B2B Video Marketing – Top Tips


Revolutions very often come hot on the heels of ones that have gone before. In the world of business and marketing, it is very often the explosion of one type of new technology or approach that makes possible all the ones that come afterward. To see that this is so, you might want to consider the global workforce shift towards more and more remote working and the range of new business management and communication technologies specifically designed to make home working easier. One engenders the other – and so it goes on.

The Rise of E-Commerce

And perhaps the most significant revolution modern business has seen in recent decades is the rise of e-commerce sites. Not only have thousands of new e-commerce start-ups been founded and gone on to massive success, but many of the older brick-and-mortar businesses have inaugurated an online presence, which has become more profitable than their traditional physical outlets. But with so many companies online, how does one stand out?

Recent statistics report that 70% of online marketers believe that video marketing could well be the answer. Accordingly, various companies have been springing up to answer this need. And thus, one revolution has inaugurated another.

Video Marketing

What is B2B Video Marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) marketing targets explicitly other businesses. The rise of e-commerce video marketing has heavily impacted the world of B2B marketing. As with other forms of marketing, a B2B video marketing strategy differs from a B2C (business-to-consumer) strategy. It is geared towards impressing those with a financial bottom line (not coconsumers’references, prejudices, and impulses).

Video production company We Make Videos, experts in online video marketing, recommend that a B2B strategy is something every e-commerce site should consider, but that the rules can differ significantly from B2C.

As you can see, these videos are far more often informative, sober-toned, and a little “d” yer” “than the videos aimed at consumers. Nevertheless, such videos have the potential to show an extremely high return on investment. For instance, the study mentioned above also reported that of the B2B video marketers surveyed, 24% chose promo videos (which are the closest to B2C), 14%prioritized demo and explanation videos, 10% for how-to videos, and 2% picked videos advising onthe the process of customer onboarding.

Tips and Ideas

It is tough to give specific advice (because it all depends on what you are selling to who), but here are some elementary general tips for building your own B2B video marketing strategy:

Share Experiences

This means bringing the viewer up to speed with what a working day looks like for you. Video tours of premises, product manufacture, or a routine office day can show off the workings of your business and build trust.

Keep Things Direct and Simple

A B2B audience wants to know about your business and your products. However, if your videos are filled with detailed technical information about the workings of your business, you could well turn off your target audience.

Show Product Solutions

Of course, B2B audiences are still interested in your product and want to see how it can solve problems in the context of their business. By all means, show the workings of your business, but also be sure to show your product doing its job and solving problems.

For more detailed advice on B2B video marketing strategy, it might be wise to take the specific details of your business to a professional video production service. Such companies will undoubtedly have staff among their ranks who can advise and point you in the right direction.