Queen Elizabeth II Nodded to Resistance With a Hat, Will U.S. Leaders Take Her Cue?


Lest you think the Queen of England is getting gentle in her vintage age, on Wednesday, Her Majesty grew to become up at parliament to deliver the Queen’s Speech wearing a blue and yellow ensemble that apparently resembled the colors of the EU flag. And if that wasn’t sufficient, many Brits also took to Twitter to point out that the flowers on her hat had been visually much like the stars on the flag. So, changed into Queen Elizabeth II taking a silent, but placing, stand in opposition to Brexit in front of her us of political leaders? Although no one from Buckingham Palace has issued a formal affirmation of HRH’s protest style, the Viral hypothesis certainly says so. Yesterday, outgoing British Vogue editor-in-leader Alexandra Shulman went on Good Morning Britain and suggested that the Queen’s cheeky nod towards Brexit may additionally indeed be actual. “Nothing is an accident in royal wardrobes,” she stated. It’s not tough evidence; however, a credible enterprise veteran pointing closer to yes nonetheless.

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Queen Elizabeth II Nodded to Resistance With a Hat, Will U.S. Leaders Take Her Cue? 1

The bigger query on this hat-gate is whether or not or no longer the Queen’s cloth cabinet assertion, intentional or now not, will inspire other leaders to apply fashion to explicit their very own agendas. Here inside the U.S., we could use a leader with a touch of Her Majesty’s garb chutzpah. In the past, American politicians have often used style to mention the matters that they can say, one of the maximum current examples being Hillary Clinton at her concession speech. She wore a crimson suit, with Bill in the back of her pink tie, the shade representing each event—Democrats and Republicans. Purple being purple and blue combined collectively. In February, a big group of Lady Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, all wore suffragette white to Trump’s first cope with Congress.

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The mess that this u. S . Is now mired in received be constant by way of a politician’s protest apparel; however, it’s a robust signal of resistance from within an area of wobbly electricity. And proper now, a sign might be better than not anything. Perhaps that equal group of ladies in white could stand in the front of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, dressed this time in brilliant red—a plea to maintain funding for Planned Parenthood. The men who stand with them may want to don crimson ties or a small crimson pin. In an easier gesture, women should head into the House of Representatives with their shirtsleeves rolled up. Hey, Elizabeth Warren does it all of the time. These politicians, women and men alike, might not be able to put on a T-shirt to paintings on Capitol Hill with the phrases “we want a pacesetter, now not a creepy tweeter” scrawled throughout the front. Still, they are able to, and ought to, take their cues from Queen Elizabeth II. The crown got here off, that hat went on, and the world observed.

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