Meet the world’s maximum powerful computer

China most effective started producing its first PC chips in 2001. But its chip industry has advanced at a notable tempo.

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So lots in order that Chinese-made chips energy the world’s most effective supercomputer, which is Chinese too.

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The laptop, called the Sunway TaihuLight, consists of a few forty-one,000 chips and can carry out ninety-three quadrillion calculations in keeping with 2d. That’s twice as speedy as the next-maximum-effective supercomputer on the planet (which also takes place to be Chinese).

The mind-boggling quantity of calculations computers like this may carry out inside the blink of an eye fixed can help crunch fantastically complex records – consisting of variations in climate patterns over months and years and decades.

The BBC’s Cameron Andersen visited the TaihuLight at its domestic inside the National Supercomputing Center in the gap Chinese city of Wuxi.

Watch the video above to see his special appearance in the world’s maximum effective computer – and the challenges that this processing powerhouse might try to solve within the close to future.

Solar Power Computers? Not a Bad Idea at All


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A few era bloggers once wrote that they do not agree with sun strength computers because they agree with that computer systems operating on sun strength aren’t effective in any respect. Naturally, with technophiles, the more powerful the machine is, the extra beneficial it’s far. Unfortunately, it also is going that the greater effect the machine is, the more energy it consumes.

Desktop computer systems are regarded to be massive electricity hogs. They consume around 150 watts of strength at the average, and that figure adjustment relying on the hardware established at the computer. The power utilization also is going up if the computer is saved on all the time.

However, is it, in reality, proper that sun power computer systems will now not offer the type of flashiness that technophiles love? Two years in the past, Lenovo proved that computers jogging on solar power can be horny too. Lenovo turned into truly inside the right path when it released its Blue Sky A61e PC years in the past.

This ThinkCenter PC model is lightweight at most effective eight lbs, Energy Star 4.Zero compliant, can run on handiest forty-five watts, and might run on solar panels. Is it an unpleasant and clunky PC? Definitely not – with an AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core or AMD Sempron processor, 4 GB worth of RAM, and ultra-small hard drives that may move up to 750 GB worth of area, it’s miles as attractive as most flashy, electricity-hog PCs cross.

But you should no longer update your current computer systems with solar electricity computer systems if they may be still running perfectly properly. It is possible to run devices and appliances, even power-hungry computers on solar energy. All you need to do is to shop for two or 3 sun panels and use them to electricity up your home. The value of 1 solar panel is most effective a small fraction of the cash you may cough up while you buy a pc.

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