function, in step with Chrome Unboxed.

In the beyond, users might access the characteristic, known as Better Together, via its personal separate settings, but a developer running at the assignment told Chrome Unboxed that the settings for Messages integration can be grouped collectively with Instant Tethering and Smart Lock functions beneath the Connected Devices menu. Although some users who registered in the developer channel of Google’s Chrome OS said that the function is now live, the trade won’t be extensive to be had to each person just but.Image result for Google tests Android Messages feature on Chromebooks

If Google had enabled this feature in your account, you may additionally want to tinker with and permit some Chrome flags to get the new Connected Devices menu to appear. The flags include #enable_android_messages_integration, #enable_unified_multidevice_settings. #enable_unified_multidevice_setup, and #instant-tethering, according to Chrome Unboxed’s document. Chrome Unboxed claimed that even after tinkering with the settings, the ebook turned into no longer capable of getting the new menu to show up, so it’s probable that Google might also need to prompt the feature for unique accounts presently.

Though Messages integration can be the highlighted feature here, it appears that Google may be prepping additional capabilities to tie collectively Chrome OS and Android in the destiny. In the setup interface, Google stated while customers join their gadgets, they agree that their Chromebooks can show Messages, set up new apps, and additionally “offer new features as they grow to be to be had.”Image result for Google tests Android Messages feature on Chromebooks

Even if you’re no longer using Chrome OS, Google also released a characteristic inside the past that lets in you to view text messages from your Android phone on a PC, Mac, or pill through a web browser. Users will need to release their favoured browser, navigate to messages.Android.Com, and observe the commands to link their phone to the net session with a purpose to view and respond to messages from their laptop. The Chrome OS integration should assist simplify the technique for Chromebook customers.

Like the Chrome OS feature, Android Messages on the internet permits customers to work on their PCs and reply to messages from their telephones without too many distractions. Additionally, it will allow you to see your text and image messages on a bigger show, and as a substitute of getting to type out a message by tapping on your cellphone’s smaller display screen, you’ll additionally have to get entry to in your computer’s substantial keyboard.

Google’s Android operating system is officially ten years old

Google is celebrating the tenth birthday of Android, its cellular operating machine that’s now powering over 2 billion lively devices. Of direction, Android has formally been around for longer than 10 years, and it became at first rolled out on September 23, 2008. But as with everything Google, the actual birthday is the cause for some confusion.

Now, Google has posted October 22, 2018, as formally marking ten years of Android. Even Google CEO Sundar Pichai wanted Android a Happy Birthday for October 22, 2018. But as we noted early on, Android did technically turn 10 returned in September, if one is going with the date of while the unique model and source code turned into launch.

Others additionally keep in mind November five, 2007 because the authentic birthday for Android, when you consider that that’s while the beta turned into launched, although the software program improvement kit (SDK) changed into rolled out afterwards November 12. By that common sense, Android already grew to become 10 years final 12 months.

So why is Google going with October 22? As the legit weblog submit notes, October 22 marks ten years of the “first model of the Android-running gadget with the T-Mobile G1,” and while Android Market (the unique call for the Google Play Store) was released. This T-Mobile smartphone with Android 1.Zero went on sale within the US on October 22, 2008, which explains the logic for selecting this date.Image result for Google’s Android operating system is officially ten years old

However, Android Market released on September 23, 2008. The full-fledged Google Play Store absolutely came tons later in March 2012.

Also examine: Samsung could introduce Android Pie updates from January 2019: Report

The Google weblog publish also takes a study all the variants of Android from Cupcake (version 1.5) proper right down to Android Pie. The post notes, “the working device itself has gone through some fundamental ameliorations, too. The G1 ran on Android 1.0—a version so early, we didn’t even call it after a dessert. The debut included features which you recognize and love nowadays like pull-down notifications, sharing content across apps and multitasking between apps.”

Check out tweets wishing Android a Happy Birthday beneath.

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Sundar Pichai

Happy 10th birthday @Android! Many ways to all of our users, builders and companions round the sector! #HBDAndroid

1:50 AM – Oct 23, 2018
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It’s been 10 years and #Android continues getting higher with age. Take a walk down memory lane to see how a long way we’ve come: https://goo.Gl/daFzHv #HBDAndroid

four:06 AM – Oct 23, 2018
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· Oct 22, 2018
We’re pronouncing hi there to the huge 1-zero. From users to builders to companions, it’s been an extremely good decade. Tell us your favourite #Android reminiscence the use of #HBDAndroid.Image result for Google’s Android operating system is officially ten years old

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Carl Pei

Happy birthday, @Android!

4:15 PM – Oct 23, 2018
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Officially Android is now ten years antique, however as we referred to the software become around lots before, returned in 2003. Google officially acquired Android in 2005. While the confusion over Android’s birthday might preserve, there’s no doubt that it has come to dominate the phone global and additionally ensured that all and sundry can have enough money a telephone, no matter what the fee point.