Sony Xperia XA Ultra is getting updated to Android Nougat


The latest phone to be at the receiving end of an update to Android Nougat is Sony’s Xperia XA Ultra from the last yr. The handset released in July with Android 6.Zero.1 Marshmallow, and now the time has eventually come for it to get a taste of closing yr’s Android release.

Xperia-XA.jpg (1500×1000)

At the instant, handiest variations of the XA Ultra were fortunate enough to acquire the replace, particularly the ones bearing the version numbers F3211 and F3212. That said, we assume the over-the-air rollout to make its way to all of the exceptional XA Ultra versions in due route.

After making use of the replace (once your phone notifies you that it is available), you will be on construct variety 36.1.A.Zero.179. This need to be the identical for all XA Ultra versions.


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Sony India has launched the brand new WS623 Walkman headphone with Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Rs eight,990. It can be to be had from 15 June 2017 at all Sony Centres and electronic shops throughout India.

Apart from the Bluetooth Wireless Technology, its has an alternative of streaming song thru Near-field Communication (NFC), or via statistics saved in 4GB microSD card. WS623 has built in Mic that will help you make or acquire calls.

The company claims it has a battery lifestyles of 12-hour battery existence with the device. It phrases of design it appears robust headphone and weighs around 32grams. It has an IP65/sixty eight certification which makes it water and dirt evidence. As in keeping with the release, you will swim with it underwater to a depth of two meters with as much as a half-hour of submerged time, and it is able to be taken to seashores and sand dunes with none fear. It has been optimised for sound tiers for underwater listening and might endure severe temperatures ranging from 5°C to forty-five°C.

Pull your gaze from Nintendo’s bedazzling Switch for a moment and don’t forget Sony’s now giant PlayStation four. Console income has in fashionable outperformed the most buoyant analyst and pundit prognostications. Not merely due to Nintendo’s in a single day dark horse, or its scarce as chook’s enamel NES Classic. Sony’s PlayStation four is having some belt-notching moments of its very own.

Sony now says its flagship games platform has bought-through—meaning to consumers and now not just stores—near 60 million devices global when you consider that its launch in November 2013. That, in step with Sony worldwide game improvement boss Shawn Layden, is the fastest tempo set by way of any PlayStation, life-to-date, along with the best-ever industry report holder PlayStation 2.

“As you will recall, the ultimate year we accomplished the daredevil stunt of launching 3 new portions of hardware in 60 days. Probably may not do this once more,” quips Layden throughout a sit down down with TIME. He’s speaking about the $399 PlayStation four Pro (a souped up PlayStation four that outputs way snazzier snap shots), PlayStation VR (a $399 virtual truth headset that couples with the PlayStation 4 for wraparound alt-truth reviews) and a slimmer, sleeker $299 version of the baseline PlayStation 4. All three arrived closing fall, and Sony says sales had been booming.
PlayStation VR now boasts more than 1,000,000 units bought international, up from about 900,000 in February 2017. According to Sony, it is been sold out from day one. “We do not see it as a fad, it is a brand new medium, no longer most effective for gaming enjoyment, but non-gaming leisure,” says Layden. And of every 5 PlayStation 4s Sony sells, Layden says one is a PlayStation 4 Pro, a laudable success given its $100 fee top class, enthusiast goal demographic and the nascency of the 4K tv market (in which it’s actual allure lies).

“It is manner beforehand of our expectations,” provides Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan. “As with PSVR, and I think in forecasting this stuff we have not carried out an excellent process, the product is in desperately quick supply. So it’s one-in-5 under extreme constraint.”

“All of the rumors of the demise of the console are very a great deal untimely,” says Layden. “In truth in case you’re watching [sales tracker] NPD for PS4 and Xbox One income, you positioned the ones together and console gaming has never been as massive and vibrant as it’s miles right now. And this is just right here within the States.” Zip across the pond and the tale tilts similarly in Sony’s choose. “It’s been eye-catching that during North America, we have been 2-to-1 against Xbox,” says Ryan. “But in Europe, it’s truly been citadel PlayStation by means of at least 3-to-1 in unit sales.”

“It’s additionally the breadth of the kind of games,” he continues. “And once you get up in the heady heights of a hundred million gadgets, you speak of a special target market altogether, in which having this range of stuff like Detroit: Become Human and FIFA and Call of Duty and Star Wars, it makes the process an entire lot easier.”