How to Fix the ‘Missing operating system’ Error


The mistakes message “Missing operating device” occurs whilst the laptop is not able to locate a running system in your device. This typically happens when you have connected a blank power for your computer or the BIOS isn’t detecting the hard power. It also can arise if the difficult disk is broken or the sector 0 of the difficult disk force has an incorrect master boot report (MBR).

This can also arise if an incompatible partition is about as a lively partition or while a partition which includes the MBR is not energetic. Users also face this hassle whilst they are booting from the wrong area where there isn’t any operating device present. We will try to get better your device before we motel to doing a smooth set up of Windows.

Missing running system
Users face this difficulty in all variations of operating structures specifically Windows 10, eight, and 7. The laptop manufacturers wherein their product includes the mistake consist of Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony VAIO, Acer and so forth. This issue is commonly fixable without tons of trouble. We will begin with the very best solution and work our way down to extra complex ones.

Note: Before you continue, you need to ensure that the difficult drive you’re the use of does certainly have a running device. If you are the usage of a brand new difficult force, it’ll now not have a running system preinstalled. First be surely positive that the working machine is a gift and then continue. Also, dispose of all additional tough drives and flash drives before proceeding. These are recognized to battle with BIOS while booting your pc.Image result for How to Fix the ‘Missing operating system’ Error

Solution 1: Selecting the right Boot Device
Normally, users revel in this problem if the proper boot device is not decided on their computers. It might be selected as a USB device or a CD. If an operating gadget isn’t found in them, your pc would possibly throw this mistake and refuse to load the best running device present inside the difficult power. We can choose the ideal boot tool and notice if the error nevertheless persists.

Open your laptop and press F1, F2, or F3 upon startup to enter the BIOS. The key is probably distinct for every pc consistent with the manufacturer.
Once in the BIOS, navigate to the boot alternatives and pick the Hard power from the listing of boot gadgets and convey it to the top.

After deciding on the perfect boot device, restart your laptop and test in case you efficaciously load your Windows.
Solution 2: Rebuilding BCD
The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) contains a listing of all of the items which are presupposed to run at startup. According to Microsoft’s legitimate documentation, you may revel in boot errors when you have broken or incomplete files for your BCD or in case your BCD is inactive or wrongly selected by the device as stated above. We will attempt rebuilding the BCD and see if this does the trick.

Insert a bootable device with a copy of Windows in your device and click on Repair your computer present at the lowest left side of the display.

Once inside the recuperation surroundings, click on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command spark off.

Once within the command activate, execute the subsequent command:
bootrec /rebuildbcd
After the command is completed, restart your device nicely and check if the problem is solved.
Solution 3: Activating number one partition
As officially corresponded by using Microsoft, it’s miles viable that your primary partition isn’t marked as lively by means of the system that is inflicting the mistake message beneath discussion. We can boot into RE using the technique above and forcefully spark off the partition. When we reboot, the computer will stumble on the running system within the partition and boot from it.

PRO TIP: If the problem is along with your computer or a pc/pocketbook you have to strive using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing documents. This works in maximum cases, wherein the issue is originated due to a system corruption. You can download Reimage through Clicking HereImage result for How to Fix the ‘Missing operating system’ Error

Enter the command set off the use of the approach we implemented within the ultimate solution.
Once in the command prompt, execute the subsequent command:
Once you’re in disk part, enter the subsequent command:
listing disk

Now choose the disk wherein you have got hooked up Windows. In this case, it is ‘disk 0’. Execute the following commands:
pick disk 0

list partition

Here all of the lively partitions could be indexed. Select the partition of “System Reserved partition”. We will prompt it to make sure that everyone the vital facts is to be had to the BIOS. Enter the subsequent commands:
pick partition 2


After activating the partition, restart your computer and test if the difficulty is solved.
Note: You must additionally ensure that all the other walls also are working well and aren’t deactivated.

Solution 4: Checking your difficult power connection
If the above methods don’t work, you need to take a look at your hard force connection for your computer. If your tough force is not linked properly, it may not get detected and the running gadget will fail to load.

If you’re the usage of a Desktop computer, make certain that the tough pressure is hooked up well with the SATA connection. Try unplugging it and plug it in again efficaciously. Also, try using other SATA ports for the relationship.

If you operate a laptop, you have to unscrew the lower back of the pc and search for the difficult force connection. Make positive it is related properly in place and strive re-plugging it and take away any dust. Once you’ve got made positive that the tough power is connected, restart your pc absolutely and check if the problem is solved.

Solution five: Changing SATA mode and using USB 2.Zero
If you have been reinstalling a sparkling reproduction of Windows, it was given caught within the middle and now you’re receiving the error “Operating machine not found”, it method that the system is unable to properly apprehend the OS and fails to put in it.


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