Dexcom Share’s long-awaited Android app clears FDA


At long final, Dexcom’s Share app, which permits users to view and proportion facts from their G5 non-stop glucose video display units, can be to be had for Android users. The Android app simply now obtained FDA clearance, and the employer will roll out the app this month. The launch is a long time coming: iOS users have had get admission to the app for the reason that 2015.

“Providing Android customers with getting admission to to the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System has been a priority for Dexcom,” Dexcom President and CEO Kevin Sayer stated in a statement. “The new Android app has been thoughtfully designed with consumer desires and comments in mind. It specializes in delivering generation that empowers users by placing crucial glucose records on their telephones and is well matched with the most popular Android devices currently within the marketplace.”


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Regulated Android apps can be slower to the marketplace because, in contrast to iOS apps, they have to work on a huge range of gadgets from different manufacturers. Additionally, Dexcom has said within the beyond that the Bluetooth LE generation Dexcom Share uses wasn’t available for Android at the time the app was first developed.

Dexcom hasn’t been completely unavailable to Android users, however. The Dexcom Follow app, via which friends, family, and caretakers can access a patient’s CGM facts remotely, has been available on Android considering the fact that June 2015. Additionally, patient hackers were getting Dexcom facts directly to their Android Wear watches for some time.

At launch, the new app can be available on several phones from Samsung, Motorola, and LG, in addition to Android Wear watches.

IOS customers, in the meantime, got their personal little bit of news at Apple’s WWDC developer conference Monday, whilst Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch shared that the Apple Watch is including local Bluetooth so as to talk with third celebration gadgets, and Dexcom may be a few of the first builders to take benefit of the improve. Dexcom has an Apple Watch app for the time being, but it currently requires the phone to be in range. Now the Watch and the CGM might be able to communicate directly.

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