What Services Do Online Reputation Management Companies Usually Provide?


Online reputation management companies typically provide various services meant to clean up or otherwise improve your internet reputation. These companies originally focused on removing or burying negative reports about their clients but branched out after realizing that the tasks involved in doing that had other valuable uses. In many cases, these tasks still overlap at times. This allows companies like us here at Net Reputation to provide powerful positive results for both businesses and individuals regardless of whether there are current negative reports to handle.


SEO Services

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key part of an online reputation management service. When negative reports can’t be removed from sites, SEO is used to push positive reviews and information above unwanted stories. However, SEO services are also beneficial to companies that have no negative reports to hide. In fact, most clients who specifically seek SEO services aren’t doing so for this reason. They want their sites to be seen in Google and the other search engines.

Typically, this service involves creating content for a client, either on or off the client’s site. Then, links are built to make that content rank well. Of course, any such content is favorable to the client.

brand management services are often obtained after a company has made a faux pas resulting in a seriously negative reaction in the marketplace, they are actually best brought in before such issues can arise. Good brand managers take control of how the company officially presents itself to the public, not only in terms of traditional branding but also social media interactions, other one-on-one customer interactions, and more. When done properly, this prevents “fires” from ever erupting.

If done as part of an effort to improve a negative reputation, brand management services will take several steps. They may take over the job of being the voice of the client company on social media, promote positive things the company is doing, and more.

public relations strategy. This is done when most branding, such as the logo, colors, and overall look-and-feel, works fine. Often, public relations firms are brought in when there has been some misstep involving a company’s official communications channels (including their social media accounts). However, as with brand management services, it’s better to hire public relations experts early, before anything is ever amiss.

Here at Net Reputation, we handle promotion and reputation management in both calm and turbulent situations. If your company is in the midst of a firestorm or negative reports hold you back from reaching your potential, we will use a multi-pronged strategy to put out the flames and get you back on track. Alternatively, if you have a new company and want to make sure that it does not end up being in the public relations crosshairs, we’ll take expert control of its public presentation so that it continues to be seen positively.