Tanisha Colquhoun’s bilingual push


Born and raised in Kingston, Colquhoun attended Immaculate Conception High School, where she first fell in love with Spanish.

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She tells All Woman that it become throughout lessons with contemporary vice-principal Aba Polson that she advanced the discipline to study the language and respect it, even though she in no way thought it’d be instrumental in her destiny profession.

Colquhoun’s turning factor got here in her freshman year in university when she made a journey to Costa Rica even as pursuing a diploma in Spanish and pre-law. For the first time, she experienced Spanish as now not just a course in a textbook, however, the method through which she communicated with human beings daily.

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From there on, Colquhoun started out reaping the blessings of her 2nd language and realized the real price of having a second language as a talent.

“My first jobs in corporate America, wherein I spent a total of 10 years, both required fluency in Spanish. Studies continually display that getting to know a 2d language improves one’s cognitive capabilities. Studies also display that there is expanded brain pastime amongst bilinguals and multilingual compared to monolinguals,” she stated.

“Outside of those noteworthy advantages of studying a second language, [one must consider] the impact of the 2nd language on trade. Today’s economic system is an increasing number globalized. The workforce is becoming increasingly more varied, and we must speak across international locations, cultures, and languages to interact in trade. English dominance isn’t guaranteed anymore. If we are to compete in this increasingly more globalized financial system, we should adopt language skills other than English,” she defined.

And so, due to the projections and her choice to equip mother and father and students from around the arena of their quest to be fluent in Spanish, Colquhoun, also a Spanish author, alongside her husband Leroy, founded Happy and Bilingual, a Texas-based organization with a web Spanish program designed for students and dad and mom.

“My capability to speak Spanish paved the way for our company, establishing its doors to students, in addition to authoring my first e-book, ¿Dónde está mi Hermana? Which held the pinnacle spot on the bestsellers listing on Amazon for books inside the Educative Theory class. My second e-book, Verano en La Playa, is currently on Amazon for preorder and will be launched on June 26. The potential to speak a 2nd language served as an idea for forming the Happy and Bilingual Foundation. Language education has a worldwide element to it, and so are the outreaches of our basis,” she stated.

She delivered: “Some of the scholars enrolled in the program additionally are living in Jamaica. From the consolation of their own home, dad and mom are capable of having their children get one-on-one, face-to-face training in Spanish thru a digital and stay school room session with a teacher. All preliminary classes are loose so that students and parents can experience its fee before choosing to enroll in our programs.”

Further, Colquhoun’s employer is now offering an after-school Spanish immersion program this fall administered in Spanish by using a local Spanish audio system, allowing mother and father to immerse their children in Spanish every nighttime to maximize their time spent mastering the language within the afternoon hours.

She is also the director and founder of the Happy and Bilingual Foundation. Project Kase raised funds to donate 200 backpacks and faculty components to 2 faculties in Trench Town — Victory Basic School and Trench Town Seventh-day Adventist Basic School. She stated there are plans to make this an annual event in Jamaica.

The foundation is likewise making plans for every other charity occasion in Jamaica this yr around the holidays known as “Olaf brings back summer season,” in which Olaf the snowman from the popular lively film Frozen could be having a laugh and giving toys to needy youngsters.

Additionally, the muse has three upcoming occasions inside the US, an again-to-school event at a nearby orphanage, a Thanksgiving occasion, as well as an event to offer toys to needy youngsters at Christmas.

Colquhoun’s daughters also are fluent in English and Spanish, and they continue that even monolingual parents can raise bilingual kids if they appoint the right tools and assets.