Five Tips Aman Berinternet Saat Liburan


Liputan6.Com, Jakarta – Berdasarkan laporan World Economic Forum pada tahun 2015, serangan siber telah menyebabkan kerugian pada perekonomian global sebesar US$ 3 triliun.

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Oleh karena itu, perangkat lunak dan sistem yang terpercaya akan terus menjadi prioritas utama bagi pemimpin bisnis guna menangkal gelombang serangan siber yang datang.

Tak hanya bagi pebisnis, raksasa teknologi Microsoft percaya setiap individual juga harus melindungi diri mereka jika ingin berinternet lebih aman.

“Saat ini, telepon selular dan komputer menjadi dua hal penting dalam hidup dan membentuk cara kita berkomunikasi dan melakukan banyak hal,” ungkap Willy Hendrajudo, Windows Business Group Lead Microsoft Indonesia.

Ia menambahkan, penggunaan internet akan mengalami peningkatan bersamaan dengan perjalanan mudik berlangsung.

Melihat fenomena tersebut, Microsoft berbagi recommendations untuk memulai perjalanan on line kamu lebih aman dan terlindungi sembari merayakan momen liburan ini.

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Jika harus memilih hal yang aman, apakah kamu akan memilih pintu rumah yang terbuat dari karton atau dari baja? Kata sandi berlaku seperti pintu karena fungsinya sebagai pertahanan untuk memastikan statistics pribadi dan informasi yang disimpan dengan aman. Oleh karena itu, memilih sandi yang tepat menjadi krusial.

Memilih kata sandi yang terdiri dari kombinasi antara huruf besar dan kecil, angka dan simbol merupakan hal yang best dan tidak selalu merupakan hal yang rumit. Pikirkan quote yang kamu sukai dari movie atau lagu, buatlah sedikit perubahan.

Setelah membuat kata sandi yang tepat, pastikan untuk tidak menggunakan sandi yang sama untuk semua hal. Usahakan untuk menggunakan kata sandi yang berbeda-beda untuk financial institution, akun electronic mail, dan smartphone pribadi untuk mengurangi risiko privasi.

If you don’t have already got a VPN set up through your enterprise or place of work, there are different alternatives available. One unfastened implementation is SecurityKISS which offers advert-unfastened VPN access to records constrained to 300MB/day. That’s plenty of scope for checking email, searching for maps, and other informal Wi-Fi uses.

CyberGhost is any other alternative that offers a free tier and has a paid model that reinforces pace.

For specified instructions, here’s how to install a VPN on an iOS tool and Android.

There are many different VPN offerings available, such as paid and unfastened options. It’s well worth doing your research to work out that’s first-rate for your needs, particularly if you are a heavy-responsibility user.

Disconnect. I help defend against session hijacking through browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Safari; however, on the VPN front, it also offers a standalone Android app called Secure Wireless that mechanically detects unsecured Wi-Fi and turns on a VPN wherein wanted.

Check for HTTPS

As the vintage saying goes, please take a look at the lock on your browser to make certain it is at ease. One manner you can pressure your browser to apply HTTPS is thru an extension consisting of HTTPS Everywhere. This is available for Chrome, Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Opera.

It’s critical to word that HTTPS Everywhere works to activate encryption on all supported elements of the internet site. As mentioned in its FAQ:

“HTTPS Everywhere relies completely on the safety features of the personal net websites you use; it turns on those protection capabilities. However, it cannot create them if they do not already exist. If you use a website now not supported via HTTPS Everywhere or a website that gives some information in an insecure manner, HTTPS Everywhere can not offer extra safety in your use of that website.”
Patch it up, test your apps

It’s time to begin forming some appropriate patching behavior. Keep your browser and Internet-linked gadgets up to date with the state-of-the-art versions, but ensure to do that on a relied on home or work network — now not on public Wi-Fi.

There had been instances of vacationers being caught off shield when connecting to public or hotel Wi-Fi networks when their device activates them to update a software package. If accepted via the consumer, malware changed into hooked up at the device.

Also, if you’re on a mobile tool, don’t assume that your apps are routinely cozy or the usage of HTTPS. Unless mentioned through the app developer, it is safest to presume that the app is not undertaking a comfortable transaction. In this example, you need to use your browser to browse the service and test for a HTTPS connection in the repute bar.

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