Vogue’s New York Fashion Week Survival Guide: Editors Share Their Tips, Tricks, and Cautionary Tales


In 2018, the concept of style “do’s and don’ts” isn’t in particular applications. Yes, the ’80s are lower back this autumn—but so are the ’90s and the ’70s. Enormous coats are having a moment. However, that doesn’t mean you “can’t” wear a graceful, conventional trench if that’s your jam. Not into sparkly slip attire? Utilitarian jackets and military pants experience simply as fresh. Flip through Vogue’s avenue fashion pix, and also, you’ll see women in couture gowns and stilettos next to girls in T-shirts and denim. In other words . . . Something is going! At least, with regards to what you’re carrying. Tackling New York Fashion Week requires more than the right outfits, although; even those people who’ve spent years (or decades) covering the indicates generally tend to make some mistakes right here and there. So we’re constantly asking colleagues for their tips and hints: How do you stay cool on the subway in 90-diploma warmness? What footwear has I get that received’t supply me with blisters? Where do you cross for a quick meal between shows?

There’s genuinely an artwork to getting via the week without losing your cool, so we asked Vogue editors for their last New York Fashion Week do’s and don’ts (and, sure, the latter class tends to be extra entertaining). We’ve compiled them right into a “survival guide” of types, and it’s a have to-examine earlier than you embark on the primary day of indicates tomorrow. Read on for smart organizational hints, calming scents to try, a sneaker notion, and the foods you have to (and shouldn’t!) eat.

Nicole Phelps, Director, Vogue Runway

“Never, ever devour a plateful of oysters in between fashion suggests. One September numerous years ago, my mother and sister joined me in Paris for a few days. We went out for oysters and wine on a Sunday afternoon. It turned into honestly delightful till rapidly earlier than Givenchy, when I started to sense sick. I spent the complete display in mortal terror that I would throw up on Riccardo Tisci’s runway. Mollusks and Los Angeles mode do now not mix!”

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Steff Yotka, Vogue Fashion News and Emerging Platforms Editor

“Do: Always write down appointments on a bit of paper. Although iPhones are splendid, there had been limitless times in the course of Fashion Week whilst my smartphone has died or I’ve had no provider and changed into absolutely misplaced without getting entry to my calendar or e-mail. As a precautionary measure, every morning earlier than I go away from my condo, I triple-check my agenda, write down the time, vicinity, and speak to data for each show an appointment for the day and slip it into my pocket. You’d be surprised how regularly it turns into vital.

“Don’t: Wear new shoes—ever! It becomes 365 days ago that I bought some low, block-heeled sandals right before NYFW with the plan of carrying them everywhere. Stylish and cute, right? Wrong. After three hours, my toes have been no longer simplest protected with blisters, but they were clearly bleeding. Now all I put on are Vans.”

Jenna Rennert, Vogue Beauty Editor

“A small, palms-free bag is a should for backstage runs—there’s no room to take notes and record interviews with a hefty tote slung over your shoulder. Stock it full of face mist, a lip tint that’s smooth to use on the pass, and more than one Goop’s vitamin C–packed glow powders to sprinkle in dull water bottles at a moment’s observe. Oh, and Juice Press—a lot Juice Press.”

Chioma Nnadi, Vogue Fashion News Director

“I as soon as got absolutely ill in Paris and ended up having to look an oral healthcare professional (lengthy tale!), so now I’m certainly diligent about searching after myself, or at least take as many immunity-boosting supplements as I can. I take a nutrition B powder mixture inside the morning as well as a ginger and lemon infusion. I observed those new dietary supplements referred to as Lumity, which can be outstanding for retaining your skin and hair looking wholesome further to boosting your strength tiers—win-win capsules, as some distance as I’m worried. As a long way as other sensible tips, I attempt now not to put on new shoes during Fashion Week, although they seem to be the comfiest footwear in the world. (Even shoes want breaking in for Fashion Week in my e-book!) Lastly, as someone who often writes opinions on their iPhone, a Mophie—or better yet, —is my pleasant pal.”

Laird Borrelli-Persson, Vogue Archive Editor

“Do: I deliver smelling salts—in the form of a roll-on fragrance by using Diptyque—and a lint curler if I actually have a big sufficient bag.

“Don’t: Assume you’ll get there in time if you go away simplest half-hour before a display, specifically in case you’ve ‘invested in a brand new pair of heels that aren’t broken in yet.”

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Monica Kim, Vogue Fashion News Editor

“I like to carry one large tote to cram display notes and different elements interior, then a small percent strapped near the chest for matters I need extra with no trouble: my phone, ID, subway bypass, and outside charger. I always bring a small umbrella and water bottle, a protein bar, face powder, and lip balm (I get dehydrated, and my lips start to peel).

“When grabbing espresso between indicates, I opt for bloodless over hot. By the time a piping warm cup has cooled, I typically should trash it earlier than my subsequent show—or I become burning my mouth horribly. In truth, my satisfactory tip is to get caffeine capsules. I preserve a bottle on my nightstand, and whilst my smartphone starts ringing at five:00 a.M., I hit snooze, roll over, pop one, and sleep for every other 10 to 20 mins till it kicks in. If you’re taking one within the afternoon, you can live alert while not having to worry approximately frequent coffee-brought about bathroom breaks, too.

“Shoes: Be practical and find what works for you.HI pick systems, boots, or block-heel slides. I just was given a remarkable pair of Nike Vapormax boots that I plan to put on all week: The moderate peak of the bubble heel is high-quality, and they wrap around my ankle in a flattering manner and feel like sticking your foot in a cloud. Flats might sound like a no-brainer. However, I even have an excessive arch, so they generally tend to harm my feet as much as heels via the day’s stop.

“Clothes: Layers are key. I wear many blacks; however, during Fashion Week, I like to convey more print and color—it lifts my mood a piece. An easy cross-to is a good pair of jeans and a declaration blouse, then throw on a bold earring for a laugh. I begin to look increasingly haggard because the week goes on, so shades are crucial if you come to be in road-style snapshots.

“Eat every time and anyplace you can. I try and maintain at the least one snack in my bag, commonly a Kind bar (peanut butter dark chocolate chip is my preferred) or a power ball if I can locate one. There was one season I lived off of Justin’s almond butter packets—darkish instances.”