You Can Now Take a Road Trip on a Tour Bus Built for Rock Stars


It’s each groupie’s dream come true.

We love an excellent avenue experience as a good deal as the next individual. But there are certain elements to road journey — cramped quarters and a lack of centers, to call a few — which can make them enjoy much less than perfect.

Enter Roadies, a brand new tour agency that promises to elevate the traditional avenue experience with a fleet of luxurious coaches. Built for rock stars but designed for you and your pals, Roadies buses come geared up with sleep pods, a restroom with a bath, flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and a spread of meals and snacks.

Bold Beauty at Big Sur, CA
The gem of the West Coast, Big Sur, is and ought to see vicinity.
Each trip comes with a tour supervisor who will plan out-lose each day sports like hikes and seashore outings as well as à la carte tours like warm air balloon rides, helicopter tours, and recording studio classes. And the maximum of the driving is accomplished at night time so that you’ll awaken each day with masses of time to discover.

But it receives better: the coaches will park at excessive-cease motels like The Fairmont Miramar, wherein vacationers will have to get right of entry to services like pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, and spas no additional charge.

Roadies Touring Bus Company
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The corporation is kicking matters off this summer with inaugural routes alongside the West Coast. There’s the week-long “Sunshine & Lights Tour,” with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. And the week-long “Hot N’ Spicy Tour” hits all of the equal locations in reverse order.

Rates begin at $1,299 according to individual, and each excursion sleeps up to 11 travelers. To e-book, go to roadies. Instruct.

Picking in which to head for Seoul sightseeing can be a difficult choice. 6645569There are many traveler spots to visit in Seoul. Some of the famous vacationer websites are listed under, along with a short record of the area and what you can assume when you go to them.

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The DMZ, or the Demilitarized Zone, is a unique 6km stretch of land that runs throughout the Korean Peninsula and serves as a buffer among North and South Korea, two technically nevertheless at the battle. It’s an iconic reminder of the tragedy of battle, separation of people, and the saddest legacies of the Cold War.

Korea turned into initially divided into northern and southern halves following the end of World War II. However, after the ceasefire arrangement following the limitless destruction and loss of 3 million lives from a Soviet-authorised invasion of the South with the aid of the north, the united states of America turned indefinitely divided.Image result for You Can Now Take a Road Trip on a Tour Bus Built for Rock Stars

The DMZ’s specialty makes it Korea’s maximum popular destination for overseas site visitors. However, visitation to the DMZ is strictly prohibited. Due to this prohibition, the area has turned out to be one of the maximum well-preserved stretches of desert in the international. Direct visits can be prohibited, but several traveler agencies provide excursions to Panmunjeom or the Joint Security Area, where the armistice among North and South was signed in 1953. North Koreans have constructed the unification observatory tunnels below the DMZ and Woljeongri Station, the remaining educational station before the DMZ can also be visited.

There are several reasons for DMZ’s forte. It stands because the last bastion of the Cold War, and visitors can find out about peace and warfare. Also, it is an area in which one should go to advantage know-how of the Korean psyche, which is largely shaped via the occupations, wars, and division the country has suffered. Most of the famous DMZ points of interest are placed within ninety mins of Seoul.


Gyeongbokgun is the most important of Gyeonghuigung, Deoksugung, Changgyeonggun, and Changdeokgung, the Five Grand Palaces, and served as the primary palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Three years after the Joseon Dynasty changed into based, the first royal palace constructed changed into the Gyeongbokgung in 1395. The place of the Gyeongbokgung turned into the appointed capital of Seoul, lower back then known as Hanyang, and represented the sovereignty of the Joseon Dynasty.the F

Until the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592-1598, Gyeongbokgung persevered to function as the primary palace. All the palaces had been severely broken, and Gyeongbokgun was now not reconstructed till 1868. The palace turned into elevated to a 410,000 square meter complex with over 500 homes. Gyeongbokgung flourished for numerous a long time till the Japanese once again destroyed the palaces throughout their profession of Korea in 1910-1945. Restored buildings have been torn down, Gwanghwamun Gate changed into relocated, and the Japanese General Government Building was constructed in front of the main location of the palace.

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Since 1990, there has been an ongoing attempt by using the Korean government to rebuild and restore the buildings destroyed—the 40 12 months recovery project goals to absolutely restore Gyeongbokgung Palace to its unique form. The palace is presently open to the general public and homes National Palace Museums of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea. The only forty% of the homes were restored, but there are many lovely things to peer on the palace.

Geunjeongjeon is the throne hall of Gyeongbokgun, where the king became formally briefed with the aid of his officials, issued proclamations, and greeted foreign envoys and ambassadors.

Gyeonghoeru is an extraordinarily prized architectural shape used as a pavilion. It is placed after Geunjeongjeon on a synthetic island in the middle of a square lake with 3 stone bridges stretching out to the palace grounds.

Hyangwonjeong is likewise a pavilion placed north of the palace web page. The hexagonal pavilion changed into constructed through King Gojong on a synthetic island in a lake and turned into linked to the palace grounds with the aid of a bridge.

Geoncheonggung Palace turned into once the royal residence of Emperor Gojong and his spouse and is located inside the Gyeongbokgung complex.

Located south of the palace is the main gate of Gyeongbokgun, the Gwanghwamun Gate. Comprised of 3 arched gates called Hongyemun, the center gate is reserved for the king and the opposite 2 gates for his officials.