Tips to preserve your baby safe on the net



HARTFORD — A new technology is ready to wade into the waters of the internet, and Connecticut Better Business Bureau recommends parents be a crucial part of teaching their kids a way to make the most of the net and avoid its ability issues.

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The threats kids face are a number of the identical ones as adults, together with fake websites, viruses, a collection of personal records, and different scams. Keeping kids safe online additionally includes a specific kind of danger: bullying.

“It is a sad truth that young children and older college students may be pressured, threatened, and embarrassed using their friends,” said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz. “Most bullying happens via social media and e-mail, occasionally with devastating outcomes. Parents can assist nip such issues inside the bud via keeping the traces of verbal exchange open.”

There are some ways parents can assist shield their children online, along with the use of parental controls with filters that can block positive websites and content material. There is also a software program that can screen what websites your kids are journeying on.

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Parental oversight of young youngsters on the net is going past laptops, PCs, and Macs. Smartphones and drugs are also computers and present the same dangers. If it’s a clever device, you can restrict the hours that youngsters can use it.

Another place that requires parental preparation and oversight is social media. Many kids have social media profiles, and there may be schools or other organizations with social media pages. Children ought to know that folk who want to be their pal or observe them online might not be who they seem to be and may present a threat.

Children may also lack maturity and judgment to recognize a way to defend themselves from stalkers and deal with pop-up commercials with phony coupons, pal requests, and games.

Connecticut BBB gives those pointers to assist maintain your infant secure as he or she starts to evolved to discover the internet:

Monitor their activities – Keep computers within your view when your baby is in the learning stages, and watch over them until you are cozy with their internet competencies.

Create their bills – This will let you control the protection of your youngsters’ activities, whether they’re developing social media profiles or signing up for any carrier, electronic mail, recreation, or website.

Check privacy settings – When your toddler is ready for social media to make certain that simplest friends can see their profiles and explain the dangers of attractiveness with human beings they don’t understand.

Discuss the boundaries of sharing – That includes whatever identifies the kid, the own family, the college, smartphone numbers, deal with, birthdays and circle of relatives pix.

Keep the traces of verbal exchange open – You will want to realize if everybody is trolling, pestering, or bullying your toddler to allow you to intervene as quickly as possible.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma still doesn’t know a way to code. But the charismatic founder does realize some matters approximately perseverance. From convincing China the Internet was real to constructing Alibaba into an e-trade giant with $23 billion in 2016 revenue, Ma has shouldered past adequate adversity.

Ma spoke with Charlie Rose Tuesday at Alibaba’s Gateway ’17 convention in Detroit about his adventure and had some recommendations for entrepreneurs–each of the ones hoping to interrupt into the Chinese marketplace and is well known.

Here are five key takeaways from the Alibaba founder:

1. People want to believe you.

From personnel to traders, the folks that positioned the whole lot on the road for you ought to accept it as true with you. Ma said that acceptance as true turned into a quintessential part of Alibaba’s achievement. “It’s the belief that makes us united,” he told Rose, “18 [investors] depended on me. And due to the fact they relied on me, I ought to be very dependable to them and constant to the venture that we’ve.”

Ma stated this agree within him and the venture of the organization is the most precious element he ought to have–going as some distance as pronouncing he would take the trust over $1 million.

2. Forget the opposition. Focus on your customers.

Ma isn’t always certainly concerned about Alibaba’s opposition. Everything Alibaba does, he stated, depends on the wishes of customers. The reasoning is simple: to sustain within a long time, patron pleasure must be at the crux of your decision-making. “If our clients say ‘Jack, you must build greater warehouses,'” Ma explained, “We build warehouses. We do it no longer due to the fact there’s cash; we do it because it is necessary.”

When requested who he noticed as Alibaba’s competitor, Ma stated he did not know. “As marketers, do not study your neighbor Tom as a competitor,” he said. “Do now not recognition your eyes on the competitor. You are too small to awareness of your neighbor or competitor. Focus on your clients. Making your clients satisfied is crucial.”

3. Think of your enterprise in international terms.

For Ma, the future is international. He believes small companies need to function the world over to continue to exist for a long time. “If you do no longer try to globalize your commercial enterprise through the Internet, you could no longer have an enterprise opportunity,” Ma said. He argued that local groups would most effectively get increasingly more competitive. He encouraged small agencies to think about how they may sell merchandise the world over.