Google releases trio of new system apps to Play Store, including Pixel exclusives


Earlier this month, Google has driven up a Play Store list for its new Search Suggestions app for Pixel telephones, which powers — as you would possibly bet from the call — both the search capability within the Settings app and the suggestions which appear on the pinnacle. Three greater Pixel-precise apps have hit the Play Store: Pixel Tips, Connectivity Health Services, and Voice Action Services. Pixel Tips powers a lively guide that introduces you to your Pixel three; Voice Action Services is connected in some imprecisely defined manner to voice-primarily based Assistant movements, and Connectivity Health Services does… Something, possibly.

The first apps (Pixel Tips and Connectivity Health Sevices) are completely compatible with the Pixel three, so the app listings, in all likelihood, may not seem if you do not have one related to your account. Voice Action Services does not appear to be well suited with any of my devices, such as my Pixel 3, so we are now not quite certain what it is for yet.

Pixel Tips

The Pixel Tips app drives a shortcut that appears when first putting in the tool, which takes you through some quick walkthroughs on how matters work on your new smartphone. Eventually, the shortcut to the tutorials dismisses itself if you don’t comply with it. However, you can manually access the same set of suggestions via the Settings app (Settings -> Tips & Support -> Explore Pixel Tips).

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There are 20 tutorials in total, each having its very own lively GIF that demonstrates how the function in question works. Tips are classified widely into corporations based totally on which moves they follow too.

We expect that the app comes pre-setup on Pixel 3 phones, and the listing won’t permit us to put the app onto other gadgets — now, not that you’d actually need to, all the tutorials are Pixel 3-specific. However, the various identical factors do practice to the OG Pixel and Pixel 2. For the metaphorical lulz, I tried to set up the app on my Pixel 2 XL, and while it hooked up, the section in Settings did not seem.

Pixel Tips’ app listing on the Play Store claims it became closing updated on October 2d, but for the reason that Pixel 3 didn’t, in reality, come out until the 18th, app critiques and our personal consciousness of the list have been not on time. It’s presently at version 1.1 (5030450), and if you’d like to test with it on your own non-Pixel device, you may download it over at APK Mirror.

Voice Action Services

Screenshots supplied by the app list imply an Assistant connection.

Since I cannot genuinely install Voice Action Services, I’m not exactly positive about what the app does. The description states that it ” provides the center capability to help voice-based totally movements,” and that “these components let you more quickly perform movements to interact with your tool or presently set up applications,” however that isn’t always, in reality, plenty of records to go on.

The list notes that it does not require both Chrome or the Google Search app, so it could demonstrate Google breaking greater Assistant functionality out from the monolithic Google app, or Voice Action Services might be a vehicle for destiny capability to be delivered to Pixel devices. Since it isn’t like-minded with any of my personal hardware simply, we will need to be patient.

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Voice Action Services is currently at model 1.9.216859149.armeabi-v7a.Launch, with an October 15th release to the Play Store. Interested parties can also take a look at it out over on APK Mirror.

Connectivity Health Services

The app list’s screenshots are just this photo 4 times. No shaggy dog story.

Connectivity Health Services appears to come preinstalled on Pixel 3s. While I’m certain it does something, this app probably takes the cake as the most obfuscated and nondescript first-party Google app list of all time. The sum general of description, outdoor the photo above, is a single line which states that the app “improves battery fitness with connectivity optimizations.” That’s it.

The app is currently sitting at model chs_release_20180911_RC07 (arm64), with its initial release to the Play Store. You also can pull down Connectivity Health Services on APK Mirror.

Interestingly, none of those apps seems to have succumbed to the flood of humorous evaluations that Google’s gadget and history-type app listings are susceptible to, probably because there are so few Pixel 3s out there right now. Given a chunk greater time, I’m certain we’re going to all listen approximately the existence-converting blessings of Connectivity Health Services.