An Operating System for Capital Markets – Interview with BANKEX CEO Igor Khmel


BANKEX is a blockchain innovator running to build what can be defined because of the Operating System of capital markets. In this interview with Mahesh Sashital of Smartereum TV, Igor Khmel, Founder and CEO, explains his firm’s multi-dimensional answer and how it’s far going approximately its audacious intention.

During a current survey via PricewaterhouseCoopers, 46 blockchain-savvy executives agreed that the monetary offerings quarter is the most advanced in adopting blockchain technology. Industry leaders and blockchain startups are leveraging blockchain and other allotted ledger technology (DLTs) to increase structures that enhance transaction and agreement speeds, safety, fee performance, and other huge-ranging regions.

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Securitization 2.0.
Khmel defined BANKEX as a blockchain protocol for securities. Its protocol combines banking-as-a-carrier and blockchain technology to permit the creation of smart asset lessons throughout various sectors. The group is developing a tokenization environment, presenting technology and services at each stage.

For instance, its MediaToken allows Instagram customers to monetize their money owed and publish engagements by issuing tokens purchased by way of buyers. Similarly, AppToken permits builders to elevate finances by using tokenizing their cellular programs. According to Khmel, similar tokenized assets may be created in fintech, charity, real estate, social media, and greater.

Khmel clarified that its services had been no longer directed toward replacing conventional banks alternatively toward enhancing their services through its blockchain API. It creates an open platform that banks can without difficulty join thru a standardized blockchain API—greater like the Uber of banks, offering them with corporations products and services. This is useful as it reduces the cost of guidelines and works with the much-decentralized property.

BANKEX Team, Technology and Token Sale

Stanford-skilled Khmel brings to the BANKEX crew a wealth of revel in his time working with pinnacle groups, including Sberbank, McKinsey, and Plazius. Other core team participants encompass Mikhaylenko Maria, former hazard expert at Sberbank and the Bank of Moscow, Dmitry Dolgov (CIO), Syed Hussain (CCO), and greater.

BANKEX protocol is built on ethereum, which Khmel rightly points out is the most followed through the firm. He said the crew is in touch with ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin to enforce scaling solutions, appreciably the plasma protocol, which can grow transaction speed to 100,000 consistent with 2nd with nearly 0 transaction cost. He said that BANKEX is not at the chance of scalability issues as it does not behavior retail charges, which calls for hundreds of transactions per 2d.

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The startup performed an ICO last 12 months in which it acquired cryptocurrency really worth $70 million; Khmel estimates this fee stands around $40 in considering modifications in cryptocurrency quotes.

Investing in Renewable and Efficiency Energy is on the verge internationally. Individuals are getting greater practical in their surroundings, which ended in more organizations adopting environmentally pleasant enterprise practices and turning into a sustainable inexperienced commercial enterprise. Converting into the inexperienced commercial enterprise has been a wake-up call for lots of agencies. It was already a noted marketplace fashion that changed into recognition by them quite early for a few groups.

Following the worldwide economic crisis, a extra various investment market is rising in many nations. Established investors are helping in filling the investment gap ignored by using the shrinkage in financial institution lending in the rouse of the crisis, particularly in long-time period financing for infrastructure initiatives, and sitting along banks to provide a wider pool of capital to developers.

The financial climate overcoming the monetary crisis of elevated regulatory supervision and consistently low charge of hobby caused pension budget and insurance companies in search of an opportunity supply for an extended-time period stable funding.

An abundant number of proof shows that renewable energy and power efficiency are booming sectors for business. According to a report, 190 of the fortune 500 companies together stored around three.7 billion bucks via their strength performance initiatives and collective renewable energy.

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With the developing streak of this trend around the arena, there is a growth in debt finance from hooked up traders commonly for an infrastructure task and more conventional renewable energy assets, including sun PV, onshore wind, and Bioenergy. Established investors, which can be on a quest to fit long-time period investments, index-related liabilities, and better cozy returns compared to presently available bonds, are attracted with the aid of stable, long-time period and index-connected type of assets.

A substantial quantity of funding has been made in working assets via which increasing capability of danger has been taken via the investors. However, similar to banks, there appears to be a minimal appetite for development threat factors. Established traders were transferring faster towards banking opposite numbers to provide repayment profiles and staged drawdown centers suitable for this kind of financial market.

Investments from non-financial institution institutions have regularly been through the purchase of participation in the secondary debt buying and selling marketplace or bond markets. However, a marketplace of debt facilitates non-public placement (PP), a small institution of sophisticated buyers that has been slowly developing.