What Is Wax Weed And Why Does It Get You So High?


If you’ve ever been offered ‘wax’ and turned it down simply because you weren’t quite so sure about what it actually was, it was other than the smartest or dumbest move of your life. It all depends on if you like to have your head violently launched into the cosmic outer regions of Cloud 9 in the time it usually takes to clear a bowl. So what is ‘wax weed,’ and how can it possibly be so potent and beautiful looking?

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It’s Not Weed At All

    When someone says, “let’s hit some dabs” or “smoke some wax,” they’re talking about cannabis concentrates. If you’re familiar with how the hash is made and how potent it is when smoked in small amounts, then consider this fun fact. The average percentage of THC in the mass of a piece of hash is anywhere from 30 to 60 percent. Meanwhile, most high grade concentrates clock in at about 70-90% THC. The term ‘dabbing’ in the context of cannabis actually comes from just how small a piece of wax or BHO is needed to get high off your rocker. That’s because these concentrates are made by extracting then concentrating as much as THC as possible into as pure a substance. The most lovingly created concentrates are visibly beautiful, golden, and translucent. The process of making different types of concentrates can be quite complex and often very dangerous. Do not attempt it on a large scale without knowing exactly what you are doing and taking the necessary precautions.

Take It Slow

    If you’re used to achieving joint after joint and bowl after bowl with your friends, you might want to pay extra attention to taking it slow for your first few concentrate sessions. The whole act of torching a titanium nail then watching a tiny bit of golden THC-honey sizzle up and clearing all that delicious smoke is tons of fun, but it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t forget just how potent these kinds of substances are. It can hit you slowly, and you don’t want to end up greening out in a corner. Now you know what wax is in the world of weed, it’s up to you if and how you enjoy these indulgent and potent concentrates.