That’s actually the name of Google’s latest Android operating machine. The previously codenamed “P” is now to be had.

Google normally names versions of its mobile OS after desserts, like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, and Marshmallow, however, this one is the vaguest yet. “What sort of pie?” we’re left to wonder.

A tweet sent by way of Android’s VP of engineering Dave Burke included a photo of the Android mascot conserving what seems to be a cherry pie, though “cherry” does not start with a “P” and is obviously now not included in the call.

View picture on Twitter
View photograph on Twitter

Dave Burke

Android 9 Pie is here! We simply pushed the code to the Android Open Source Project and rollout to Pixel begins today. A big way to the 140,000+ beta users for sharing their comments and to the Google teams who worked so tough on the release https://android-developers.Googleblog.Com/2018/08/introducing-android-9-pie.Html …

10:35 PM – Aug 6, 2018
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We’ve reached out to Google asking if there has been a particular pie its designers had in mind and could replace on its response.Image result for Pie

The largest features of this new iteration of Android are all around artificial intelligence: The phones will study the apps and settings its owners decide on, saving battery for the apps they use maximum and adjusting the brightness robotically within their possibilities. It will also try and predict and propose actions like calling up a map whilst it’s time to visit paintings, or resuming an audiobook whilst headphones are related, Google said in a blog put up these days (Aug. 6).

And of direction, in the generation of “Time Well Spent,” the running system could have a “Digital Wellbeing” characteristic, which manages how a good deal time is spent on the cell phone.

You can download the OS nowadays if you have one of Google’s Pixel telephones, and certain phones from Sony, Xiaomi, HMD Global (Nokia), Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential, in step with Google.

“Frozen Key Lime Pie recipe?” Fern Butters asked. “Child, I’ll take that mystery with me to the grave.”

Fern Butters’ frozen key lime pie was a legend. Every time President Harry S Truman went via Islamorada on Upper Matecumbe Key on his way to the “Little White House” in Key West, he stopped. More particularly, he
stopped at Fern Inn for a number of Fern Butters’ frozen key lime pie.

And so did other folks, commoners and dignitaries alike-Papa Hemingway, Cordell Hull, Douglas Fairbanks, Julia Child. And me.

I didn’t see any of those famous parents. Except for Julia Child. And I failed to realize who she becomes. Ignorance of kids.

But I did eat Mrs. Butters’ frozen key lime pie.

I wasn’t an infant once I requested her about the recipe. I had recipes for my grandmother’s compressed fruitcake. And my grandfather’s elderberry wine. And a passel of others I’d accumulated from close to and far. So I idea her recipe could suit right in with my collection.

Not so. I was a young pastor at her little church in Matecumbe. But I could have been Gabriel himself.

And should never achieve that carefully guarded secret.

Many had tried to duplicate her recipe, however without fulfillment. I noticed Julia Child as soon as the attempt to wheedle the recipe from Fern Butters without a success. I heard she tied to replicate the recipe-again, no success.

Of path, that can simply be a legend. It’s believable. Everyone who ever ate her frozen key lime pie coveted the recipe.

Well, Fern is now dead. The Fern Inn has modified names. Fern took the recipe to the grave with her.

But, lately, her daughter called me up. She stated that in spite of everything those years she become going via her mother’s letters and things and looking to smooth out a vintage dresser drawer full of vintage letters and notes.

She got here across an envelope with my call on it. She desired to realize if I had been the same preacher that served the little church down in Matecumbe.

This became a peculiar event. I had moved to Wisconsin serving church buildings there for numerous years. When I returned to South Florida, I changed into a professor in a college for 33 years. I retired from the college and served a church in North Miami Beach for thirteen years. I retired once more. Then answered a desperation name to function chaplain at a retirement network. I just befell to be in the vicinity where Fern Butters’ daughter may want to contact me.Image result for Pie

She sent me the envelope, now yellow with age. Fern has been dead for a few forty or so years. I opened the envelope. The be aware examine:

This is what you asked for. Use it accurately.

And there has been the recipe!

Now I’ve wondered what to do with this recipe. I ought to, of the route, just publish it. Or I should write an ebook approximately my days as a young pastor most of the Keys Conchs, as the oldsters there known as themselves. I would possibly even sell it [How long would that last!?]

But I’ve determined to present it away. I’m not even going to swear the recipients to secrecy. I’m just going to present it to parents who have got a love for unusual recipes and for historic recipes. I actually have a pal from North Carolina, as an example, whose own family has a recipe for pumpkin soup exceeded down for the reason that pioneer day.

And then there may be my friend from Ladies Island in Beaufort County South Carolina. She claims her ancestors created Frogmore Stew.

There’s an aunt in Western Maryland says she will give me the recipe for “Puddin’,” a meat product that is out of this international when used on pancakes. I’ve no concept what the elements are, however, I long to find out.

Folks which might be inquisitive about these styles of the recipe and are willing to percentage their personal favorites are invited to subscribe without charge to COOKIN’ GOOD NEWSLETTER at http://www.Cookin-right.Com/.

Not most effective will subscribers get hold of a copy of Fern Butters’ frozen key lime pie recipe, but will also receive a month-to-month trouble of the e-newsletter for gratis. Everyone is invited to send their very own specific recipes.

And invite your buddies to subscribe. They’ll love you for telling them about it.

But for people who are clearly curious approximately the recipe, for those who don’t need to visit the net web page, for people who do not thoughts lacking out on all of the excellent functions determined in Cookin’ Good Gazette, right here’s the recipe.



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