Why Child Safety Seats Are Important


Parents have a responsibility to protect their children at all times. Part of this duty depends on being mindful of their child passenger’s safety when riding a car. A major reason for fatalities in children below 5 years is motor vehicle accidents, as reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Such deaths can be prevented if parents use appropriate car safety equipment that has been proven to reduce injuries and fatalities by almost 80%. Like the ones at Riddle and Brantley, car accident lawyers also provide additional information on how these safety seats really save lives.

Child Safety

Types of Child Safety Equipment

There are different types of equipment and safety measures that parents can use to protect their little ones. Such equipment is specially designed to ensure that there is reduced or restricted movement while riding the car. This restricted movement protects children from injuries in case of an accident. The different types of car safety equipment are:

Car Seats:

Rear-facing car seats are recommended for infants and small children as they provide good restraint and protection in an accident. Such seats provide the best safety for newborns until 3 years of age. Once your children outgrow these rear-facing seats, the best option is to use forward-facing car seats for ages 4 to 7 years that provide a harness that limits the forward movement.

Booster Seats:

As young children may not be big enough to use the car safety belt, booster seats can increase their height and allow them to use the regular car safety belt. These booster seats ensure that the safety belt fits across the hips and chest of the children. They are best for 8 to 12 years of age.

Safety Belt:

Once children are tall enough that the safety belts do not rest on their face and stomach and fit snugly across their chest and hips, they can stop using the booster seats and directly start using the car safety belts. If children are 12 years or older, they are required to use car safety belts by law.

It is always recommended that parents select the appropriate equipment based on their children’s age and height. Sometimes parents tend to move from rear-facing safety seats to forward-facing seats sooner than allowed. But it is important to understand that the rear-facing seats are the safest in the event of a car collision. Additionally, parents should follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for maximum safety.

How can a good car accident lawyer help you?

If your child has been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to receive compensation for the pain and injuries. It is recommended to contact a professional and knowledgeable car accident attorney who can evaluate your case, guide you, and understand your options. Car accidents that cause major injuries or fatalities can be extremely stressful. Hence, it is best to get legal assistance in such circumstances as a seasoned personal injury lawyer will protect your rights and fight for your claims so that you receive fair compensation for your suffering.