Dragon Quest 11 beginner’s guide


Dragon Quest eleven: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a turn-based totally Japanese role-playing game thru and via, which means it’s got loads of conventions and mechanics commonplace to the style. It’s a mixture of grand scales and micromanagement (in an excellent manner) that is simply an entire lot to juggle all of a sudden.

As our first tip below says, Dragon Quest 11 is a gradual burn, so you’re going to have plenty (loads) of time to get relaxed with its ideas. With this kind of long game, although, it can be warfare to don’t forget the entirety that’s taking place and the whole thing you could do. This manual is right here that will help you. Our 11 guidelines will assist you in locating your manner via the sprawling international of Andrea and through the various mechanics of Dragon Quest eleven.


The events of Dragon Quest eleven unfold slowly. When you add in exploration and a few too many monster fights, you play for hours earlier than you even upload your first party member (and close to 10 before uploading a third member).

You don’t ought to play like us, leaping every monster you see and trying to find each nook and cranny to be had, but even looking to mainline the story is still a protracted technique. Don’t fight that, and don’t rush the revel in too much. Settle in and enjoy the game at its personal tempo.

Exploration is REWARDED

Since the game is a gradual burn, there’s no rush, so you can poke around every of Andrea’s regions that you get to explore. You’ll nearly constantly locate sparkly spots in each region (more on these under). However, there’s commonly greater to discover.

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You’ll regularly discover chests in tough to attain or out-of-the-way locations. Square Enix
Most areas are, to oversimplify it, a hallway — you’re there to get from Point A to Point B. But there are diverging paths and useless ends. These will commonly lead you to a treasure chest with a treasured goodie internal—similarly, appearance behind matters. There’s normally a treasure chest behind the main building in a place — this is probably the best constructing within the wilds or the neighborhood leader’s house in a metropolis.

It’s a lot of paintings to explore each twist and turn, but the belongings you pick out up are going that will help you for your journey.


The monsters of Dragon Quest eleven respawn with no end in sight and means you’ll never run out of baddies to grind for XP and the occasional object. There’s a time and a place for that, though.

Monsters to combat or avoid inside the overworld. Square Enix
The monsters that populate each vicinity are suitable for your level when you get there. It won’t take plenty of work to outpace that problem, though, and which means fighting every monster you come across quickly turns into unworthy of some time.

You can see the monsters as you traverse the overworld, and you may always outrun them so that you’re on top of things of getting into fights. Since you can avoid them if you need, you could select whilst and what monsters to fight. If you’ve already leveled anybody up in this region (or get even the maximum of the manner to their next level), you could begin skipping fights. That will maintain you progressing via the story, in place of onerous yourself on each place.


Dragon Quest eleven is a flip-based, totally function-gambling recreation. That means that whenever a fight begins — both because of a cutscene in the essential story or by way of just bumping right into a monster in the overworld — gameplay switches to a small arena. Once there, your team of heroes and the awful men you’re preventing take turns swinging at every other till one facet is victorious.

When you’re handling 4 team participants, the flip-based fight mechanic way that even the handiest combat can turn out to be a prolonged (or time-ingesting) endeavor. Navigating menus to choose “punch” time and again likely isn’t the great use of your time (or all that exciting). Luckily, the sport lets you manipulate each party member’s Tactics.

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Setting up strategies for the party. Square Enix
Tactics permit deciding how your birthday celebration as an entire or every man or woman party member behaves at some point of combat. You can select to determine every action every member takes, or you can set them all to fight automatically (with alternatives to fine-song what movements they prioritize). This lets you fight the manner that works for you.

If you need to choose each movement, each birthday party member takes, you can. If you need to set it to combat completely palms-off, that’s also a choice if you need only to manipulate your heavy-hitters and set a person else to automatically forged the best recovery spells; that works, too.

The Fight Wisely tactic is a great way to begin playing. This is the fingers-off method. Your party will tackle their enemies with a balanced combo of magic, skills, and attacks. In truth, we used Fight Wisely for nearly the complete game — including boss battles — and it worked as well as (and usually better than). At the same time, we took manipulate over our birthday celebration’s movements.


Your map does some matter to help you out. There’s helpful textual content in the upper proper to come up with some short steerage about wherein to go subsequent as you continue your quest to keep the world. And you’re capable of seeing the adjoining regions as you discern out where you’re going.