MAC put up an unretouched photo of a model with lip hair, and people are very impressed


MAC COSMETICS IS embracing herbal beauty, one Instagram post at a time.

The splendor emblem is making waves inside the industry using retouched imagery across its socials to show off its products.

The photograph features the paintings of make-up artist Matthew King using certainly one of their well-known lip pencils in ‘Chestnut,’ lining the lips of a version that takes place to have some seen lip hair. No biggie.

Some Instagram users commented on such things as “What about the mustache on her mouth?” and “Couldn’t Photoshop her whiskers out?”

On the other hand, others had been vocal in assisting the brand pronouncing: “To the version: we like and guide you.” And “Love this photo, hold up the coolest work, really is fine!”

So, to sum up, simply if you’ve forgotten:

Pores are still a component, and also you’re allowed.
Hair remains a thing, and you’re allowed to have it.

If MAC can loosen up on Photoshop, perhaps it’s time for the general public to include the ways of a Facetune-less life.

Lip fluff FTW!

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Image result for MAC put up an unretouched photo of a model with lip hair, and people are very impressed

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