The Ministry of Utmost Fear:What An Idea General Sahib!


This concept that the citizen must not be afraid to voice his issues in a democracy is balderdash. I am all with General Sahib. I suggest you may not accept as true with it, but proper from the early life I even have continually lived in worry of these friendlies. The nineteen seventies in Calcutta become awesomely fearsome. The Army, the para-military, the police, you call it, and it was there.

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I actually have a small quibble here, General Sahib. Can we add the police into the friendly, however fearsome category? After all, they may also be the servants of the kingdom. And every day they strike worry – you need to have visible them the other day in Kolkata bashing up old guys, girls, or even children. These humans had the temerity to protest available within the streets! Imagine that!

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I suggest while the state is eminent domain and the army and the police are the countries, those human beings come out on the streets asking questions! The gumption, I say. You see, by adding the police within the pleasant, however fearsome category, we may be capable of creating a new ministry – the Ministry of Utmost Fear. I recognize the Army is underneath Defence and the police beneath Home. But that should all be within the beyond. This is the post-fact generation, and Home is wherein worry is. We ought to be upfront on these things quite soon. That is why I am writing this even after such a lot of days have exceeded after that dastardly chap, that Kashmiri Dar, become so magnanimously tied to the Army jeep to store lives.

This is why we don’t like liberals anymore in this USA. (Or for that count number almost everywhere now – throughout the globe.) When you clearly see how tying up a person saves lives, ammo, time, and everything that needs to be saved, the tying up officer must be congratulated. That changed into the nation’s Peace Moment – a Magsaysay at the least if now not a Noble nomination.

But no, that Peace Moment is vilified using those democracy walls. I inform you, General Sahib, of the problem with those Indians. They take the Constitution critically even despite everything these years of battering and leaving it in tatters. They are nevertheless analyzing critical stuff like political principles, rights, entitlements, and what now not. I imply, come on, there may be this whole lovely international of food, style, vacations, and incredible models. If they watch social media cautiously, these Liberals, Lefties, and Constitutionalists might see how Indians are dwelling in utmost happiness inside the era of extreme fear.

Facebook pages are complete with notices of people flying, eating at Pinnacle eating places, consuming steeply-priced wine, visiting luxurious automobiles, holidaying in Hawaii (Bangkok is passé), and making plans for their subsequent bash. That shows how advanced we’ve grown to be as a country. Just study our avenue accidents – whenever someone dies on the street, mark the auto – pricey Mercs, BMWs, SUVs – I mean if you have this level of improvement in motor delivery, you’re certain to have stupid people napping on footpaths run over.

The liberals aren’t getting it! Just now not getting it. That is why you need to have the Ministry of Fear. Not most effective in Kashmir or Manipur or a few such places. In the very heart of India – and boy is I glad that Madhya Pradesh has taken your advice so properly. I noticed this on the internet the alternative day – a police officer looking very fearsome telling his men to go out and beat the hell out of the farmers protesting approximately money owed or a few such idiotic things. Well, you would be glad to recognize that the police fired as properly. People died.

Of direction, that is precisely what you asked for; submit that Dar incident. Drop the stones select up weapons so that we can shoot you. That may be very honorable of you, General Sahib. Guns for guns, bullets for bullets. And considering they are now not firing, the Army is hamstrung. That is a severe constraint and but the MP police fired whilst the alternative side did now not. Would you like to have a word with them about how guns can be matched with weapons like stuff? But you must concede that firing into farmers sends the message of worry even better. After all, we’re trying to create this courageous new world. This put up-fact world wherein the Ministry of Utmost Fear would be the essential ministry looking after human beings’ happiness.

Happiness is fear; worry is happiness. I say what an idea General Sahib. People will need lengthy take into account you for this perfect system. Maybe we can all lobby to get you a Nobel in Peace. I mean, if Barak Obama can get one despite everything that US bombing, a notable concept like this merits the Nobel. Must place this petition online at Change.Org or someplace similar.

And then, simply to supplement the concern of the Army, we’ve got the fearsome television channels. Yes, clearly fearsome, great. You supply the hardware of worry; they supply the software of worry! Division of labor, that’s it.

A French chappie wrote this pretty a while lower back. Althusser by way of a name. (Anyway, overlook the call, forgetting records is post-fact.) He said there are these repressive apparatuses which of the path you already know so well and are solidly part of the nation but also the ideological state apparatuses. Now with friendly TV anchors who can shout down any dissent, it’s a first-rate tango.

You can shoot any dissent, and they could shout down any dissent. And human beings are lapping it up. The wonderful blend, two pillars of the brand new nation. You see, there at the moment are two forms of human beings defending our borders – those who are standing there and those who’re sitting in tv studios. And mind you that the latter is equally strenuous and patriotic. Just assume how hard a process it’s far – you’re 24×7 outshouting every person who dares to raise a voice. Atta boy, I say this is a sublime aggregate.

The other day some academics analyzed that Dar second as the overall Dyer moment. Chitty, chitty bang bang went our patriotic media threatening to tear intellectually apart the gentleman. This is precisely what a great state is all approximately. Don’t just permit any nonsense to be stated and get on with it. Drive inside the worry. Reap the advantages – eternal peace, top-notch dollops of tv soaps, and just improbable discounts on items. The humans must be allowed to shop for and buy and purchase.