Website Design Trends – Back to the Future


We all keep in mind the basic website designs that have been simply there for the function of telling a consumer easy statistics consisting of a corporation cellphone variety, cope with and what offerings they offer. Just test Google (below) in 1997 in comparison with 2017. The design may be very boxed, the text is plain Arial, additionally, the shadowing at the ‘Google’ makes it look very dated. These older websites genuinely didn’t have the modern awareness on UX (User Experience, the capability of the website online and how it works) and UI (User Interface, what the website looks as if aesthetically) that we value a lot now.

Website-Design.jpg (2347×1500)


Companies are realizing that the cheapest and most fundamental websites are without a doubt doing them a disservice. Just reflect consideration on it yourself, if you have been browsing online and visited a website that regarded find it irresistible hadn’t moved on or evolved from twenty years ago, might you stay on the site? The final factor you want is your customers to assume that your internet site is outdated and dull.


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We ought to talk about website design and styles all day, however, it’s all about knowing what works for you and your clients. First and important, any internet site in 2017 need to have a responsive layout. This way building now not handiest a prime website body, but also a responsive website online for the use of all gadgets which includes IPads and IPhones. Back in 2009 the upward push of cellular started out, a look at was performed in October 2016 to recognize how humans’ surfing conduct have shifted, it discovered that mobile and tablet accounted for fifty-one.Three% of net surfing, as opposed to the laptop’s 48.7%. Whatever updates you’re doing in your important website, it’s miles important to ensure you are updating it for responsive devices too, especially as mobile is turning into the new TV for millennials. Plus, this all feeds your natural SEO marketing campaign as Google now ranks cellular websites higher in internet searches.


Although we’ve got already come so far with website design trends in 2017, there may be nonetheless an extended way to move. Over the following yr, we are expected to peer a rise in lively websites. These are going to bring any other website fashion revolution, with interactive functions to make the revel in of an internet site much less approximately the capability and more about the laugh.

Animations can soften the arrival of your website and increase engagement, every animation you operate must be a good idea out and add a fee on your website. Just the best animation can increase your site. Even strategies such as open composition (where you’ve got animations that could fly in from off the display) are speedy taking over website design tendencies.


Something that we rarely used to see was proper pictures. People are bored of seeing the usual Adobe Stock Photos. As Google doesn’t rank them as high anymore, as it classes them as duplicates. So make your images authentic and humanize your enterprise along with your personal professional images.
If you underestimate using shade for your website then you’ll get nowhere in 2017. It’s all approximately deciding on the proper color to both represent your logo and clutch a customer’s attention.
The video, all of us recognize how crucial videos are for advertising and marketing in 2017, so make certain yours is embedded onto the homepage of your internet site and if you haven’t were given one, get one. Not handiest does this assist along with your Google ratings, but it creates visual engagement on your website to preserve your clients on there for longer.