Stafford County launches program to use home security cameras for investigations


STAFFORD, Va. – Residents in a Northern Virginia community have signed as much as registering their home protection cameras with police to help trap criminals.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office launched the brand new application referred to as SCOPE, which stands for Stafford County Operation Public Eye, which become modeled after a similar software in Indiana.

Stafford County’s application has already had fifty-five residents join up in much less than a month. The application offers law enforcement admission to privately owned surveillance digicam photos throughout crime incidents, which the sheriff’s workplace stated permits investigators to speedy perceive close-by cameras that could have captured criminals inside the act.

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One point of the subject for some residents became privacy. Still, the sheriff’s office noted that even supposing a home surveillance camera is registered, it does now not allow them to view the camera photos without permission.


“There are a few individuals who do have issues, but what I can inform you is No. 1, it’s a voluntary program,” First Sgt. Michelle Gibbons with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office explained. “No. 2, we don’t have got admission to on your digital camera systems, so it’s now not like we’re capable of remotely look at your digicam device to look what’s taking place. We’re no longer watching over you. You’re truly registering to mention, ‘Hey, I would like to accomplice with you. I have a digicam machine, and if a crime happens, please call me, and I’ll be inclined to check my very own camera machine and can help you recognize to see if we see something from there.’”

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The sheriff’s workplace reiterated this has to request permission whenever they want to peer footage to help with research, and residents have the right to accept or deny that request.

The District boasts a similar program, but unlike DC’s program, there’s no monetary incentive to participate in Stafford County’s program.

Thanks to superb development in archaeological studies, we’re gaining knowledge of greater approximately the role of African-Americans in our state’s records. Whereas soon as it was simplest recognized that many lived right here as slaves and subservient roles, we will research how African-Americans lived in colonial and Civil War instances and how their cultures are remembered and felt today. Stafford County, simply 25 miles from the nation’s capital in Northern Virginia, changed into a witness to a whole lot of the nation’s history. Today, all people inquisitive about African-American history may visit some of the region landmarks.

Chatham Manor

This beautifully restored Georgian mansion, located close to Fredericksburg, may additionally be one of the most crucial houses in Virginia history – Chatham is believed to be the handiest non-public house visited with the aid of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Erected in the 18th century using wealthy landowner William Fitzhugh, the everyday operations of the house and plantation were visible to upwards of 100 slaves. Today, visitors to Chatham may additionally research more approximately life at the plantation thru preserved slave quarters and memories of rebellion and rebellion. By the time of the Civil War, Chatham changed into transformed into Union headquarters, usher

Image result for Stafford County launches program to use home security cameras for investigationsng in a new generation for Virginia’s African Americans.

Moncure Conway House

While Virginia pledged loyalty to the Confederacy during the Civil War, not all and sundry who lived within the state-supported slavery, Moncure Conway was possibly one of the maximum vocal abolitionists of his time, and his Virginia home remains a testament to his beliefs. Visitors to Conway’s home will study the proprietor’s heroic efforts to unfastened his own family’s slaves and his resulting disownment. Today, Conway’s home is nominated to be linked to the famous Underground Railroad.

The Rowser Building

The early 20th-century noticed segregation in the South. Separate homes for separate hues. In Stafford, African-American children attended Rowser, an all-black school mounted within the overdue thirties. While the structure these days not resembles the small school of a protracted-long past technology, the Rowser Building remains a landmark and a reminder that things can change for the higher.

In Stafford County, American records live on inside the landmarks, museums, and historic homes. Anyone planning a experience in Washington, DC could benefit from an aspect trip to this part of Northern Virginia. The Stafford County Department of Economic Development