This Beauty Queen Turned DOJ Lawyer Could Mean Trouble for Trump


Finally, a legal professional that would even get President Donald Trump’s seal of approval! We all realize that The Donald is an aficionado of beauty contests. We additionally know that he loves winners. So he should be tickled at the prospect of having a bona fide beauty contest winner taking a key criminal function in the probe of his management’s alleged Russian ties.

This Beauty Queen Turned DOJ Lawyer Could Mean Trouble for Trump 1

And who’s this attorney cum beauty queen? Elizabeth Barchas Prelogar, Miss Idaho 2004! (Hat tip: Above the Law)
One teensy little trouble: She’s operating for the enemy—Robert Mueller, the fellow who Trump reportedly wants to fireplace.

As you would possibly assume from a member of Mueller’s elite crew, Prelogar has severe prison chops. An assistant to the solicitor trendy, she’s a Harvard Law School graduate. A former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan reviews Tony Mauro of The National Law Journal. To top it off, she speaks Russian—which has to are available for the probe.

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Too awful she’s not on Team Trump because she may be the president’s kind: Beauty, brains, the works. As Trump might say, “If she weren’t my opposing suggest, I’d be courting her.”

Trump appoints an “attorney” to go housing, but wherein’s the regulation degree? I’m not one of those individuals who think that a regulation diploma makes you smarter or more certified for a pinnacle administrative task. But if you’re going to flaunt your J.D., it might be satisfactory if you, without a doubt, possess the diploma.
Alas, Lynne Patton, who Trump simply appointed to move the Department of Housing and Urban Development for Region II (New York and New Jersey are covered), has neither the proper experience nor the purported regulation diploma she lists on LinkedIn.

So what is her qualification? Well, Patton appears very good at maintaining the Trump family satisfied. The New York Daily News reports: “She’s arranged tournaments at Trump golf courses, served because of the liaison to the Trump family in the course of his presidential marketing campaign, and even arranged Eric Trump’s wedding ceremony.”
As for her regulation degree, Patton claims she graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law. (As of this writing, she nonetheless lists a J.D. On her LinkedIn page). But when the Daily News contacted the school’s registrar, it grew to become out she best attended for two semesters. (Patton additionally lists Yale University as a credential, although she does not list a degree. Did she once go to it?)

Of direction, she’s getting grief that her simplest actual qualification for the task turned into being a top-notch wedding planner for Eric Trump. But, howdy, Ben Carson didn’t have any housing experience to move HUD except being a brain health practitioner. Arguably, the logistics of walking the largest local HUD office is more comparable to strolling a Trump wedding ceremony production than mind surgical operation.

The pinnacle 4 firms for regulation school recruiting. The summertime remains young, but I’m equipped to make an early prediction. The top corporations for the upcoming recruiting season might be:

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Kirkland & Ellis
Sullivan & Cromwell
Williams & Connolly

Why those four firms? Because they have been the ones that reportedly grew to become down Trump as a consumer to cope with his ongoing criminal woes.

Given the liberal leanings of most huge company lawyers, it’s a clever approach called the company that informed Trump to take a hike. In truth, I’d say these corporations are carrying it as a badge of honor. I’d cross so far as to say that they want the anti-Trump brand—not like Jones Day, which has crammed the management with its alums (Jones Day partner Don McGahn leads the White House Counsel’s Office) and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius whose tax partner Sheri Dillon were given skewered for taking the stage in saying that the administration had no enterprise conflicts.

Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff reviews that lawyers at the four firms cited diverse reasons for declining Trump (Brendan Sullivan of Williams & Connolly stated he turned into too busy), however one legal professional sums it up the nice: “The man received pay, and he ain’t pay attention.”
Not paying and now not listening are usually motives to diss any potential customer—particularly the now not paying component.