Mustard Pizza Is the Latest Food Trend Dividing the Internet: ’Sweet Baby Jesus, No’


Move over, pineapple pizza, there’s a brand new debatable pie in town dividing the internet!

Mustard Pizza
Mustard Pizza Courtesy of Lions & Tigers & Squares
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As seen in a video shared by means of Food Insider on Tuesday, September four, a pizzeria known as Lions & Tigers & Squares in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood serves a Detroit-fashion pie that uses a beneficial assisting of mustard in the location of tomato sauce. The savory dish is likewise topped with corned pork and sauerkraut, and each pizza features almost half of a pound of brick cheese.

The brick cheese topping is a feature of Detroit-fashion pizza, as is the pie’s rectangular shape and really thick crust. However, mustard pizza surely traces its roots back to Trenton, New Jersey. As Lions & Tigers & Squares companion Francis Garcia explains inside the video, the uncommon dish changed into born whilst an under the influence of alcohol man walked into Papa’s Tomato Pie and ordered a mushroom pizza, which the prepare dinner misheard as mustard pizza due to the fact the man was slurring.

Mustard Pizza
Mustard Pizza Courtesy of Lions & Tigers & Squares
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Although the Detroit-fashion mustard pizza is uncommon, Garcia says the pie in reality works. “You could suppose that everyone that mustard is overpowering, but it’s truly not. You have the mustard as opposed to the tomato sauce, so the mustard acts like an acid just like the way pizza sauce might,” he explains. “Who doesn’t like a cheese sandwich with mustard on it?”

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While some social media customers have been eager to present this particular pizza an attempt, others weren’t quite as generous. Take a observe some of the funniest Twitter reactions to mustard pizza beneath:

♡ adri 🍝
mustard pizza is trending it’s only a bad dream OH GOD NO IT’S REAL

7:38 PM – Sep 5, 2018
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Old Dominion Fans
@gitrdone923 You’re now not allowed to mention pineapple is the worst issue on pizza…This gets a no from me and I do not mind mustard. 😂😂😂 %.Twitter.Com/LHnUzts02o

8:18 PM – Sep five, 2018
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Replying to @InsiderFood
MThe mix of some of my favored things: pizza and mustard. Even even though I like tomato sauce more than mustard I could virtually do this. Seems like it would be high-quality.

8:21 PM – Sep five, 2018
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Brian Aschenbrener
Replying to @HomaBashWEWS
Homa, honestly No mustard whats ever on my pizza! Just one hundred% Good Ol’ Tomato sauce!🍅🍅🍅🍕🍕

8:18 PM – Sep five, 2018Image result for Mustard Pizza Is the Latest Food Trend Dividing the Internet: ’Sweet Baby Jesus, No’
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Alberdi, The Typo Pirate Yaarrrr
Replying to @1CynicalCyborg @InsiderFood
I’d like to try it. I get barbecue in preference to tomato on the bottom and dip the crust into honey mustard besides so I give it a move

four:21 PM – Sep 4, 2018
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Stepmom Extraordinaire
Replying to @sunkisseeddd
No. I revel in mustard on my sandwich, burger, or hot canine. But pizza?
Sweet baby Jesus, no.

7:30 PM – Sep 5, 2018
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Watches an excessive amount of Netflix
Replying to @tyese_givens @foreverbrandnew
Ever had actual Stromboli?
Same substances; actually a rolled up mustard pizza and it’s sooooo freaking desirable.

Eight:02 PM – Sep 5, 2018
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Tell Us: Would you strive mustard pizza?

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