Blogger tells Anwar: We do not want you to side with opposition yet


In a sounding commentary, a blogger regarded for his internal tales that went viral in Najib Razak’s tenure advised Anwar Ibrahim to take a few actions on rumors regarding Pakatan Haparan MP’s Ministers.

In a summit in which he mentioned a remark made through Anwar Ibrahim that he’s going to stand with competition if government members dedicate corruption, Syed Akbar Ali stated: “We don’t need you to start working with the Opposition – yet.”

He thus invited Anwar to analyze or take a stand on rumors that many PKR and DAP Members of Parliament and Ministers have these days offered modern-day cars. Mostly Volvos, they say.

“Well, they are now incomes over RM20,000 per month as MPs and/or as Ministers.

That ought to be sufficient to buy themselves a brand new Volvo or a brand new Mercedes, Audi, Honda and many others and so forth,” he wrote.

In a news document final week, Anwar stated he could give no sector for inefficiency and corruption. Anwar said this become a reminder to all ministers and people strolling the govt.

Since then, the remarks via Anwar sparked rumors he’s working with the Umno and PAS, or he goes to join the competition if PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad did no longer end he publish in two years.

“If there are leakages or graft, I will stand with competition in opposition to the government,” Anwar is quoted as announcing.

On the MP’s shopping for Volvo automobiles, Syed stated: “But the folks that told me this said someone should check how they paid for these new automobiles.

“The talk is a few have paid coins in full or paid a big component in cash and a small part as a car loan. There is extra.

“Can Brader Anwar Ibrahim pay a few severe attention to this communication? Dismiss, deny or take some movement. My project is to tell you what I heard,” he wrote.

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