New Education chief seeks modern-day solutions


ALBUQUERQUE — New Mexico sees better commencement quotes, and greater students are studying at grade stage way to reforms made over the past several years. However, a pinnacle country schooling reliable says the demands of public schooling are evolving, and colleges need to be prepared.

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Christopher Ruszkowski took over as appearing secretary of the Public Education Department this week. He replaces Hanna Skandera, who introduced her resignation in advance this month.

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A former center school social studies teacher, Ruszkowski worked for several years with the Delaware Department of Education earlier than being named in 2016 as a deputy secretary for policy and applications in New Mexico.

He helped broaden New Mexico’s plan for imposing the Every Student Succeeds Act, a regulation signed by President Barack Obama that addresses school scores, scholar file cards, and other methods to spot and assist bothered schools.

Perhaps the largest and most pervasive difficulty in special education, in addition to my own adventure in schooling, is unique training’s relationship to standard training. History has shown that this has never been a clean-cut courting between the two. There has been lots of giving and taking, or maybe I ought to say pulling and pushing regarding academic policy and the instructional practices and offerings of schooling and special training by way of the human educators who deliver those services on each aspect of the isle, like me.

Over the closing 20+ years, I had been on each aspect of schooling. I have seen and felt what it becomes like to be a regular mainstream educator handling unique training policy, special education college students, and specialized instructors. I have also been at the unique schooling fact seeking to get everyday education instructors to work greater efficaciously with my unique schooling college students through editing their guidance and substances and having a little extra staying power and empathy.

Furthermore, I have been a mainstream normal education trainer who taught everyday education inclusion instructions trying to discern how to please work with some new unique training trainer in my elegance and his or her special schooling students as nicely. And, in assessment, I had been a unique education inclusion trainer intruding on the territory of some regular training instructors with my special education students and the modifications I idea those teachers ought to implement. I can inform you first-hand that none of this delivery and take between special education and normal education has been clean. Nor do I see this pushing and pulling becoming clean each time soon.

Ruszkowski, 36, stated in an interview that one of his essential priorities might be reforming and improving instructor instruction to make sure students are mastering in a manner to permit them to compete in a greater modern-day, international economy.

“I think there’s a little popularity that we can cling to the 20th-century realities due to the fact our children aren’t residing there, which means that our career can’t live there anymore both,” he stated. “We can’t maintain applying twentieth-century questioning to clear up 21st-century issues.”

Aside from instituting a new record card gadget for the higher schooling programs that train New Mexico’s teachers, Ruszkowski could be searching at school districts around the country for ideas.

He says celebrating the successes of those vibrant spots and sharing their strategies with different schools can, in the end, have a cumulative effect on the nation’s education device, which traditionally has ranked close to the lowest nationally.

While the outcomes from this 12 months’ round of standardized exams haven’t begun to be launched, nation officers pointed to strides being made by using the Farmington, Gallup, and Gadsden districts.

“These are locations which might be beating the percentages,” Ruszkowski stated.

The son of a Polish immigrant, Ruszkowski said his father and uncles got here to the U.S. Hoping for higher lifestyles, settling in Chicago, and thinking that the public college device would be their salvation from poverty.

“It’s personal,” he said. “I reflect consideration of the promise of the American dream and the role that our public schools are supposed to play in that system in creating the same education for all kids.”

Ruszkowski pointed to successes with faculties in Denver, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C., announcing New Mexico is in its manner as well now that it has what he called honest information on how its faculties, teachers, and students are performing.