Justin Bieber’s India excursion itinerary is luxury travel at its fine!


If you want luxury travel and think you’ve got to see what a lavish ride looks like, think again? Justin Bieber’s India visit is all set to make you sense like a price range tourist at fine. The Canadian pop singer, a worldwide sensation, will be performing his maiden show in India on May 10. However, he arrives multiple days before his scheduled overall performance at the D.Y.Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai. This will give him some time to tour the city of Mumbai. With none other than the lovely Jacqueline Fernandez gambling manual, Bieber is certain to have the time of his existence in Mumbai.

Justin Bieber’s India excursion itinerary is luxury travel at its fine! 1

Part of his Purpose World tour to have a good time, the fulfillment of his album ‘Purpose,’ Bieber’s India goes to has garnered the attention of Bieber fanatics (known as Beliebers) all around the globe. A currently leaked listing of needs through Bieber for India goes to noted a Jacuzzi hooked up for him to unwind before he is going on stage, and an ‘Indian yoga casket’ crammed full of important oils and books on chakras to be left in his resort suite. To make certain a lavish life for Bieber and his group, two whole lodges had been reserved with Bieber’s non-public 1,000 so. Ft suite being redesigned to his taste – suppose antique fixtures, Mogul art pieces, and pink carnations to enliven the room. And that’s just his stay! Justin Bieber’s experience itinerary, too, is pretty extravagant! Here is what Justin Bieber’s India visit itinerary more or less looks as if:

Day 1

Justin Bieber could be handled to a few lip-smacking Indian cuisines on his first day as it’s far an acknowledged reality that he loves actual Indian food. He may be served via royal butlers from Rajasthan in conventional golden and silver plates to have Bieber’s and his entourage contributors’ names engraved on them inside the Devanagiri script. To add to the traditional environment, flutists and sarangi players will play soothing music at some stage during dining hours.

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Day 2 can be Justin Bieber’s day to be a vacationer in Mumbai. Giving him a flavor of all things desi can be Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez. He can be visiting a number of the metropolis’s predominant landmarks like Gateway of India, Kala Ghoda, and Mahatma Gandhi’s dwelling house inside the metropolis – Mani Bhavan. Keeping in mind that Bieber loves massages, he’ll then be treated to a pampering, luxurious Ayurvedic spa consultation. A go-to for an underprivileged home may also be on the playing cards. This may be observed using a party thrown through the main industrialist and an actor (no names discovered yet) to welcome Bieber to India and give him a flavor of Indian hospitality.

This is the day of Justin Bieber’s maiden overall performance in India. The Canadian pop big name will make hundreds of fans groove as he performs at the D.Y.Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai.The mega concert is accompanied by a private yacht birthday celebration with a few live karaoke singing. CHECK OUT Here’s why Chris Martin chose Delhi’s Summer House Cafe for his Marvel gig

Following his performance in Mumbai, Justin Bieber can pay a go to New Delhi and Jaipur and visit a maximum of the historical monuments in these cities. And then, like each important superstar or overseas traveler who has ever visited India, Justin Bieber will pay a visit to the stunning Taj Mahal to witness its grandeur.