Atonix Digital launches new asset and data management software


October 25, 2018

Atomix Digital, a completely owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch focused on facts-pushed software program packages, announced the evolution of its ASSET360 analytics portfolio. The cloud-based platform offers customers a one-forestall solution that employs analytics to manage danger, plan capital spends, avoid creation problems, and reveal device health.

Pressured by restricted capital, rising purchaser expectancies, and growing sustainability efforts to lessen resource consumption, clients are more and more turning to statistics analytics to enhance all elements of the infrastructure lifecycle.

Built around 5 core products—Risk Assessment, Investment Planning, Program Management, Performance Analysis, and Monitoring & Diagnostics—ASSET360’s portfolio includes planning, capital funding statistics, and asset fitness. Clients now have extraordinary views on their projects throughout an entire project life cycle: from planning and design through operations and maintenance.

“ASSET360 is cause-constructed to assist the owners and operators of complicated infrastructure structures gain a pervasive understanding of present-day and emerging conditions, what to do, and what is at risk,” stated Paul McRoberts, president of Atonix Digital. “The antique pronouncing, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ has new life in this period of surprisingly-networked structures which might be exchanging facts at wonderful costs. Those statistics are waiting to inform you about your assets and tasks, and ASSET360 affords a better knowledge of options and options cost, movements took, and importance of saving and profits as a consequence of movements.”

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For many years, ASSET360 has been assisting application and massive organization clients glean greater information from their structures, which is vital to higher enterprise choice-making. Among the clients for which Atonix Digital and ASSET360 is making a distinction:

Great River Energy, a Minnesota-based totally not-for-income electric cooperative, used Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics, powered via ASSET360, to deliver efficiency and new understandings about the systems’ health at the cooperative’s Coal Creek electricity station in North Dakota. Beyond reinvigorating Great River’s preventive upkeep application, Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics and Black & Veatch’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics service has given the utility the capacity to screen, analyze, diagnose and clear up issues quickly—giving engineering groups new flexibility to work on extra strategic initiatives. Great River Energy has benefited from hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of greenbacks in savings through a mixture of prolonged asset life, decreased outages, and other efficiencies.

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ASSET360 plays a giant function in a brand new microgrid at Shell’s Technology Center in Houston, in which a Black & Veatch-designed and constructed microgrid will contain solar photovoltaic, herbal gasoline-fueled reciprocating engine and superior battery storage technology. The microgrid is designed to house future additional resources. The ASSET360 platform provides actionable insights about the microgrid’s performance and permits Shell operators to optimize operation based on strength calls for sun manufacturing and different conditions.

ASSET360 allows controlling the information that water reclamation facilities gather from laboratory systems and SCADA. The platform has been carried out on the River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lawrence, Kansas, to reveal procedure performance and diagnose plant upsets. The tool has allowed technique engineers to display the plant, speak procedure recommendations, frequently summarize plant overall performance, and perceive opportunities for value financial savings.