Why Every Blogger Needs a Blogger Media Kit


If you’re a blogger who hasn’t yet created a blogger media kit, the time is now to place one collectively. A media package is almost like a resume that you provide to agencies and different agencies after they’re thinking about you for partnerships.

Brands like to see media kits because it offers facts approximately your blog that helps them parent out if your website is the right outlet to phrase out about their services or products.

What if you don’t have splendid stats?

A reservation you can have approximately grown a media kit concerns that your stats aren’t right enough to draw brands. Most bloggers have a piece of hysteria over their website online stats and compare their website to others.

My answer to that is: You by no means recognize what an emblem is seeking out if you don’t strive. I’ve discovered which you don’t need millions of fans or perspectives in your blog to comfortable partnerships. What’s greater crucial in which you have an engaged and centered following is similar to the target audience the emblem is attempting to reach. A logo can get better consequences when working with a small centered target market than a large target market that’s disengaged.

Also, don’t examine your stats to different bloggers and worry that you gained’t be able to get partnerships because you don’t have as many readers. Pitch besides. It may be accomplished! In reality, I’ve skilled firsthand a chum getting paid more for a partnership than me no matter their website having fewer page views.

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What to Put on Your Media Kit
Creating a media package doesn’t take very long, so you can whip one up on a day or weekend when you have some hours to spare. There are masses of templates you may find online and some ready-made templates for sale. I used Canva, a free online drag-and-drop design tool, to make my media kit. I selected a simple free resume template to get commenced.

Your media package has to include facts you want an emblem to know about you and your blog. Here are some matters to consist of:

Website Profile: Put an outline of what your weblog is about and who your weblog helps.
Website stats: Include facts inclusive of month-to-month views, social media followers, and subscribers.
Demographics: Add a top-level view of the demographics of your website online that you would really like brands to recognize about just like the age and gender of your readers.
Author bio: Put a brief description of who you’re specifically when you have expert credentials that could display a leader within your area of interest.
Packages: Include the styles of partnerships you provide, like commercials, sponsored blog posts, or product critiques. Whether or not you add pricing for your programs is a non-public preference.

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Final Word
Getting partnerships as a blogger starts with pitching. The perfect praise to a concept you pitch is a media kit showing off your credentials, stats, and information about the demographic that reads your blog. The stats in your weblog will normally trade from month to month so ensure to replace this.

Much has been written about media kits and what must be covered in them. When I commenced setting mine together, I looked for data excessive and low. What I discovered were as many specific opinions as I had questions. So I did what I ought to take the good examples, throw out those which did not follow my goal institution, then brought pointers from confirmed resources. After a bit of blending and matching, the result was a kit I turned into cozy with. Time will inform, and since I’m an unknown and have no expectations of calls from media giants, I selected to move digital and make mine available in PDF layout. I can, without difficulty, have it professionally published, packaged, and equipped for transport in literally a few hours have to request for a tough replica to be made. Until then, it’s far convenient to be had for download thru my internet site.

The fundamentals:

Here’s a listing of the matters which have to be covered on your media package. Mine includes eight pages, and I’ll use it as an example. It is crucial to notice that because I don’t have any way of understanding who will download my media kit, I did now not include a Pitch Letter in its electronic form. I do, however, include one for every printed package I ship out.

Page 1: Table of Contents

As the name implies, it lists the pages to observe.

Page 2: Pitch Letter (Personalized)

This is your income pitch and should be modified and personalized for the meant recipient. You need to realize who will read this letter and deal with it mainly with that person. You should also tailor each pitch letter to satisfy the corporation’s role you are sending it to. For instance, pitch letters addressed to TV stations will no longer be similar to those addressed to radio stations or online interview websites.

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Page 3: Biography

Include the total version. This is in which you let the reader know who you’re. Make the reader like you like someone, and they may be extra willing to transport on to web page four. Be certain to encompass whatever to authenticate you as an authority for your e-book’s problem.

Page four: Book Excerpt.

All people have the same opinion that whoever desires to see your media info will even need a sample of your writing as a minimum.

Page 5: Q and A

If human beings have written you asking questions on your ebook or article, consist of a sampling of those questions in conjunction with your solutions.

Page 6: Reviews

Include any tremendous evaluations your e-book has received. This isn’t the area to permit your experience of honest play to input the picture. Forget balancing the good with the bad. Include simplest the good stuff right here.

Page 7: Press Release

Include your maximum latest press launch. As you trouble new press releases, make sure to regulate your media kit properly.

Page 8: Author Photo

Include, if viable, a print-ready image. It can be a coloration, black and white, or both. If that is not possible, then provide a manner for the reader to get a replica. Make certain anything procedure you have got for readers to gain copies of any cloth blanketed on your package is as easy as possible. If a reader has to ‘work’ to get info from you, they are much more likely to pass directly to the subsequent candidate to waste time on you.