Agutayan Island: Hidden splendor of Misamis Oriental


THIS small crescent-shaped island inside the province of Misamis Oriental is taking the highlight as one of Mindanao’s subsequent massive tourism enchantments. The Agutayan Island in the Municipality of Japan, with its breathtaking coral reef and exceptional nice white sand, is a magnet for each local and overseas traveler who’s fishing for sparkling adventures within the Philippines.

Agutayan Island: Hidden splendor of Misamis Oriental 1

The Agutayan Island changed into chosen as one of the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 applicants of their Mindanao provincial excursion. The citizens of Agutayan warmly welcomed the 15 candidates last June 20 to discover and enjoy the beauty of the Agutayan White Island and the coral reef.

The Agutayan white island is placed approximately half-hour off the coast of mainland Japan. It is a bare, uninhabited, and noticeably preserved 3-hectare patch of sand in the middle of Misamis Oriental’s wealthy blue sea. Over the years, there were sightings of uncommon animal species inside the region, including the eagle ray, the surgeonfish, and the whale shark. This, consistent with one of the locals, is a good signal that the Agutayan reef remains a wholesome and untouched marine habitat that maintains to grow over the years. Everything about the island speaks of natural splendor and wildlife.

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The local authorities of Japan and the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental were giving out efforts to maintain the marine sanctuary while taking profit from its large tourism capacity. A wide variety of amusing sports may be performed upon arriving within Agutayan Island. Tourists can snorkel or dive into the rich waters to view the marine reefs across the island. Even the island’s sands are being preserved because, in step with a look at performed by using Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, those are composed ordinarily of quality corals immediately from the encircling waters.

For best P1,000, tourists can rent a pump boat that can take approximately 5 to six people to the island. They can also stroll on some of the shallow waters to observe the numerous starfish. The island also can be an awesome picnic spot for families or pals.

The visit of the 15 lovely applicants for the Miss Philippines Earth is a far-awaited boost for the neighborhood tourism of Agutayan. Esmeralda Cabin, one of the locals who personal some of the boats that can be used to visit the island, said that they experience that their efforts to preserve the location and assist the nearby tourism are now being observed. “In all of the years that I had been operating here, there has been no visit like this here. We sense so famously and cherished by using the government, and I think that more and more tourists will go to our place as soon as the applicant’s percentage their Agutayan revel into others,” Cain said.

The Miss Philippines Earth girls loved their Agutayan revel in, with a few even promising to come returned for greater after the pageant. Others named it as one of the most stunning adventures they have got had in all their years. “I did not expect that Misamis Oriental would be this lovely. It is surely captivating. When I come home, one of the biggest things that I will bring for my own family is memories of my reminiscences right here in the Agutayan sand bar,” stated Miss Puerto Princesa Sandrine Steelhead. “With all the news of the Mindanao martial regulation in TV and social media, I assume that there is a need for us to spotlight these beautiful places in Misamis Oriental and such a lot of locations right here in Mindanao because they want that, we need that,” introduced Shaina Louise Kim of Lucena City. The effort of the neighborhood authorities and community to attend to the marine sanctuary changed into additionally lauded with the aid of the journeying beauties.

“The vicinity is so easy and pure that it’s miles touching that the locals surely poured a lot effort to maintain it at the same time as making it one of the local tourism sights right here,” stated Kim de Guzman of Olongapo metropolis.