Home Security Is the Least of a Burglar’s Worries


If you happen to be someone who makes a living by burglarizing houses, listen up. These days, more people than ever before protect their homes with security systems. Yet, the home security system is the least of your worries. Some of your victims may be armed.

Home Security

An alleged burglar in Beaumont, California, recently learned that lesson. Unfortunately, it was learned too late. She was shot to death by a homeowner after making a forcible entry. The situation is tragic all the way around. It could have been prevented simply by not burglarizing the home.

An Early Morning Burglary

According to news reports, the homeowner called 911 to report someone forcibly trying to enter his home at about 5:30 in the morning. At some point thereafter, he fired multiple shots in self-defense. Police arrived on the scene, detained the homeowner, and then proceeded to investigate. They found the body of the 27-year-old burglar in the home.

At the time this post was written, the incident was still under investigation. It is not clear whether or not the homeowner will be charged. But if the investigation reveals forced entry and self-defense, he likely will not be. As for the burglar, her life is over.

Defending Life and Property

For this post, we will assume that the incident played out exactly as preliminary reports suggest. That being the case, the homeowner had the legal right to defend life and property. The right is fundamental to U.S. law and one codified in the Constitution.

People should not have to live in fear in their own homes. They have the right to protection and self-defense. However, people choose to protect themselves in different ways. While many homeowners are armed, countless others are not. Either way, a home security system monitored 24 hours a day constitutes a wise investment.

According to Vivint, a good home security system for deterring burglary and home invasion includes:

  • video surveillance cameras
  • door and window sensors
  • broken glass sensors
  • smart door locks
  • remote monitoring 24/7.

The monitoring aspect is key. Remote monitoring guarantees a house is being monitored at all times. Whether homeowners are home or not, remote monitoring personnel are on the alert for any possible event. Authorities can be notified much more quickly if something does happen.

Slowing Burglars Down

Vivint makes it clear that no home security system will make a house completely burglar proof. A burglar intent on getting in will find a way. The value of home security is slowing burglars down. If making entry requires too much time and effort, burglars are more likely to choose a softer target.

Home security systems deter burglars by making their lives more difficult and simultaneously increasing the chances of being caught. Why take any unnecessary chances? If a burglar can find another home that isn’t protected with a security system, the chances of getting in and out undetected are better.

If You Arm Yourself

As a homeowner, you have a constitutional right to arm yourself. Should you decide to exercise that right, be sure you are following state law. States govern who can purchase firearms, whether or not they have to be registered, how they can be used, and so forth.

As for America’s burglars, take notice. The home security system may be the least of your worries. If you are foolish enough to break into someone’s home, be prepared to confront a terrified homeowner who happens to be armed. Such a confrontation could be the last burglary job you ever pull off.

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