Web Design Trends 2017 – An Obvious List


Yet any other weblog article to inform you what the net layout trends 2017 will be in 2017. I recognize that sounds insane, and you could feel like skipping; however, deliver me a minute. I’ll try and do my excellent to make this publication a bit unique. However, I have to point out what everybody else is saying (as it’s pretty an awful lot the equal factor). And regrettably, it’s now not modified a whole lot.

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Okay. So now all of the disclaimers are out of the manner. Let’s dive into our traits listing.


Quite virtually, motion holds an interest in a society that doesn’t have time to pay an awful lot of it. You’ll see greater parallax backgrounds and animation. This is frequently performed the usage of CSS3 programming. The word CSS3 has to turn out to be an advertising and marketing time period, much like the phrase responsive layout. Regardless of use, you can’t deny that motion sells and catches the eye. You oughtn’t to appear any further for the evidence than your Facebook app. Images, slideshows, and films fill the feed now.

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Large Type Fonts

Typography is part of the design too. Make sure you don’t forget this crucial design element. Typography is a great manner to spotlight content material. As an example, test a news website. When you study headings and the aspect rates, you can see how fonts can garner attention as much as an image.

Hero Images

Speaking of photos. Something else has been in trend for the closing 3 years but still makes a huge affect. That’s the Hero Image. What’s a hero photograph, you ask? Simply put, it’s just large image on your property web page. For a splendid example, test Element 502’s home page. Sure it’s a video, but on gadgets and net connections, which are a touch slower, a hero photograph appears.

Large Content Areas

These are areas on your website that let content material shine. What’s content material, you ask? Well, my buddy, the content material is the Images, Video, Colors, Fonts for your website. To place it every other way, it’s all the quiet things that make people like and engage together with your brand online. What is meant via large content areas? Typically called modular design, it creates a huge white area to spotlight the content material to attract attention. Take a glance under at the instance.

Brighter Colors & Bright Gradients

Like comedian-primarily based movies, humans like brighter shades, so let’s give it to them. Still, be conscious. It’s easy to get carried away with color, however, if used in the proper obstacles of your logo, it can be terrific. Element 502’s home web page has an instance of a multi-colored gradient, however, in our manufacturer’s spectrum.

Perhaps the business’s reputation precedes it, and so some customers and prospects are happy to overlook any failings of the website. But what about those that are not? How many times have customers been lost before the sales process even begins? Or when potential A-player candidates thought not to apply or even refused an interview after checking out the online presence?

For busy business owners, it can be easy to miss the signs. And that is where the employee voice is key.

Employees are totally tuned into the issues affecting clients and the business’s messages to present to the outside world. Employees’ impressions of the company’s marketing, including the website and social presence, is a vital indication of the state of health of the organization. It is time to listen.