10 Tips For The Future Of Marketing From Cannes


Summer is officially in the back of us this week, and the Cannes Lions seems a far-off reminiscence. Despite paid attendance being down, this yr’s Lions nevertheless attracted the exquisite and coolest of the enterprise. Few appreciate trade and there was a good deal debate over how the Festival became exclusive this 12 months. It’s just that the composition of the splendid and the coolest is shifting with an inflow from media, tech, and consulting firms. Regardless, the Festival left a lasting impression in phrases of recent directions for the destiny of advertising which may be summed up in the following series of 10 academic pointers.

1. Elevate the communique

“For the fourth time in human history, we are going through a huge digital disruption as a way to change our international forever. It will alternate how we think; it’ll exchange how we examine; it’ll trade how we interact. CMOS has a new seat on the table; we want to step up, take it and use the records that we have to help our commercial enterprise pressure forward.” – Diana O’Brien, CMO of Deloitte, talking on the Cannes Lions School.

Diana O’Brien, CMO of Deloitte, speaks at the Cannes Lions SchoolGETTY IMAGES.

2. Seriously, remember the function of cause to your business

“The most effective way that you’re able to navigate all the social, financial and cultural issues that we are dealing with these days, whether it is in the U.K., the U.S., Or China, is by having an evident and properly-articulated experience of motive that drives what you do from a product perspective, what you do from a cultural perspective, and that importantly the problems that you get involved with. Your employees require that you have that clarity, and now your customers require which you have that readability. What do you stand for, and what are the troubles which can be vital to you? And those issues which can be essential to you, if they can converge with the issues which might be critical to them, some of our largest customers, then it is sincerely superb for the enterprise.” – Antonio Lucio as CMO of HP, who has since been appointed CMO of Facebook.

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Antonio Lucio, lately-appointed CMO of FacebookGETTY Images

3. Think like a startup

“Act like a startup. Big manufacturers in today’s international are challenged in lots of instances for an increase. How will we rediscover that entrepreneurial spirit, that founder’s mentality, that proximity to the consumer and the purchaser, and then move at pace, and be a lot bolder than perhaps at times huge brands maybe?” – Andrew Clarke as chief advertising and marketing and customer officer of Mars at The Economist’s #WakeUp Cannes collection; now worldwide president of Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

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Andrew Clarke, leader advertising and marketing and consumer officer, Mars Inc. – now president of Mars Wrigley Confectionery on The Economist’s #WakeUp seriesMARYLEE Sachs

4. Hire for variety in wondering

“Get rid of the reputation quo…to most effective lease creatives thru portfolios. Hire creatives thru tune, writing, poetry, images, level, theater; find creatives in exceptional stores, after which educate them a way to take their creativity and use it in advertising.…and via the manner, the type of advertising in books [portfolios] is the type of the fame quo sort of advertising. The interesting aspect is that the sector is changing, and what defines creativity for brands and helping for commercial enterprise is very one-of-a-kind….” – Susan Credle, international leader creative officer of FCB.

5. Change the game

On desires, “Fifty percent of our sales in 2020 will come from matters we didn’t do in 2010; 25% of recent hires will come from outdoor the industry.” – Karen Kaplan, chairman, and CEO, Hill Holiday, inside the Asking Out Loud podcast series with The New School.

Karan Kaplan (left), chairman and CEO of Hill Holliday, at Cannes Lions MeetUp event with women in creative industriesGETTY IMAGES

6. Hurry up

“We may think that matters are manner out there and we don’t want to observe them yet or we simply want to discover them gently, and the truth is we should jump on the ‘Next Now.’ That is essential due to the fact what we’re finding in many industries is that we’re without problems being disrupted due to the fact we know matters are taking place. However, we’re not leaping on them quickly enough.” – Alison Lewis, customer CMO, Johnson & Johnson, talking at The Economist’s #WakeUp Cannes Series.

Alison Lewis, CMO of Johnson & Johnson Consumer, in The Economist’s #WakeUp seriesMARYLEE SACHS

7. Prepare for global get entry to

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“We’re in the moment of going from a minority of the people on this planet is related to most of the people [being connected], and when you have got admission to all the global’s data and computing energy and other humans and thoughts, it’s transformational for people….We can construct higher tools that allow all people…to give the poorer humans the equal offerings we will give the richest people. That’s transformational.” – Matt Brittin, president, EMEA commercial enterprise and operations, Google.

From left: Mark Read, WPP; Meredith Kopit Levien, The New York Times; Matt Brittin, Google; and Marc Speichert, GSK Consumer HealthcareGETTY Images

“I think we’re at the cusp of a definitely thrilling generation that brings with it splendid responsibility….We’re going to have a depth of dating with customers, not like some other time in records. And that is relatively interesting. When I reflect on consideration on 5G, which is simply across the nook, in the United States by myself, we agree that it’ll stimulate approximately $500 billion really worth of financial growth. And that, an element, is due to the potential to understand our clients in a much deeper manner than before and offer them with transferring from a deeply non-public experience to intuitive or maybe predictive experiences. But it would help if you began with the reality that we ought to earn our customers’ consideration every single day.” – Nick Drake, EVP of marketing and revel in T-Mobile, speaks at The Economist’s #WakeUp Cannes collection.

Nick Drake (left), chief advertising and marketing and purchaser officer of T-Mobile, with Andrew Palmer, commercial enterprise affairs editor of The Economist, on The Economist’s #WakeUp seriesMARYLEE SACHS