The song of life


As a socially conscious artist steeped in the humanistic inventive credo of the Indian People’s Theatre Association, Rekha Jain (1924-2010) determined to work for kid’s aesthetic development through theater and formed Umang in Delhi 1979. With her experience in dancing, choreography, and appearing, she dedicated her life to evolving a sure kid’s interesting theater and teaching, handy to children belonging to unique lessons. Winning accolades from leading cultural bodies, including Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, she transformed Umang into an organization striving for excessive artistic first-rate infused with relevant social content material as a dramatic recognition.

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It is heartening to witness that even after Rekha Jain’s loss of life in 2010, Umang isn’t most effective in carrying forward her inventive legacy but continuing to complement children’s theater motion inside the country that’s slowly approaching. Among diverse sports undertaken through Umang, its annual theater workshop culminating in a dramatic presentation has emerged as an important theatrical occasion for kids. This yr’s workshop manufacturing entitled “Sa Re Ga Ma Tak China, China,” which changed into presented this beyond a week at Shri Ram Centre, is yet any other feather in its cap.

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Written and conceptualized by way of Rekha Jain, the play is directed via Harish Verma. Visually lovely, the production conveys the message that tune is an important component for kids’ ethical and aesthetic boom. Adopting a modern layout, the complexities of the track is interpreted thrillingly via visuals and song that kids in the target audience loved to watch with interest. Ragas, at the level of human characters, tell the target audience about their evolution. The play opens on a playful temper with agencies of youngsters debating about their pursuits. Meanwhile, Narad arrives on the scene and explains to kids approximately the high-quality music records as a critical appearing artwork form.

In the method, the target market is familiar with factors that go within the advent of spellbinding fantasy International of the song. The production is replete with melodious tracks and beautiful dances with simple, however lyrical steps executed using youngsters performers. In the direction of an adventurous journey, kids come across evil forces which can be decided to damage music from the lives of humans. A demon makes all of the ragas her prisoners and consigns all of them to a dungeon. The colorful world is transformed into a shabby and darkish one. The director has imaginatively dealt with this scene to illustrate that without tune, human lifestyles turn meaningless. The enemies of a song ought to now not be allowed to succeed in their heinous design and have to be resisted unitedly. When children wandering within the joyous land of track all at once discover that the existence-affirming music is loss of life, the bold and wise kids manage to rescue ragas and the world yet again comes to life with all its splendour.

Universal language

One of the essential factors of the production is that track isn’t always just expressed through ragas and contraptions; however, it exudes from human labor, which creates this global with all its wealthy lifestyles-putting forward force. It is also illustrated that the language of music is widespread, which transcends linguistic barriers.

In reality, tune in the theater is largely used to create the right atmosphere for movement and evoke mood. It is frequently used to interpret the content material. Arguably, a track within the format of characters within the kid’s theater is used for the primary time by using Rekha Jain.

An all-spherical theater artist, dancer, and instrumentalist, Verma has the opportunity to be associated with Umang because of 1986 underneath the inspiring course of Rekha Jain. Handling with competence, his big solid consisted of youngsters of various age agencies who carry out with an easy manner, taking part in, establishing an energetic rapport with kids and mother and father within the auditorium.

Earlier, this year’s prestigious Rekha Jain Bal Rang Samman, which became instituted by Rekha Jain herself in 2009 to honor first-rate administrators in the subject of children’s theater, become conferred on Prem Gupta from Bhopal.

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