Home security camera captures drive-by shooting


KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) At least one Killeen resident is fed up with violent crime, and they say a lot of her pals are, too.

A surveillance image indicates the auto from which the shots were fired. (Courtesy photo)
Shortly after 10 p.M. On Aug. 28, residents of the 2900 block of Cinco Drive in Killeen mentioned gunfire.

Sylvia Carreon’s security digital camera recorded the shooting.

She has lived in Cinco Drive for two decades and says every yr the violence has elevated.

“It doesn’t count the number where you are going to move. You are nonetheless going to get it. It is everywhere,” Carreon stated.

No one changed into hurt. However, the revel in became scary.

“It scared us because it has in no way took place this close to us. It has usually occurred on different streets. But it has been taking place loads greater currently.”

Carreon straight away called the police and said no longer plenty turned into achieved.

“All they did is the force around,” she said.

She says that as a number of her acquaintances have set up security cameras, others are taking the greater drastic degree.

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“They are shifting, especially after this last capturing; they are moving.”

According to a community crime map, since the beginning of 2018, police have mentioned 5 pressure-by shootings in Carreon’s neighborhood, a number of the dozens reported citywide.

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