macOS: Creating Templates in Pages and Word


If you need to create a template to apply over and over again in Pages or Microsoft Word-like to your business enterprise letterhead, for instance—then both packages have an easy manner of doing it. In Pages, you’ll first configure your letterhead precisely the way you want it…

Letterhead record in Pages on the Mac

…and pick out File > Save as Template.

“Save as Template” Option in Pages at the Mac

Pages will then ask you which you’d like to place it.

“Pages Asks You Where to Save” Dialog Box at the Mac

If you select “Add to Template Chooser” and call your creation, then relying on how your choices are set up, you’ll possibly see it whilst you first open Pages beneath the “My Templates” phase.

“My Templates” in Pages on the Mac

If you don’t see that Template Chooser while you launch Pages, then both change the possibilities stated in the outstanding article using Jeff Butts I connected to above, or you could additionally preserve down the Option key inside the “File” menu and “New” will transfer to “New from Template Chooser.”

“New from Template Chooser” Option in Pages on the Mac

If you decided to store the letterhead somewhere convenient in place of adding it to the Template Chooser, you then’ll of path see a brand new report at the region you picked. It’ll have the extension. Template.

Pages Template File on Mac Desktop

When you double-click on that file to open it, you can again determine to add it to the Template Chooser. If you’d decide on, the “New Document” button will basically create a replica of your introduction you may use without overwriting the authentic. Neat!

Pages Dialog Box When Template Is Opened at the Mac

In Word, matters are a bit unique. You’ll nevertheless configure the file as you’d like the template to look after picking File > Save as Template.

“Save as Template” in Word on the Mac

The vicinity where it offers to save the component is…a bit strange, but you’ll need to accept that placingife you need it to appear in Word’s default Templates menu.

Word’s Template-Saving Location at the Mac

But to open your template after that, you’ll start a brand new document in Word, deciding on File > New from Template if you don’t see this system’s so-called Document Gallery upon release:

Image result for macOS: Creating Templates in Pages and Word

Word’s “New from Template” Option on the Mac

When you get to the Document Gallery, later on, you may select “Personal” below the “New” tab to see any custom templates you’ve brought.

Personal Templates in Word on the Mac

Whether you open a Word template that manner or double-click it from the Finder, however, it’ll paintings the same way as it does in Pages—this system will create a duplicate of your document so you can’t overwrite your unique. This is great and a lot less complicated than simply opening the same object again and again and using “Save As.” If I did it that way, I could write over my original as a minimum of ninety percent of the time because I’m a space cadet like that.

Google is the maximum popular seek engine in the international. However, did you recognize that there are unique characters and words that you could encompass to your seek to get even higher consequences? Try following hints to your next Google search to get greater correct consequences.

01. Use prices (“) to search for a genuine word or phrase

If you put your seek terms inner of double fees, Google renders the handiest the pages with that genuine phrase that you positioned in the rates. For instance, if you look for “historic city of Polonnaruwa,” Google search outcomes consist of simplest the pages with the word ancient city of Polonnaruwa.

Alternatively, if you are a novice, you could use this method to test your writings by searching parts of your sentences on Google. If the Google search yields some consequences, you get a few ideas about your writing.

02. Search for wildcards or unknown words (use * within the charges)
You can use asterisks (*) inside the fees to specify variables or unknown words. Google will find the pages with effects that have a few words inside the tempo of asterisks.

This is useful if you are looking for specific phrases; however, do not recollect the certain phrases. You can update words that you do not recollect with asterisks, and Google will find the lacking phrases.

Also, you may improve your writing abilities via reading the usage of phrases in sentences by searching them on Google with a mixture of asterisks and quotes.

03. Use the minus sign (-) to exclude consequences containing a specific keyword
If you want to exclude effects containing unique keywords, you could add minus sign (-) in the front of keywords. For instance, in case you need to look for “what’s net” and also you do no longer want outcomes with “Wikipedia,” you may search;
what’s net -Wikipedia

04. Search within a particular internet site
If you want to search for something on a specific website, place “website:” in the front of the website or area. For instance, you can seek;

Image result for macOS: Creating Templates in Pages and Word

“historic metropolis of Polonnaruwa”

05. Limit the time period
With Google See, you may specify the expected time period for your seek effects. After you run the hunt, click on “gear” (beneath the hunt bar), and a new menu will seem under. Select/ outline the right term from the “Any Time” drop-down menu.

06. Search for file sorts
If you need to search for a selected filetype, upload it to the end of the search with the “filetype:” command. For example, if you need to look for “excel for beginners” and you need to have effects with PDF; you can seek;

“excel for beginners” filetype: PDF.

07. Search for associated websites
You can look for websites just like websites by putting “associated:” in the front of the area. For instance; you can look for websites much like “tripadvisor.Com” as under;


08. Translate words and phrases into extraordinary languages
You can use Google search to translate phrases and terms into specific languages. For example, you could translate the word “wildcard” to Sinhala via looking as beneath;

translate wildcard to Sinhala

09. Unit and forex conversions
You can use Google look for devices and foreign money conversions. For instance, the search time period 15USD to LKR will convert 15USD into Sri Lankan Rupees. To convert 15ft into meters, use 15ft to m.

10. Search in titles
If you put “intitle:” in the front of your seek to question, Google renders pages with the identity, which consists of the word located properly after the “intitle:”