Breaking down Overwatch World Cup Team USA


The 2017 Overwatch World Cup rosters are beginning to trickle in, and the US introduced its roster at E3 remaining week. The United States will play its matches in Burbank, California, against Chinese Taipei, Brazil, and New Zealand.

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Upon first glance, the choice committee for us group selected gamers pleasant appropriate to execute the present-day dive comp meta: one tank, 3 DPS players, and helps. The opportunity is jogging 2/2/2: tanks, supports, and two DPS gamers.

Here is a look at the U.S. Roster and a few brief stats on why everyone could have been decided on.

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Russell “FCTFCTN” Campbell: Tank for FaZe Clan

Russell “FCTFCTN” (Fact Fiction) Campbell has been with FaZe Clan on August 2016 as one of its tanks, especially on Reinhardt with a piece of Winston.

FaZe Clan finished second at MLG Vegas 2016 ultimate December, dropping to EnVyUs. Throughout the tournament, FCTFCTN turned into considered one of two tanks to finish with a K:D ratio of one.0 or better on Reinhardt, alongside compLexity gaming’s Jaw. Jaw played nearly two hours fewer on Reinhardt than FCTFCTN.

FaZe Clan has run either a triple tank comp or a 2/2/2 sixty-five percent of its fits in the course of the past six months on official occasions.

Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty: Support for FaZe Clan

In that equal match alongside FCTFCTN, Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty played the most Ana at MLG Vegas 2016, a character he has performed 70 percent of the time within the beyond six months in authentic tournaments. Rawkus played a solid Ana at MLG Vegas, complete with the second one-first-rate deaths in keeping with 10 mins at three. Seventy-eight, simply at the back of Champion EnVyUs’ chips haj en at three.66.

One issue that can be a difficulty with Rawkus is how he makes use of his nano-boost. No participant took more time to get and use his nano-raise than Rawkus, who took a median of 37.Four seconds.

Adam “Adam” Eckel changed into the 2016 Overwatch World Cup USA squad closing October, so he brings revel in on the huge stage. Team USA changed into eliminated inside the quarterfinals via eventual champions South Korea.

Adam will be critical if Team USA decides to trip the dive comp meta currently famous in Overwatch, as he mains Lucio. In Cloud9’s latest predominant event, Overwatch TakeOver 2, Adam became on Lucio for nearly six hours of game time, 0.33 longest inside the event for an unmarried hero.

Matt “coolmatt69” Iorio is present without a crew. However, he turned into the most currently playing flex for Fnatic. In the 8 tournaments, Winstonslab.Com has records for coolmatt69; he has performed on six specific characters for at least 10 minutes. Four tanks and two assault characters.

The flexibility coolmatt69 gives the USA to use the dive comp meta possibly. He has experience gambling Soldier and Tracer, each who’ve been seen inside the dive comp, further to Winston and D.Va. If the USA decides to head 2/2/2 or maybe a triple tank, coolmatt69 generally plays Zarya, imparting solid mixture capability.

Jay “Sinatra” Won: DPS for Selfless Gaming

Jay “Sinatra” Won provides comparable flexibility that coolmatt69 brings to the table. Sinatra is commonly a DPS participant, commonly on Tracer.

What Sinatra excels at is pumping his closing. In Selfless Gaming’s closing event win, Overwatch Rumble: May, Sinatra played just over an hour on Tracer and 52 mins on Zarya inside the playoff stage. Among non-D.Va players, Sinatra averaged the most ults in step with 10 mins within the match (min. 10 MP).

Jake “JAKE” Lyon will probably be Team USA’s second DPS participant alongside Sinatra. JAKE will commonly run Soldier 76 or Genji, his two maximum-played heroes in Luminosity Gaming’s final tournament win at Cyberpower EGS remaining May.

JAKE was on Soldier 76 for an hour and fifty-six minutes of recreation time; the fourth maximum performed Soldier within the event. However, amongst players to play a selected hero for at least an hour, JAKE’s Soldier 76 had the second one-highest first kill percent.

In addition, JAKE’s Soldier seventy-six had the fourth first-class K:D ratio amongst heroes with a minimum an hour played, behind teaches Roadhog, Hydration’s Pharaoh, and Xepher’s D.Va.

The 2017 Overwatch World Cup will start group ranges on July 14, culminating in the knockout rounds taking Nov, 3 and four.