Check out these apps for teen drivers: keeping ALL OF US safer on the roads!


Life is full of distractions, but while you’re at the back of the wheel, the effects may be lethal. This week is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and we need to assist!

According to AAA Arizona, while teens are in a crash, distraction plays a role in almost six out of 10 instances. The top distractions for them speak to passengers and cellular phones.

It may sound counterintuitive before everything. However, there are apps available to assist! Here are some we researched.

‘TrueMotion Family Safe Driving’ is a loose app that lets you clearly tag along on your teen’s experience. With just a click of their call, you can see their driving rating and whilst they are maximum aggressive, such as whilst they’re speeding. You can also reveal whether or not they are tapping or swiping on their phone. Click right here to peer the video clarification.

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The ‘Automatic Pro’ app works with an adapter that is plugged in underneath your dashboard. It tracks the driver’s pace and area, even if the vehicle is parked. The pro version will fee you approximately $129 bucks for a 5-yr subscription. That’s about $2 in step with the month. Click here to look at how it works.

Do you decide upon a little extra management? The free ‘LifeSaver’ app detects whilst the auto is in motion. Once activated, teens can best look up directions and make hands-unfastened phone calls. Teens can deactivate the app, but the mother and father are routinely notified. The reason for this app is to let friends and your own family understand as soon as you’ve got arrived someplace competently and your specific place. Here’s every other perk! Teens can earn unfastened iTunes rewards for secure riding.

A lot of more recent automobiles have integrated systems for youngster drivers. Toyota has one anyone can use, referred to as ‘Safe & Sound.’ Once the auto starts offevolved shifting, it is going into “Do Not Disturb” mode. If the teenager breaks any policies, like texting, the app performs an “uncool” playlist created by the dad and mom.

Check out Apple’s ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ characteristic. Please turn it on, and as soon as you’re in the car, no more textual content messages! The cellphone silences them and sends automated texts which you are using. You can nonetheless ship texts in an emergency.

In doing research, we discovered several disclaimers for other apps that warn approximately battery drainage for having GPS and maps going for walks for your smartphone all day.

We desire those gear can help your family and teens exercise secure driving!

Traffic troubles across the globe will now be marked with crimson lines, as displayed in the photo below. Bing Maps says it will also provide path information to help determine trip times.

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Bing Maps clear flow site visitors launches international
Along with marking traffic problems, Bing Maps additionally gives a “View path based on traffic” alternative so that vacationers can “optimize” their direction. “This hyperlink will modify your directions to bear in mind trade routes in case there’s a big backup on the same old direction,” says Bing.

You can discover the “View path based totally on-site visitors” link listed below the tour instances, as proven here:

Bing Maps view path based totally on traffic
Bing claims its Clearflow technology uses several information points, along with living visitors records and extrapolated information, to decide visitors’ conditions.