SuperSport backs VS Gaming’s e-soccer competition


In a bid to take local eSport to new stages, VS Gaming will host the largest e-soccer console event on African soil while over one thousand e-soccer lovers war it out for a prize pool of R1,5-million at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg from the 22nd to the 23rd of July, in an event themed the “VS Gaming Festival.” Best News Mag

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Together with partner brands SuperSport (who may be streaming all-tournament video games and broadcasting highlights), Xbox, and Metro FM, VS Gaming will, for the primary time, combine eSport with entertainment.

The top South African song acts and Casper Nyovest, Ricky Rick, DJ Fresh, and Euphonik perform at the event. Celebrities, inclusive of famous sports personalities who’re ardent game enthusiasts, will also participate in an e-soccer face-off at some point of the event.

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Team Kgsr

The event is open to all fanatics who sign up on the VS Gaming internet site www.Vsgaming.Co.Za to qualify for the one thousand available spots. Tournament participation is unfastened, and fashionable attendance is R100. Tickets are to be had at Computicket outlets, and the occasion is open to all participants of the circle of relatives.

One lucky attendee also stands to stroll away with a Mercedes-Benz Smart Car, courtesy of the car producer.

According to VS Gaming CEO Cambridge Mokanyane, e-football has been mainly decided on for this event to illustrate VS Gaming’s large goal of taking gaming out of ‘underground’ and into the mainstream.

“We are obsessed with mapping the African narrative for this thrilling enterprise, and it is our purpose to offer gamers of all degrees with professional structures to develop, analyze and attract worldwide exposure. The VS Gaming slogan is ‘dare to be higher, and that’s what we intend to do, yr on yr.”

“We purpose to demolish all preconceptions that gaming caters simplest to the area of interest demographics, to create a way of life of spectatorship so that it will at some point rival that of rugby, cricket, and soccer,” he delivered.

His view was echoed by way of Gideon Kobane, leader government of SuperSport, who stated: “eSport is the first definitely new recreation to be created in over a hundred years. Its boom has been out of the ordinary, and we at SuperSport need to be beforehand of the curve. There is already a thriving neighborhood gaming community, so we’re all in for the VS Gaming event.”

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