Computer trespassing charge dismissed against ex-Clayton Sheriff’s chaplain


A laptop trespassing fee in opposition to a former Clayton County Sheriff’s Office chaplain who has taken his dispute with Sheriff Victor Hill public become dismissed Tuesday.

Rodney Williams became himself in to police in February after Hill issued a warrant for Williams’ arrest because of Williams’ use of the Sheriff’s Office email.

Shortly after being fired employing Hill in February, Williams sent an e-mail to his former colleagues calling Hill an “evil man” with an “evil agenda.”

“Sheriff Hill’s poisonous leadership (i.E. Harassment, retaliation, concentrated on a worker to motive an adversarial paintings environment by using monitoring sports, sideshow investigations and creating an agenda to force him to resign) is the more serious of any leader inside the Sheriff’s workplace,” Williams wrote inside the electronic mail.

Hill said the laptop use changed into mistake because Williams became no longer an office employee and was issued a warrant for his arrest.

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Stephen Bourne is a legal professional in Australia and New Zealand (see internet site ), mission work in the regions of insurance regulation, civil litigation, coronial inquests, crook defense, kid’s law, and circle of relatives courtroom complaints. Stephen has postgraduate law, commercial enterprise, and psychology qualifications and is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance. Stephen does now not admit to gambling laptop games.