Four hidden settings to make Chrome for Android even better


Google’s Chrome for Android provides a commendable surfing revel in out of the field — but in case you realize in which to appearance, you could liberate greater capabilities that’ll make it even extra effective.

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Your mobile browser is your gateway to the internet, in any case — and whether you’re doing critical paintings-associated studies or, ahem, crucial work-associated procrastination, you need to be as green as viable. These four settings are all about improving your productivity and putting off annoyances that slow you down.

So what are you looking forward to? Let’s do that:

1. Give your address bar a time-saving trick

You possibly already realize you can use Chrome for Android’s deal with a bar to get immediate answers on all kinds of matters, starting from equations to general information. (If you did not already know that, attempt it out: Type “34*sixty seven” or “What is the capital of Canada” into the bar at the pinnacle of your browser. The solutions will seem right now, and you may never even hit input.)


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Chrome gives every other useful deal with-bar trick for Android customers, although — one this is currently beneath improvement and therefore calls for a little digging to uncover.

And if you’re something like me, it’s going to show to be an exceedingly accessible shortcut. You realize all those instances you replica a URL from somewhere and then have to pass paste it into your browser? With this option enabled, each time there’s a web address to your machine’s clipboard, Chrome will mechanically gift it to you as a one-touch alternative the second the cope with bar comes into awareness.

Got it? Good. Now, open up the app and sort “chrome://flags” into the cope with bar. Tap the 3-dot menu icon within the top-proper corner of the display, select “Find in page,” and then type “clipboard” into the box that looks. That has to take you immediately to an object on the page called “Omnibox clipboard URL hints.”

(As a general disclaimer, I have to observe that Chrome’s flags phase is meant handiest for professional users. It includes a few items that would doubtlessly purpose the app to become unstable. In different words: If you spot some thing there which you do not absolutely understand, do not mess with it — capisce?)

2. Make the cellular net simpler at the eyes

Look, I’m now not gonna factor any palms (a cough, cough), but studying on a cell device is not the maximum pleasant enjoy. You’ve were given overly cluttered pages, inconsistent fonts, and all varieties of environments that are anything but most effective for awareness.

The subsequent time you come across a web page it truly is paining your students, try out Chrome’s hidden tool for cleansing up the internet. It’s referred to as Reader Mode, and it’s been quietly underneath improvement for quite a while now.

If you’ve got ever used an examine-it-later app like Pocket, you may be acquainted with Reader Mode’s M.O. The feature strips out any superfluous elements — the entirety from buttons and bars to related-links bins and even (every now and then, even though no longer usually) advertisements — and offers a piece of writing a standardized style of formatting. The end result is something it is often extensively simpler on the eyes if a piece greater conventional in appearance.

Follow the set off to restart Chrome, and the subsequent time you’re viewing a compatible article, you’ll see a command to fireplace up Reader Mode at the lowest of your screen.

3. Let yourself zoom in which you wanna zoom

It drives me loopy once I’m searching at a website from my smartphone and the web site has a mobile-specific view that forestalls me from pinching in to zoom. How ’bout letting me decide if I want some thing to be larger, Mr. Web M. Aster?

Luckily, Chrome for Android has a manner for us override a site’s demands and take returned manipulate. Open up the browser’s main settings and tap “Accessibility,” then check the option called “Force permit zoom.”

Cue the canned applause: You can now pinch to zoom anywhere you need, whether or not the website technically supports it or now not. Well performed, sir and/or madam!

4. Shift your load time into overdrive

Everyone needs net pages to load faster, especially from a cell device. Well, put together to rejoice, ‘reason Chrome has simply the choice to make it manifest.

It’s referred to as Data Saver, and it remotely compresses and optimizes content material as you load it. The end result is pages loading faster and statistics utilization being lower for your give up of the deal — elements maximum people will fortuitously accept.