Recho Omondi is a rising star in the fashion world. Here’s why.


On an unseasonably cool July afternoon, the fashion dressmaker Recho Omondi sits on her backyard lawn, smoking a cigarette. Her outfit — a gray sweater worn over a strapless jumpsuit she created for her eponymous label, OMONDI, and an ever-present Yankees baseball cap — perfectly suits the day’s climate. Over the last 12 months, Recho, 31, has emerged as a voice in New York’s unbiased style scene. She stands proudly in the element because she isn’t afraid to criticize designers by using call or frown upon style’s old-defend traditions. “People love a pauper-and-the-prince tale in fashion,” she says, in between drags of her cigarette. “Even if you acquire $one hundred fifty,000 out of your grandparents, human beings need [to say], ‘Oh, I just began making clothing in my bedroom.’ You don’t begin with nothing, even me!”

Unlike maximum brands, OMONDI releases just one sensuous collection for 12 months. “It makes no feel designing six collections 12 months,” Recho explains. “Designers need to be able to sit down at the switching system and make the paintings!” Since 2010, she has completed just that, making purist, romantic, and saturated garments in color. The logo has produced free-fitting slip attire, comfortable pantsuits, and, more these days, a shapeless halter named the “Carmichael Dress,” after one among Richo’s early life heroes, the fictional Troy Carmichael from Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. A line of custom, hand-sewn shirts — one in every of which featured the word “niggas” in a signature act of insurrection — has made fans out of celebrities like Solange Knowles and Issa Rae.

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As a label, OMONDI is staunchly “autobiographical,” explains Recho, who studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design. From one series to the next, she has drawn concepts from her formative years as a Kenyan-American lady raised using a single father in the Midwest. These days, Recho — who has held design positions at Theory, Suno, and Calvin Klein — now considers herself “a designer and a critic.” Her candid and contemptuous feelings about style and the culture that surrounds it no longer most effective display up in the brand’s clean and fanciful aesthetic, however, additionally in a recently released podcast, The Cutting Room Floor. She is cheeky, extraordinary, and right here to stay.

Why Recho Omondi is a growing celebrity in the style world
Dress and trousers OMONDI, shoes ECHO’S OWN.
Why Recho Omondi is a rising superstar within the style world
Why Recho Omondi is a growing big name within the fashion international Why, Recho Omondi is a growing star in the fashion global
How does your historical past tell your idea of fashion?

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, grew up in the Midwest, spent plenty of time in Kenya, but I also lived in Atlanta, which was large in my coming of age. Just the visuals: small fuel stations, cornfields, films, and other things I noticed will always be in my Rolodex of reminiscences. And depending on the tasks or sure moods, I pull at positive things to form something tale I’m telling. The remaining collection needed to do without delay with the connection I had with Great Expectations’ film as a kid. I delivered the movie into the world I also lived in, inexperienced as the anchor.

Your play with color is a signature of the logo identification. Why are you drawn so strongly to shade?

The color [of the brand] adjustments every yr. There’s a factor that it changed into purple; the yr after that, it turned into yellow — that’s just what I turned into feeling. So definitely, the color is about my mood. Right now, I see matters through this terminal inexperienced shade, which speaks to the net but additionally Earth. Green remains what I feel, although it’s been over a yr.

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That’s a very organic manner of thinking about branding.

The aesthetic to me is consistent, and the whole lot else is the variable. Certain things will by no means exchange. Like, I wouldn’t say I like lace, I’ve always liked large cuffs, I’ve usually liked extent and flounce. The matters I layout are always shapeless, so I will continually talk about things inside the apparel.

I like my employer the way that a recording artist could move. You could by no means ask Rihanna, “What’s your brand?” Yeah, it’s intercourse enchantment, and it’s badass the ess, but she’s gonna develop: she went from purple hair to blonde hair, brief to long hair. So to invite a person as an artist, “What’s your emblem?” is so stifling. I’m gonna exchange, and I want the customer to follow with me. My activity, I see it as communicating with them and giving them an international they can stay in and something they could keep onto.
Why Recho Omondi is a growing superstar inside the style world
Dresses with the aid of OMONDI.
Why Recho Omondi is a growing megastar within the fashion global
Why Recho Omondi is a rising superstar within the fashion world
Dress and trousers OMONDI.
The journey you are taking humans on proper now could be one through dance. You regularly update your Instagram with memories out of your ballet instructions.

Ballet is a herbal element to reference as it changed into a massive part of my existence for goodbye. The first aspect I sewed becomes elastic onto my slippers. That was my first courting with the needle and thread. And then I positioned [ballet] on ice because I turned into going to high school and I become living in New York, and I was on my grind. Recently I became like, Wait, why don’t I go back to doing things that make me certainly satisfy,ied which can be a part of who I am? I’m a Pisces, so I’m romantic via and thru and an idealist. Dance is an escape — it’s like being in a dream the global. I want to deliver that into the garb and the content material within the manner it actions, so it appears like there’s an expression to it instead of it simply being a groovy T-blouse.