Google celebrates Android’s 10th birthday with a look back at its history


Android grew to become 10 this year, and to commemorate the occasion, Google delivered out its own family album to expose pics of its little robot-baby developing up. You can study the full put-up over at the reliable Google Blog.

There are exciting tidbits and reminders of the way long way we’ve come. Android 1.Zero didn’t even aid on-display screen keyboards! 1. Five Cupcakes enabled the ones and good factor too because hardware keyboards died off quickly.

You may even trace the evolution of Google Assistant. Starting with the Quick Search Box in 1.6 Donut, Voice Actions in 2.2 Froyo, Google Now in 4.1 Jelly Bean, “OK Google” in four.4 KitKat and Now on Tap in 6.Zero Marshmallow.

Again, check the Google Blog for the entire story; right here’s a brief slideshow for the extra impatient.Image result for Google celebrates Android's 10th birthday with a look back at its history

The international’s maximum popular search engine turns 15 years old these days. Started in 1998 by Stanford PhD college students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has grown to be the leader in search, owning extra than 70 percent of the worldwide desktop seek market share.

To have a good time, its fifteenth birthday, today’s Google emblem is an interactive piñata sport. By clicking the arrow on the birthday cake in the center of the logo, customers are instructed to hit their space bar to start the game. With 10 swipes at a star-shaped piñata, players acquire points based on the wide variety of chocolates they could make drop whilst a song plays inside the heritage.

At the close of the game, gamers are given their overall rating together with three icons: a Google+, seek, and replay set off.Image result for Google celebrates Android's 10th birthday with a look back at its history

It took me four attempts to break a hundred factors. However, my colleague Ginny Marvin earned one hundred thirty-five factors gambling on her iPhone. (She did admit she performed six instances earlier than reaching her high rating.)

According to Ginny, Google did not comply with its own advice and optimized its birthday pinata recreation for the cell. “It’s now not optimized for Safari cellular on the iPhone five. The right side of the game is cut off in a panorama view,” said told me, “Also, at some stage in the sport, I couldn’t see the closing letter ‘I’m inside the Google logo, and I can’t do anything, however, hit the quest button after the sport ends.” I turned into the complete recreation display screen on my Android, but the most effective activates I obtained were the replay and sought button.


In addition to a 1998 flashback Easter egg in honor of its 15th birthday, yesterday Google revealed their new “Hummingbird” search set of rules at some point of an employer birthday occasion hosted in the very garage in which Google started.