Australian Corporate Law 7th Edition – Australian Corporate Law Book


Australian Corporate Law is written for the lawyer who needs to know how to read and interpret Australian corporate law. This book covers every aspect of Australian corporate law, including its history, structure, and practice, together with a selection of recent cases that have shaped the current development of Australian law.

Get the best law book for Australia by reading the review of Australian Corporate Law 7th edition by John McNeil. The book has been written with an easy-to-understand approach to Australian corporate law, focusing on practical matters.

Are you looking for a concise law book that covers the basics of Australian law yet doesn’t overwhelm you with detail? Then look no further!

This book is a great way to start with Australian corporate law, and it’s a must-have for anyone who needs to understand Australian law and practice to run a business in Australia.

Australian Corporate Law 7th Edition is an up-to-date guide to the law and practice of business transactions in Australia. It provides an accessible and practical guide to the law and practice of business transactions. It is written by lawyers who have worked in private practice, public practice, government, and the not-for-profit sector.

Australian Corporate Law

Australian Corporate Law – 7th edition by Stephen St. John

Are you looking for a concise law book that covers the basics of Australian law yet doesn’t overwhelm you with detail? Then look no further!

This book focuses on the key topics that will keep you updated with the latest developments in Australian corporate law.

The book is quick and does not require prior experience to follow along with the author’s clear explanations.

Legal aspects of company formation in Australia

This book covers the legal aspects of company formation in Australia. It has been written simply and concisely focusing on practical matters.

It covers the following topics:

* Company law and company directors

* Corporate governance

* Limited companies

* Private corporations

* Public companies

* Dealing with the regulator

* Mergers and acquisitions

* International business

* Business law in Australia

Corporate governance

Australian corporate law is a complex area of law, and many books try to cover everything. This book breaks down corporate governance into six key topics:

  • Board of directors
  • Shareholders
  • Shareholders’ rights
  • Bidder protection
  • Disclosure
  • General duties of directors

Each chapter then goes into more detail on each topic, including:

  • Overview of the topic
  • Definitions
  • Key facts
  • Highlights and issues
  • Case studies
  • Questions and answers

This book is ideal for anyone interested in corporate governance, especially for those new to the field.

The book is a great reference for business and can help you avoid costly legal mistakes.

Laws of corporate personality

Corporate personality is a term that business owners often misuse. The concept is simple, but its legal implications are extensive.

If you own a company, you should know the laws of corporate personality. They are the laws that govern the legal person you have created.

A company is a legal entity, and a corporate personality is the “person” it has created. To know more about corporate characters, read this free book:

Frequently asked questions about Australian corporate law 

Q: Can you please describe what your role is in Australia?

A: I associate with one of Australia’s leading law firms, focusing on employment matters, primarily workers’ rights. In addition, I advise several small businesses on employment and compliance issues.

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Q: How did you become an attorney?

A: I studied law at university and then went to law school in New York. After practicing law for several years, I decided to become an immigration lawyer. I am now a partner in a law firm specializing in Australian corporate law.

Top myths about Australian corporate law 

  1. The study of law is boring, and there is no money in it.
  2. Law is not a science but a body of rules to be followed.
  3. Lawyers make more than doctors, judges, and account


The Australian Corporate Law 7th edition by R W Kesselring provides a comprehensive analysis of the law relating to Australian companies. It aims to ensure that every reader of the book has a thorough understanding of the subject so that they are fully equipped to handle any issue that may arise in their corporate affairs. This book is designed for managing companies in Australia, including all directors and senior executives. Still, it will also be useful for those working in related fields, such as accountants, solicitors, bankers, and auditors.

This book is a must for anyone working in the corporate law and who wishes to enter the area.