PolitiFact: fifty two% of kingdom spending is going to education

After Dan Patrick cited a statistic to back his competition that Texas Kingdom authorities spend lots of education, a reader requested us to check the Republican lieutenant governor’s accuracy.
Patrick, in a June newspaper statement, extolled the country price range signed into regulation by using Gov. Greg Abbott, specifying: “Texas spends $60 billion on colleges in our -year finances, which include each federal and country funds. Of that, $forty-one billion is country funding. That is the pinnacle of the predicted $28 billion to $30 billion annually paid with the aid of neighborhood assets taxpayers.

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“When faculties and universities are brought,” Patrick stated, “education spending is the most important object within the nation price range — about fifty-two percent of all state dollars. Health care is 2nd, accounting for most of the remaining bucks. It is disingenuous to signify that we’re, s


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omeway, keeping again funding that we could spend on schools.”

Ours evaluate of finances documents published through the Legislative Budget Board led us to discover Patrick’s “52 percent” parent stable, however that percent also proved historic in a low-stop way no longer stated by way of Patrick.

A chart by the Legislative Budget Board shows that the 2018-19 country price range, which takes impact Sept. 1, places $55.9 billion in trendy revenue in the direction of public and higher education out of $106.7 billion of all such sales — which breaks out to fifty-two.Four percent of such spending. Next maximum: Nearly $34 billion budget for health and human services bills for 31 percent of national spending within the budget.

Some context: The chart suggests that the nearly $forty-one billion in public school aid appropriated by way of the 2017 Legislature trailed $635.6 million, or 1.Five percentage, behind what lawmakers budgeted for public schools the preceding years. On the alternative hand, the new price range will increase state spending on better training with the aid of $195.2 million, 1.1 percent, from the 2016-17 price range.

We sought a professional opinion. Austin school finance expert Joe Wisnoski, who works for a company that represents college districts, and Tom Canby of the Texas Association of School Business Officials didn’t quibble with Patrick’s calculation.

Wisnoski introduced, though, that the 52 percentage conclusion “might not be the complete tale.” He talked about that from all funding sources, which include federal resource, lawmakers dedicated $80 billion to schooling, which represented 37 percent of the whole $217 billion country price range.

Next, we wondered how the 52 percentage referred to by Patrick for 2018-19 compares with the percentage of country trendy revenue devoted to education in previous budgets. To get a restore on that, we checked spending on schooling from nondedicated preferred sales inside the previous 10 budgets. Such finances make up the bulk of each budget and are most at once managed by using legislative decisions.

Our locating: In the ones previous 10 budgets, which encompass 20 years, no Legislature devoted much less than fifty-three percent of widespread revenue to schooling. On average, education’s share of state spending via the budgets became 58 percentage.

Our ruling:

Patrick, announcing it’s disingenuous to signify lawmakers held again on education resource, stated 52 percent of country spending inside the 2018-19 nation price range became appropriated to the public plus higher training.

That’s a correct percent. But it’s really worth noting that education also debts for the smallest share of budgeted kingdom spending in at least two decades, that’s as some distance lower back as we checked.

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