PMC orders untrained teachers to click into computer education


This isn’t always the first time Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has leaped earlier than looking. However, its loss of foresight this time has rendered at the least forty of the 126 pc labs it brought in its faculties non-useful. The purpose — there are not any instructors in these faculty equipped to take computer lessons. Now, rather than providing any training to equip the teachers, it is insisting that present teachers and principals begin providing primary laptop schooling to the kids until the problem professionals are discovered.’
While the civic frame has been struggling with arising with a suitable e-getting to know finances, it’s been trying to convey its investments made in computer labs, approximately five-six years in the past, to some fruition. It has also been underneath attack for equipping the simplest 126 of its three hundred colleges with the labs. Even so, most of the fortunate ones have really been left struggling to kick off.

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“We have some computers in our faculty. However, the students are becoming no sensible schooling, with the teachers ill-geared up to take such lessons. So our students’ computer schooling currently is purely theoretical,” complained a teacher from a PMC college at Navi Peth.

In truth, the shortage of skilled teaching workforce has been a bone of competition amongst corporators resisting the roll-out of the laptop labs. “PMC ought to have completed a reality take a look at of its workforce earlier than launching into pc labs and e-studying. Subject specialists should have been hired before installing the infrastructure. Now it is asking the untrained body of workers to do the activity. How can they?” asked Sahakar Nagar’s Congress corporator Aba Bagul.

The civic body’s training branch officials are below the assumption that most teachers have simple computer abilities. “We have sought approval for hiring 49 computer instructors from the state authorities. Till that comes through, we’ve got instructed the lecturers and principals to conduct primary classes, so the scholars don’t leave out on their studies,” said Shivaji Daundkar, training officer, PMC.

Contesting this premise for pushing existing colleges into taking pc classes, Bagul argued, “Most of the academics have been appointed 10-15 years ago and might not necessarily be uncovered to computers.”

Computers run the world of today, and it is time that teachers understand this. The idea of going to a library and reading a book is not ideal for the students of today. Students would rather go online and read into a subject on a webpage rather than go and have to read an entire book or have to skim for the part they are looking for. So, if you’re a teacher, what are you to do? Computer education for teachers is what every school needs to do.

Teachers, and for that matter, all school districts, need to begin to integrate technology into all classrooms, and this article will tell you how.

Computer education for teachers should not be that big of a deal because all teachers who have just began probably already know how to integrate technology into the classrooms, so you should only have to teach those who have been teaching for a while.

How do you integrate technology into your classrooms, though? That is the question all teachers are asking, and here is the answer. Research is the number one thing students use the internet for. Many school libraries and even some public libraries do not provide students with the information they need on certain topics. Still, the internet will almost always have the information they need. The only problem with this is the quality of the information, but teachers can check on that by looking at the article’s footnotes to see where the information came from.

Many schools now have students take tests on a sheet called a Scantron or other forms of it. A Scantron is a sheet where you have 50 questions on each side, a total of 100 questions, and are given multiple choice questions A-E. The teacher will hand you a Scantron, where you answer the questions, and a test sheet; the Scantron is only a sheet where you bubble in either A-E. The teacher then puts the answers in a computer, and a special machine reads the Scantron and automatically grades the test off of the answers the teacher puts into the computer.

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Besides research and test-taking, there are many other ways to integrate computers into your teaching. There are now projection screens that allow you to write on them, turning them basically into a whiteboard. You can watch movies on the whiteboard, stop the movie, and draw over the movie. This is very helpful for History teachers as it allows them to teach the battles, etc.

Computer education for teachers [] is something that all school teachers should consider. Computers is now becoming popular among schools. The teachers should change with time and equip themselves with a basic understanding of integrating computers into their teaching. Learn more about